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Thanks to the many sports streaming channels and some top sports betting sites, motorsport fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to watching the top racing action taking place around the world.

Everyone will have one or two favourites, but some circuits are more exhilarating and exciting than others. Hence the reason for this list of the best race tracks in the world.

What Types of Motorsports Are There to Watch?

Humans have always loved to compete, and we’ve been racing all types of vehicles almost since the beginning of time. The invention of engines and motors has merely helped to make the racing experience faster and more exciting.

Over the years, many different motorsports have evolved for our entertainment, from air racing motorsports, track, and off-road to water-based. Before we introduce you to the top 10 best race tracks in the world, let’s take a quick look at some of the different events you might find there.

  • NASCAR – The cars in this type of racing resemble street cars but have been modified for additional power. Races take place in the USA, and the most famous track is the Daytona 500.
  • Formula One (F1) – This is an international racing format in which car manufacturers compete in a series of races on tracks around the world. F1 cars are open-wheeled and are developed specifically for this type of racing.
  • MotoGP – This is the motorcycle motorsport equivalent of F1 racing. Motorbikes are custom-built for this type of racing. MotoGP races take place on tracks around the world.
  • Motocross – Motocross is dirt bike racing. Off-road motorcycles are raced around a dirt track that often includes obstacles such as mud pools, jumps, ruts, corrugations, and tight turns.
  • Rally – Rallies are off-road racing events that can last a single day or more than a week. Multiple classes of cars and motorcycles take part.
  • Drag Racing – Drag racing is run over a ¼ mile or 402m straight track. Two drivers race their high-octane vehicles side-by-side in a straight sprint to the finish line.
  • Oval Track Racing – Common oval track racing events include sprint car racing, dirt track motorcycle racing, stock car racing, and NASCAR racing.
  • Touring Car Racing – Touring cars look like everyday cars, but they’ve been heavily modified for racing.

Top 10 Best Race Tracks in the World

Whether you enjoy betting on motorsports, taking part, or watching the racing spectacle live, buckle up, lights out, and away we go with our list of the top 10 race tracks in the world.

Nürburgring Nordschleife, Germany

This legendary circuit is possibly one of the most recognisable motorsports race tracks for motorsport lovers. It’s earned itself the nickname of the ‘Green Hell’.

The current layout covers 13 miles, some sections of which are public roads. There are also around 150 corners, each one of which tests even the most skilled drivers.

Germany's Famous Nurburg Racetrack

Many events are held at this famous German racetrack, including the 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race and Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters). Car manufacturers also regularly use the track for testing their cars.

However, the best and most interesting aspect of this racing circuit is that it’s open to the public almost all year round. Gearheads regularly flock there for their adrenaline fix and to see if they can beat the lap record.

The Suzuka International Racing Course, Japan

This is Japan’s first full-scale international racing course, and prominent events held there include the Japanese motorcycle Grand Prix and Formula One races. It started out as a test track for Honda in 1962.

Formula One Racing at Suzuka in Japan

One of its outstanding features is the unique ‘figure-eight’ layout. Only one other FIA Grade 1 licensed track has this layout. It’s also considered one of the best racing tracks in the world because of its challenging configurations. These include the crossover layout, the high-speed 130R corner, and the multi-apex Spoon Curve.

Circuit de la Sarthe, France

The Circuit de la Sarthe is considered to be one of the most famous race tracks because of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is held there every year. It also happens to be one of the oldest active racing locations and has hosted the 24-hour race since 1923, when it first opened.

24 Hour Le Mans Racetrack

The racetrack comprises some public road sections along with some private routes. The current length of the track is 8.5 miles long, which makes it one of the longest racetracks in the world.

Other features that stand out include its long straights, such as the Mulsanne Straight, which was a 3.7-mile stretch that could be enjoyed at flat-out speed. Chicanes were introduced because of safety concerns, but if you’re seeking the ultimate adrenaline high, don’t miss the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Laguna Seca, California, USA

Laguna Seca is a racetrack in Northern California that features 11 corners. One of the most famous ones is the “Corkscrew’ chicane”. It’s considered to be one of motorsport’s most challenging turns because of its uphill approach, blind apex, and dramatic downhill drop.

From entering the corner to exiting it, drivers drop the equivalent of five and a half storeys in just 130 metres. There is a further ten storeys drop between the exit of the Corkscrew and the following Rainey Curve.

Circuit de Monaco, Principality of Monaco

At number five in our list of the best race tracks in the world is a street track that winds itself around the Principality of Monaco. It debuted on the F1 calendar in 1950 and has always been a difficult circuit to master.

Monte Carlo's Racetrack

As well as some of the quickest corners, such as the Piscine, there are also tight hairpins and barriers that surround the circuit, which means there’s little margin for error. As one of the world’s narrowest F1 tracks, overtaking can also be challenging.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy

Monza, in Italy, is the third-oldest motor racing circuit in the world. It was built in 1922 and offers a challenging mix of fast corners and long straights. Every year, it plays host to some of the most memorable F1 races, with the Formula One cars racing along at full throttle for around 80% of each lap.

