By John Grochowski

There has always been a strong streak of superstition in the gambling world, from craps players blowing on the dice to bingo players with lucky charms and markers to the absence of the number 13 at baccarat tables otherwise marked for players 1 through 15. Slot and video poker players have their superstitions, too. They’re mostly harmless and can be fun as long as you don’t take them too seriously. They run the gamut from ways to find a lucky machine to betting patterns to acting or moving in certain ways designed to bring good fortune. In my own family, my brother Jay does a jackpot dance that is the stuff of legend. We’ve spent many an hour playing video poker together in Las Vegas, and when it’s time for a one-card draw for a royal flush or four of a kind, it’s also time for the dance. No one actually believes it brings luck, but there’s no way he’d proceed without it. Other players have rituals and habits too. They can’t change the results of your spins and draws, but if they make you feel lucky, may the fortunes be with you.”

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