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A life taken

A 29-year-old woman has been charged with second-degree murder, robbery, and conspiracy following the death of her boyfriend who had recently won $3,000 at gambling.

Katherine Emel was arrested on Wednesday and taken into custody without bail. William Carter, a father of two and the suspect’s boyfriend, was discovered dead in January in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

It is alleged that Emel tipped off one of the men involved in the murder about Carter’s gambling winnings.

Emel received $700 from Allen after the murder

The suspects are Damon Brantley Jr., 18, Daquan Allen, 29, and Jerry Butler, 28. A fourth suspect, a juvenile, was not named. Brantley is accused of being the one who pulled the trigger. Police determined that Emel received $700 from Allen after the murder.

All four suspects are expected to attend a preliminary court hearing on February 16.

What happened?

According to surveillance footage, when Carter went to retrieve some money from his car, he was ambushed by three of the suspects. A fourth person remained inside the vehicle.

The three men robbed Carter of his money before one suspect, believed to be Brantley, shot him in the head.

she was in contact with Allen “multiple times”

On the night of Carter’s death, Emel is accused of having provided his location to the suspects. She was also in contact with Allen “multiple times” before the murder and told Allen that Carter had won $3,000 gambling.

To make it easier to track Carter, Emel placed a tracking device in the trunk of her vehicle, which Carter was driving.

According to his family, Carter was visiting his one-year-old daughter at the time of his death.

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