The Price of Fortune - American Casino Guide Book

By Frank Scoblete

We owe much in life to “fortune” as in luck, be that good or bad – as in money, be that much, some, little or none – as in all the events, thoughts, and decisions we make in our lives without truly knowing the consequences of such and their impacts.

And what’s “out there” in the world can cascade in on us and determine our lives from a given point onwards. Pestilence, war, poverty, natural disasters, our own mental sharpness, or lack thereof, is the scenery for much of our lives. Fortune hangs above our heads.

Even in relatively simple things fortune plays a role.

I’m guessing that 100% (or close to that) of couples getting married think that their marriages will succeed. About 50% of those marriages don’t. All those couples flipped coins. Some got the winning side, some got the losing side. Some of us have been on both sides of that coin flip. How much did fortune have to do with that?

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