1×2 Network Announces Crashout-Fireworks Tournament

1×2 Network has introduced its first network-wide tournament promotion, which will be available on the Crashout – Fireworks title, available at partner operators. As a result, every operator that is currently working with 1×2 Network’s aggregation and content services will be able to offer customers access to cash prize tournaments on Cashout – Fireworks.

Do Not Crash, Multiply!

The promotion is set to run from December 1 through December 12 and will offer players a chance to get the best multipliers on the reels to win extra prizes. All scores will be entered into a proprietary leaderboard that will let the players view the €12,000 prize pool (around $11,900 at the time of writing).

The crash game lets players experience not just a cool promotion, but also enjoy the highly innovative gameplay that is available to crash gaming. The crash game genre is a brand new way to experience iGaming. Essentially, it’s a multiplayer game in which you jump in a space shuttle, rocket, or aircraft, and you begin soaring through the skies.

With each passing moment going higher, the multiplier will continue increasing, until you eject from the apparatus or the thing crashes and burns – upon which you do lose any winnings and your original stake. Therefore, there is a challenge in knowing when to eject, but it’s also completely down to chance.

Winning multipliers, and winning the biggest multipliers will definitely get you ahead in the promotion though, which is what many will want to do. Commenting on this promotion, 1×2 Network CPO Alex Ratcliffe said:

We’re delighted to be offering network promotions to our clients and can’t wait to send 1X2 Network Tournaments sky high with the launch of 12 Days of Crashout this December.

1×2 Network CPO Alex Ratcliffe

According to him, tournaments bring players one of the most fulfilling experiences and this is precisely what 1×2 Network is all about.

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