Win 50,000 X Your Buy-In with The Money Mariachi

With the many bonuses and advantages which you’re able to gain from indulging yourself in the Money Mariachi, this is where you can win even more Gold and Sweeps Coins.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the Money Mariachi slot, and the additional benefits you can gain from spinning.

So, can you gain free respins and prizes from this slot through its infinite reels on Luckyland Slots?

What is the Money Mariachi Slot?

In the midst of the other slots which you’re able to play on Luckyland Slots, you are able to utilize your skills to level and gain more coins to improve your balance and win even more real cash prizes!

Featuring the game by ReelPlay, you can combine the themes of gaining even more money and coins for your balance and the Mexican mariachi bands.

As you play for infinity reels, you will start with 3 reels, and based on the rules you can grow this to have infinite reels to play upon.

Money Mariachi Game Rules

Among the rules within this slot, you are able to select a total play size that amends for the base play. The base play is equal to the total play divided by 20.

Being paid from left to right, this is the order in the symbols are paid, although this is except for Shrine where the participating symbol count which is greater or equal to 5.

Calculated as the number of participating symbols are multiplied by the symbol value as found in the pay table.

Upon the wins which you gain, these are multiplied by the Base Play value. As well as multiple wins, the coinciding wins are different symbols that are added. Guitar substitutes for all symbols are except for Shrine.

Money Mariachi Levelup Respins

If you’re aiming to gain the bonus of a levelup respin, this is triggered when 3 or more Shrines appear within the slot. Once they have appeared, this is when you’ll be awarded 3 respins.

When any new Shrines will appear, they are held and respins will be reset to 3. Each time a reel is filled with 4 Shrine or special symbols, a new reel is added to the right and spun.

Each shrine within the respin starts with a prize of 1x to 10x of play value. One each respin, every Shrine, booster, or charmer gains a skull.

Once you’ve accumulated 6 skulls, it levels up and the prize increases even further – what’s better than that?

Money Mariachi Luckyland Slots

Once you get to the leveling up stage, there Is a chance that it transforms into one of 4 special symbols. Being one of the first symbols, this is where we introduce the grower.

If you gain the special symbol Grower, you will be able to level up on every respin increasing the prize by 1x to 10x the play value and there are no skulls required. Additionally, you can obtain up to 3 hearts which each add an extra level up for the grower on each respin!

As another symbol, you have the chance of getting the freezer bonus. Within this bonus, this will enable you to freeze the number of respins for 2 respins, and then transforms back to a Shrine.

LevelUp Respins Symbols

If you’re wanting to increase the prize of all surrounding Shrine or special symbols, this is where you’ll be at an advantage once you hit the booster. Once you get the booster, you can increase your play value from 1x to 10 times every time it levels up.

For the final symbol which you’re able to win, a charmer is featured, and being able to reduce the number of skulls required to level up all surrounding Shrine or special symbols by 1. Once you win charmer, it will add a heart to all surrounding Grower symbols, every time it levels up.

Money Mariachi Luckyland Slots Symbols

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels

Throughout your journey with Money Mariachi, the spins begin with just 3 reels. However, this slot is displayed as infinity reels, so how does it work?

On any spin which you perform, if the rightmost reel improves any symbol combination, then an extra reel is added to the right. This also means once the new reel is spun, and it again improves any symbol combination then another reel is added, and so on.

Once no extra reel is added, this is when your wins will be calculated, and there’s no upper limit imposed on the number of reels that can be added.

Infinity Bonus Slot Luckyland Slots

Money Mariachi Buy Bonus

Do you want the chance to win another bonus? This is where the buy bonus comes into play!

Being able to opt to buy a LevelUp respins bonus is a feature you can access within this slot; this is through the Gold Coins currency. Being able to do this, it costs 100 times the play value per spin.

A spin is also played that will trigger the LevelUp Respins bonus, across the triggering spin, you will have from 6 to 15 reels involved.

If you’re lucky enough to have it be triggered, you could also take advantage of the infinity bonus!

Where to Play Money Mariachi?

Through this new slot, if you want to multiply your buy-in and gain even more coins whilst playing Luckyland Slots, this is where you can do just that!

As you register through PokerNews, you are able to play free slots, which includes Money Mariachi, to win cash prizes.

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