Utilize The Missions for More Coins on GOP3

When you’re playing on Governor of Poker 3, there is a range of missions that you need to complete at each location across the journey.

In this article, you’ll be able to understand the missions of each location, and how to complete each stage, in addition to how you can get involved in these missions.

These are the locations and missions throughout Governor of Poker 3:

Slot Machine Frenzy

Although this isn’t one of the main locations throughout the GOP3 journey, this is where you can win different prizes from the slot machine.

Being able to spin the slot machine, complete the range of chip milestones, and WIN a wide range of prizes.

Ranging from winning 1 million chips in the slot machine which will enable you to win a bronze ticket. With a bronze ticket, you can win up to 1 million chips or prizes such as a Super Spin, Silver Ticket, and much more!

This will go up to 198 billion chips which you need to win to complete this mission from within the slot machine frenzy. Although it depends on the level to unlock the specific quest, you need to be level 15 to unlock this.

For this quest, you will win a Frenzy reward which brings a random hat, and the Black XL Spin which has a minimum prize of 40 million chips and a jackpot prize of 1 billion chips.

Slot Machine Frenzy GOP3

Beginners Lake

Beginning in the first location throughout the trial of Governor of Poker 3, there are just 5 missions that you need to complete.

As you’re working yourself through the different levels, as you join the Beginners Lake, the missions start through playing hands and winning 1,000 chips which ranges from winning your first Sit & Go tournament.

For each of these, you can win between 2 and 3 Gold Coins, this is in addition to between 1000 and 5000 chips – this is your way to get started and earn more coins to play even more games and tournaments.

High Rollers Valley

Across the levels which are between levels 13 and 21, there are different missions that you need to complete across the different games in the High Rollers Valley location.

Between the four different missions within this level of High Rollers Valley, for the first mission. You need to win 25 hands, which brings 20,000 chips and 50 experience points. Across the four missions, you can win chips, gold coins, and experience points.

Being the final mission within this location, you need to win 5 hands with a straight. This enables you to win 50,000 chips and 100 experience points.

High Rollers Valley

Pro Forest

As the difficulty of the changes starts to increase, depending on your skill level within Texas Holdem poker – this is where you need to win even more chips and win even tournaments.

Ranging from level 23 in steps of 2 levels to level 27, with the first mission being Win 10 hands pre-flop. This will give you the prizes of 75,000 chips and 200 experience points!

Then, this level is completed with the ability to win 3 Sit & Go tournaments. Once you unlock this at level 27 and complete the mission – this is when you’ll win 100,000 chips and 250 experience points.

Pro Forest GOP3

Gold Rocks

Upon the Gold Rocks location, across the Millionaire Saloon and the Big Bull Area, this is where you’re able to complete the missions for this location.

Being the first mission in this location, this is the place of needing to Win 100 hands. Once you’ve unlocked this mission at level 29, you’re able to win 1 million chips and 1000 experience points.

As there are only two missions within this location, you can use the Gold Rocks to give yourself a huge bump in chips to ensure you can continue playing the different games and tournaments!

For the other mission, this is to Win 5 Sit & Go tournaments within the Big Bull Area – although the prize is slightly less, this can ensure you win 250,000 chips and 1,000 experience points.

Sit & Go Poker Tournament

Las Vegas

Being the heart of the games and tournaments within Poker, as you land in Vegas this is where you have the chance to win real prizes – other than one place, The Strip.

As you reach level 40, this is where the missions start to be unlocked and you have the chance to win millions of chips. Being the first mission, this is where you need to Win 100 hands, once completed, you can win 1 million chips and 5000 experience points.

Las Vegas Tournaments

Although the previously mentioned mission may be time-consuming, it might not be too difficult – especially as you’ve built your skill and knowledge across the previous 40 levels.

However, once you reach level 46, the final question is to win 5 billion chips. This means that you need to get involved in the higher leveled games and tournaments to get to that amount – are you up for the challenge?

Las Vegas Poker Game Governor of Poker

The Strip

Approaching the final level within the journey of Governor of Poker, this is when you’ve been through Las Vegas and you’re reaching the heart of the experience, The Strip.

Introducing the most difficult missions you’ve got to face, however with hard missions brings the biggest rewards.

Once you’ve reached level 50, this is when the missions start to get unlocked within The Strip. Being the first mission, this is to be able to win 10 billion Chips – with a prize of 25 million chips.

Across the missions, you need to win a lot of chips, with the final boss and mission being to Win 100 billion chips which are unlocked at level 53. Being the final mission, this brings the biggest prize.

When you reach this level, the prize is The Hyper Spin. Bringing a minimum of 25 million chips and a jackpot prize of 250 million chips!

How to Get Involved in The Missions

If you want to create the journey for yourself of being able to complete the missions, you can utilize these to level up, gain more coins and play lots more games!

Through getting involved in the missions, sign up to Governor of Poker and receive 30,000 free chips!

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