Valley Forge Casino Resort Player Takes Off With Losing $1,200 Bet

Losing a wager is never fun, but, for a player at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, it proved to be the last straw. On September 25 at around 10 PM, the King of Prussia player who lost a $1,200 wager was not at all happy about losing his bet.

Accordingly, he decided to grab his wager at a table game right before the dealer had the chance to collect it. The player left the premises, and now the state police in Pennsylvania are looking for him. However, no official charges against the still unidentified suspect were made public. Prussia Casino is located around 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

The Player Used Cheques to Make His Wager

The suspect whose identity has still not been revealed decided to wager $1,200 in casino cheques. He placed the bet on the table and was soon informed that he had lost. However, before the dealer was able to collect his cheques, the man decided to take off with his cheques. At the time of the incident, the black male was wearing a hat with an “M” logo on it, according to the police report. 

At the beginning of the same month, police arrested a 36-year-old man in Philadelphia for theft accusations. The man allegedly stole a Gucci wallet valued at $200 and the $400 inside the wallet from the woman’s purse that was left on a chair on the gaming floor inside a Valley Forge casino. The suspect was still inside the casino when he was arrested shortly after. 

Surveillance Cameras at Valley Forge Parking Lots 

Last November, Valley Forge Casino decided to install infrared cameras to prevent parents from leaving their children unsupervised in their casinos’ parking lots. The decision was taken as a result of the rise in the number of reckless parenting leaving their children unattended on the premises. The same act can also result in lifetime banning and potential jail time.

The IR cameras are able to detect heat released by the bodies of children or other persons inside parked vehicles. In return, security guards responsible for patrolling the cars with darkened windows in the casinos’ parking lots would be able to act sooner and prevent potential dramas. Together with parent company Boyd gaming, Valley Forge announced it would invest $776,000 in prevention and education resources and actions regarding the matter. The investment also included additional warning signs placed inside hotel rooms, food court areas, and parking lots.

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