Bayes Esports Names York Scheunemann Chief Operations Officer

The Danish sports media group that aims to turn into the global digital sports media group leader has signed the agreement with the help of its flagship sports media brand in the country, 

22 Million Monthly Visitors

The Polish brand will be responsible for delivering sports betting content along with statistics and data to a brand new section dedicated to sports and sports betting that will be added to the portal.

The newly inked deal is expected to come into effect by the beginning of next month, which is the time when sports aficionados will be allowed to get access to the fresh content. Every month, the portal, which is one of the numerous sites operated by Wirtualna Polska, gathers over 22 million visitors. 

Better Collective’s Northeast Europe director Michael Kopec spoke about the company’s “extensive experience” in generating betting tips, sports data, and top-quality sports content that is informative for seasoned and newcomers in the sports betting industry. 

Kopec also expressed their excitement about partnering with Wirtualna Polska. He also spoke about the new synergy that is expected to offer ongoing “depth and breadth of content” that will be highly appreciated by fans. 

Wirtualna Polska, Poland’s Pioneer Internet Portal

Wirtualna Polska’s regional manager Łukasz Gołąbowski spoke about the portal’s “large and loyal following” whose satisfaction is guaranteed by creating fresh content on a daily basis. This helps their readers access the freshest information while staying upgraded with engaging entertainment trivia. 

Wirtualna Polska, which was the first internet portal in the country, expects to “provide timely and professional sports and sports betting content” to its regular database of visitors thanks to the new partnership with Better Collective. 

Wirtualna Polska Holding, Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

The capital Wirtualna Polska group is managed by Wirtualna Polska Holding SA with registered offices in Warsaw, Poland. Wirtualna Polska Holding has been ranked as one of the most successful companies to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Better Collective owns and operates top-quality global and online flagship sports media and communities, offering trustworthy, state-of-the-art content. Each month, their sports media and communities receive over 130 million visitors from sports aficionados interested in their content, news, tips, data insights, and educational tools to enhance their online gaming experience.

Better Collective announced an update for its 2022 financial targets after recording a fourth quarter with record numbers. The company reported a revenue of €269.3 million ($290 million) for the past year, signaling a 52% year-over-year rise. 

At the start of February, Better Collective announced it would purchase a 5% stake in its competitor Catena Media.

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