VBET to Sponsor Goulamirian versus Egorov

VBET, an award-winning sports betting and gaming operator has vowed to sponsor the upcoming boxing match between Arsen Goulamirian and Aleksei Egorov. Through this move, the operator seeks to expand its presence among fans of professional combat sports.

VBET to Support an Exciting Bout

 The boxing match is one of the most anticipated events in professional boxing. It will see the current WBA cruiserweight champion, Goulamirian, fight against Egorov, an unbeaten rising star. The match is set to take place at La Palsestre in Le Cannet, France, on November 19.

In an interview with France 2, a French television channel, Goulamirian warned his fans that this match is the culmination of his last three years of suffering and promised that “Egorov is going to pay dearly.”

While Egorov remains undefeated, Goulamirian has 26 victories behind his back, including 18 KOs. Egorov, on the other hand, is the 2013 European champion and has eleven victories, seven out of which by KOS. The two athletes are known as bitter rivals, which is why sports fans are so excited about the bout.

This is also why VBET is so thrilled about sponsoring the match. In addition, VBET is a company rooted in Armenia, which reflects Goulamirian’s Armenian ancestry.

The Match Should Have Taken Place a Year Ago

The current fight was originally planned to take place a year ago. Unfortunately, it was postponed because of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Back then, Goulamirian tested positive for the virus, ruining the plans to host the game.

A year later, the French-born Armenian will crash with his Russian rival in a historic boxing fight. The event will also feature two other matches between other professional athletes. There will be a middleweight category game between Kevin Sadjo and Emre Cukur and a light middleweight bout between Abass Baraou and Milan Prat.

VBET Continues to Expand Its Sports Presence

The decision to support the exciting game reflects VBET’s investment in professional sports. The sports betting operator wants to reach a wider audience with its content and grow its existing footprint. The company also has a significant presence in soccer and is now looking to expand into other sports as well.

Speaking about VBET’s presence in Soccer, in May, the sports betting specialist inked an extension of its existing France-oriented sponsorship deal with AS Monaco, a soccer team from Ligue 1. Several months later, VBET also became the sportsbook partner of OGC Nice, another Ligue 1 team.

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