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Against the rules

Charles Bronson is perhaps the most notorious prisoner in the UK. The 70-year-old has spent 48 years in prison during his lifetime and has recently revealed that he frequently gambles while behind bars. The “most violent prisoner” in the UK is currently up for parole.

his betting winnings last year were around £1,500

The review board hearing started on Monday; during it, Bronson admitted that he has spent a lot of time placing sports bets. He stated that his betting winnings last year were around £1,500 ($1,791). Gambling is not allowed in the region’s prisons, which means that there could now be investigations into Bronson’s ability to gamble for so many years.

Just a hobby

When asked during the public hearing if gambling was allowed in prison, Bronson said “No one has ever said anything to me in 50 years.” He also denied that he was addicted to gambling, stating that it was just one of his hobbies.

Bronson changed his name to Charles Salvador in 2014, inspired by artist Salvador Dali.

It is just the second time ever that an inmate in the UK has had a public parole hearing, with people able to watch a live stream of the proceedings. Bronson claims that he is now an “angel” compared to how he used to be. He stated that he is now against violence and uses art to manage any negative feelings he may be having. His past seven parole hearings have been unsuccessful.

A checkered history

It is unclear if Bronson has a chance of earning his freedom following the parole hearing. Bronson’s first significant prison stretch came in 1974 when was sentenced to seven years for armed robbery.

Bronson typically spends 23 hours a day in his cell and passes much of the time creating art. He has raised significant money for charity by selling his paintings.

He has been behind bars for most of the intervening years, with various altercations resulting in extensions to his incarceration period. During his time in prison, he has taken at least 11 individual hostages, including an art teacher who criticized one of Bronson’s paintings. He also assaulted a prison warden and got into many other scrapes.

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