UK Tote Secures Premium NA Racing Content

UK and Irish horse racing fans can rest easy, as UK Tote recently announced that it would extend its agreement with North American content provider XB Net. The pool betting operator has secured broadcasting and betting rights for nearly all high-profile stateside races to continue providing its clients with excellent, engaging content.

UK Tote Invests in Innovation

UK Tote Group owns and manages the Tote, UK’s most prominent pool betting operator since its inception in 1928. It maintains a presence at nearly all racecourses in the UK and successfully branched out online. 

The company has recently begun investing heavily in innovation, partnering with technology providers to bring horseracing into the digital era. To that end, the operator also made some key appointments in 2022, hoping to expand its product offerings and improve its betting platform. UK Tote has realized that it needs to diversify its offers and add more traditional sports to attract a broader audience. However, horse racing remains a clear priority, as demonstrated by the recent deal with XB Net.

Fans Will Enjoy Thrilling US Races

Thanks to the newly resecured North American racing content, UK Tote will be able to fill out its daily offerings with high-quality US races. XB Net has an extensive network covering more than 60 North American tracks and provides live feeds, data, and betting services. The time zone difference means that UK and Irish bettors can naturally transition between local and overseas content and enjoy the authentic US racing experience. As an immediate benefit, fans will be able to enjoy The Breeders’ Cup World Championships in Keenland, running on November 4-5.

XB Net senior VP Simon Fraser stated it was a privilege to continue partnering with a distinguished operator like UK Tote. He lauded the British company’s efforts to reach a contemporary audience and expressed confidence that XB Net’s quality content would continue to be well-received.

We can’t wait to see how our comprehensive package continues to perform for the Tote over a range of coming attractions this winter. 

Simon Fraser, senior vice-president at XB Net

Fraser also used the opportunity to highlight XB Net’s ability to boost audience engagement with live, premium daily sport, advancing the company’s mission to safeguard the future and relevance of horse racing during a challenging economic period.

Customer Engagement Remains a Core Value

UK Tote expressed a similar sentiment to XB Net, reaffirming its continued efforts to elevate the experience for its customers. UK Tote Group CCO Jon Knapman noted that home audiences were already starting to see the value in US content, which was enjoying rising popularity.

As a leading player in pool betting, we want to provide our customers with the biggest global pools and for them to be able to bet on the best racing in the world.

Jon Knapman, chief commercial officer at UK Tote Group

Knapman lauded the quality of XB Net’s content and promised thrilling new experiences. The agreement signals the continuation of UK Tote’s modernization efforts. Despite being a historic and well-liked institution, failure to keep up with the ongoing shift towards online services could quickly alienate even its core audience. However, the company appears to be in capable hands as it tries to capture the success and reach of modern sportsbooks.

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