Teach Me Roulette Please - American Casino Guide Book

By Frank Scoblete

LUCAS: I am brand new to casino games – at the tables that is. But I have been playing slots for years but the time has come for me to learn roulette and I mean I really want to learn it. I’ve seen the game played in movies and on television and it seems as if it is a fun game.

I want to learn not just how it is played but the types of bets I can make, how the casino gets its edge, and what my comp prospects are. I got good comps as a slot player but the playing got boring after a while.

FRANK: Okay, Lucas, I’ll do my best. I do not think you need a mechanical lesson in how the wheel is built but I think you should know that the wheels in today’s casinos are basically “perfect” and you will not find any wheels where the numbers are biased. That type of number would make the wheel vulnerable to someone who could get an edge over the house. That did happen in the past. Now? Not.

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