Prominent streamer Xposed has announced that he is taking a break from streaming gambling content. He posted a message on Twitter saying that he will step away for the next three or four weeks in order to prioritize his health. Xposed noted that he has been streaming “high level stressful” content since 2015.

the gambling content has been taking a toll on his health

The streamer has not taken any sort of significant break over the years. He explained that the gambling streams lead to wildly differing emotions, including stressing over big losses. Xposed believes that the gambling content has been taking a toll on his health and that a break is necessary.

The money Xposed has made from streaming was too good to pass up for a long time, which led to him ignoring his health. While the gambling streams have been put on pause, the well-known content creator said that he will probably stream some less stressful content during the break.

Xposed has been streaming on Kick in recent months, making the move after Twitch banned content that shows gambling on unregulated platforms, including Stake. Over the years, Xposed, has varied his stream content, including slot machine play, sports betting, and betting on Call of Duty matches.

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