With the cars capable of reaching peak speeds of around 320kph, that makes for quite an exhilarating race. On the track in 2020, seven-time F1 Championship Lewis Hamilton set a record for the fastest-ever lap in F1 history at Monza. He clocked a time of 1:18.887 for the lap and achieved an average speed of 264.362 kph.

Silverstone, UK

Silverstone is one of the UK’s most popular racing tracks and considered to be the ‘Home of British Motorsport’. The first-ever World Championship Grand Prix was held at this iconic racetrack in 1950, and these are all very valid reasons for it to be included in any list of the best car race tracks in the world.

Silverstone Racetrack From the Air

This UK racing track is best known for the breakneck speeds drivers can reach. The flat-out corners are also memorable, particularly for spectators, as the slightest miscalculation in the corner can have some dire consequences.

The most prominent event is the F1 Grand Prix, but the track is also used for various other races, such as the British motorcycle Grand Prix and the British GT Championship.

Daytona International Speedway, Florida, USA

This is one of America’s most iconic tracks, and several immortalised events are held here, including the 24 Hours of Daytona and the Daytona 500 (NASCAR’s most famous event). It’s an exciting track because of the multiple layouts, the most iconic of which is the 2.5-mile high-speed tri-oval with 31-degree banking at the wide sweeping turns.

The speedway is not just popular for racing events. It’s one of the largest outdoor stadiums in the US and has several track layouts, 11 social areas, and plenty of recreational facilities.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a motor racing circuit and oval speedway complex located in Speedway, Indianapolis. The Indianapolis 500 has been held there since 1911, and the United States Grand Prix from 2000 to 2007.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track

Inside the complex, there is also the 37,500 square-foot Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, a must-visit for IndyCar and general automobile history fans. Indianapolis itself is considered by many to be the racing capital of the world.

This is because thousands of racing fans from around the world make pilgrimage to the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway every year. Another famous race that takes place here is the Verizon 200.

Brands Hatch Circuit, UK

Time for the final contender in our list of the top 10 race tracks in the world. We’re heading back to the UK to introduce Brands Hatch. It’s not really one of the most famous, but it’s definitely one of the more exciting, particularly for touring car fans.

Brands Hatch is best known for its changes in elevation and steep cambers, and also for being an extremely technical circuit. Each of the bends flows into the next, which makes the choice of line crucial.

The track is regularly resurfaced, making grip levels superb. There are also some reasonable run-off areas allowing for the odd-off track excursion. This popular UK racing track currently host many British and International racing events.

What is it About Motorsports That Makes Them So Appealing?

If you’ve never been much of a motorsport fan, you might be wondering why so many people go out of their way to watch the sport. There are many reasons why people sometimes stand for hours watching a bunch of drivers going round and round a track.

F1 Fans Watching From the Grand Stand

Motorsports events tend to have an electrifying atmosphere which is why some people are willing to travel thousands of miles to experience events live and up close. There’s also the adrenaline rush from witnessing high-performance vehicles racing each other.

Let’s not forget the social aspect of being part of a large crowd of fans and the motorsport personalities who give people more to love about a sport.

In recent years, motorsport has become more popular and technological advancements make it possible for fans to watch more sporting events. Fans can also keep up with the latest news on social media, sports betting platforms, and with the help of constant internet updates.

Is it Legal to Bet on Motorsports in the UK?

You’re probably wondering whether it’s possible to bet on motorsports in the UK, and the answer is yes. Much like horse race betting, you can pick from many motorsport betting sites streaming events from the best racing tracks in the world.

Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Features that make a track classic include a grippy, smooth racing surface that winds its way around the landscape. It should have twists and turns, ups and downs, and well as long straights. However, don’t stress because we can help you select the right races and tracks.


At Best Casino Sites, we aim to answer any questions you might have as concisely as possible. With so many people interested in motorsports now, we thought we’d answer some of the more common questions that pop up relating to this blog topic.

1️⃣ What is the longest race track in the world?

Motor racing tracks come in many shapes and sizes and range in length from just a couple of kilometres to more than 20. The longest race track in the world in currently the Pescara F1 Circuit in Italy (25.8 km), followed by the Nürburgring in Germany. This German track covers 20.7 km and includes public roads as well as race track.

2️⃣ What race tracks are used to auto and motorcycle racing?

There are very few race tracks in the world that are solely for automobile racing. Most are multiple-purpose.Silverstone in the UK has been the venue for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, the Monster Energy British Grand Prix MotoGP, and the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship.

3️⃣ Which city is the racing capital of the world?

The title of the racing capital of the world goes to Indianapolis. It is deserving of this accolade because it is home to the oldest continually operating racetrack as well as the world’s largest sports seating facility. In addition, it also hosts the largest single-day sports event, the Indy 500.

4️⃣ What is the narrowest F1 race track in the world?

The narrowest Formula 1 track in the world is Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan. It is just 7.6 metres wide. However, a close contender must be the Circuit de Monaco. This street circuit located in the principality of Monaco is also the shortest F1 track as it is just 3.337 kilometres long.

5️⃣ Is motorsport betting legal in the UK?

Yes, betting on motorsport is allowed wherever betting is legal. However, you should only place bets at sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Motorsport betting is growing in popularity and more online sports betting sites will be offering a range of markets and betting types.

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