Wonderful Weis Walks Away With GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

Oliver Weis woke up today with $353,673 more in his GGPoker account than was there a few days ago. Why? Because Weis is the latest superstar to walk away with top honors in the GGPoker Super MILLION$ tournament.

Some 174 players bought into this week’s Super MILLION$, creating a $1,740,000 prize pool as a result. More than $1.4 million of that sum was reserved for the final table, and Weis captured the lion’s share.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Oliver Weis Austria $353,673
2 Vladimir “GEOMETRIYAEMILY” Minko Mexico $277,310
3 Eelis Parssinen Finland $217,434
4 Ravid Garbi Israel $170,486
5 Andrei “Mr-Doberman” Nikonorov Russia $133,676
6 joyeux Mexico $104,813
7 Johannes “Hazes” Straver Austria $82,182
8 Rodrigo Sirichuk Brazil $64,437
9 spaise411 Russia $50,524

Russia’s “spaise411” sat down at the final table with the second shortest stack but was the first finalists out of the door. From under the gun, and with blinds at 25,000/50,000/6,000a, spaise411 open-shoved or 469,596 with ace-ten, which folded out three players. Andrei “Mr-Doberman” Nikonorov looked down at ace-king, and flat-called. Nikonorov’s king-kicker played, and spaise411 was gone.

Brazil’s Rodrigo Sirichuk saw his deep run end in an eighth-place finish after he shoved for 16 big blinds from the small blind with eight-six suited, and Ravid Garbi called from the big blind with king-queen. Neither player improved their holdings, and the final table lost another player.

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Seventh place and the last five-figure score went to Johannes “Hazes” Straver. Vladimir “GEOMETRIYAEMILY” Minko min-raised to 140,000 with pocket sevens, Straver three-bet to 560,000, leaving himself only 94,012 chips behind, with pocket sixes from the small blind, and Minko set Straver all-in. Straver called and never caught up and the final table was down to six players.

The final six became five with the elimination of “Joyeux,” who saw Garbi min-raise to 160,000, and then Weis call in the cutoff. Joyeux squeezed all-in for 932,635 with what turned out to be ace-queen, Garbi shoved with pocket jacks, and Wies ducked out of the way, having folded ace-eight suited. Garbi’s jacks held, and Joyeux had to make do with a $104,813 score.

Nikonorov’s tournament ended in a fifth-place finish after a clash with Weis did not go to plan. Blinds were 40,000/80,000/10,000a, and Weis opened to 160,000 with pocket tens. Nikonorov three-bet all-in for 1,763,132 with pocket queens, and Weis called. Nikonorov looked set to win the largest pot of the final table so far, as his queens were a huge favorite preflop. Nikonorov flopped top set, but the flop was all clubs, and Weis held the ten of clubs. The jack of clubs turn left Nikonorov needing the board to pair or gift him quads, but the river bricked and his participation was over.

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The final four fought it out for the best part of an hour before something finally gave. Garbi min-raised to 240,000 with pocket tens, Weis decided to jam with king-nine, and Garbi called off his 2,050,037 stack. Weis paired his king on the flop, and it proved enough to send Garbi to the showers.

Heads-up was set when Eelis Parssinen crashed out. Weis min-raised to 280,000, Parssinen three-bet to 1,218,000, and Weis clicked it back to make it 2,156,000. Parsinnen jammed for 5,505,478, and Weis snap-called. It was ace-queen for Finland’s Parssinen but pocket kings for Weis. Weis turned a full house, and Parssinen’s wait for a Super MILLION$ title continues.

That hand gave Weis a monster-sized advantage over Minko going into the one-on-one battle; Weis held 14,776,679 chips to Minko’s 2,623,321. On the fourth hand of heads-up play, Weis made it 280,000 to go with ace-king, Minko three-bet to 910,000 with the dominated king-ten of diamonds, only for Weis to shove all-in. Minko called off the 2,848,721 chips he had behind. Weis flopped an ace but needed to fade a diamond flush draw, and fade he did to become the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ champion.

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