Over 1,000 Men, Women Rescued From Philippine Online Romance Scam Center

Person typing _I love you_ in a text message

Like The Tinder Swindler but on an industrial scale, police in the Philippines have rescued over 1,000 people forced to fake online romances from a scam center run by human traffickers.

According to BBC News, among those the police freed from the center in the Philippine municipality of Bambam were 838 Filipinos, 202 Chinese nationals, and 73 others.

They all owe their freedom to an escaped Vietnamese man who police said “showed signs of torture, including electrocution.” The man scaled the scam center wall, swam a river, and hid out on a farm before he tipped the police off.

asking about their day and “what they had eaten for their last meal”

The traffickers lured the unnamed man to the Philippines from Vietnam with the offer of a job as a chef. Upon arrival, however, he joined the other inmates forced by the human trafficking ring to build online romances with victims using fake identities. The would–be chef and others would check in with the unsuspecting lonely hearts, asking about their day and “what they had eaten for their last meal.”

Police raided the center furnished with two search warrants against the Chinese-owned Zun Yuan Technology Inc, seizing firearms and live ammunition.

A spokesman for the Philippines Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission stated the scam center contained “36 separate buildings, each three to seven stories high.”

Human traffickers are luring thousands of victims to Southeast Asia countries like the Philippines with promises of jobs, confiscating their passports and mobile phones on arrival and forcing them into elaborate online scams, including dating, casinos, and crypto schemes. In 2023, the International Organization estimated criminal gangs had illegally trafficked “tens of thousands” of people to work in scam compounds in the region.

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Play’n GO Presents Its Irish Leprechaun Slot Series

Play’n GO Presents Its Irish Leprechaun Slot Series

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and preparations are in full swing!

In that sense, Play’n GO has decided to join the preparations in its own way, highlighting its popular Irish leprechaun-themed titles, that players may play to really get into the holiday spirit.

The reason why leprechaun-themed slots are so loved among players:

While each individual has its own reasons for liking the things they like, when it comes to leprechaun-themed slots in particular, the reasons why they are loved are plenty. However, one of the most significant ones is that leprechauns symbolize luxury and gold.

But besides these obvious reasons, there are others, including humor, Celtic mythology and mischief. Blending those characteristics with the magical and mysterious themes discovered in such mythologies helps produce the ideal environment for a slot title.

But that’s not all, because the colorful and familiar design of the rainbow, four-leafed clovers and pots of gold further emphasize the picturesqueness of the mentioned slots, to a great extent. Additionally, in addition to the outstanding visuals, the leprechaun-themed games designed by the provider include a host of thrilling features, involving Free Spins rounds, Multipliers and Sticky Wilds, so that players never get bored while playing.

Irish Leprechaun slot series:

Some of the greatest hits that Play’n GO has developed that involve adventure-seeking leprechauns include, according to the official press release:

  • Leprechaun Goes Wild – in which players are taken to a beautiful green meadow, where they are able to immerse themselves in an adventure filled with leprechauns
  • Leprechaun’s Vault – in which Larkin the Leprechaun lost the keys to his vault containing priceless riches. But, he didn’t really lose them because some fairy stole them, which further leads him to go to the forest, which is the habitat of fairies, in search of his key, with the help of the players
  • Shamrock Miner – in which players join the hunt for pots of gold hidden by the Leprechaun in the mines. However, players must be prepared for the tricky Leprechaun as he doesn’t want to share his gold and will trick them into collecting another symbol that can replace his gold!
  • Leprechaun Goes Egypt – in which players will travel to Ancient Egypt with a mischievous leprechaun to look for lost treasure
  • Leprechaun goes to Hell – an adventure in hell, featuring the she-devil Evilene and of course our Leprechaun from the previously mentioned game Leprechaun goes Egypt

Leprechaun-themed slots features:

There are tons of different features on leprechaun-themed slots as we mentioned above, some of them being the bonus rounds like the Infernal Bonus in Leprechaun goes to Hell title, which can be activated if players land 3 Evilene symbols. As soon as it’s activated, it turns the reels into a 3×3 grid with a Jackpot payout meter located on the side. Every win collected will raise the payout meter amid players’ attempts to collect larger Jackpots.

Then, in Leprechaun’s Vault, players may trigger the Treasure Free Spins mode by landing 3 Key Scatters on the reels. After that, the next challenge awaits in the form of a vault’s code lock that ultimately decides with how many free spins players will be rewarded with, a maximum of 24, based on the number of cylinders that display the correct number in the code. Throughout this mode, Wild Symbols are sticky, which means they remain in place until the feature officially ends, and are equipped with a Multiplier of x2, x3 and x4.

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Altenar Strikes Major Deal with Optimove To Bring Tailored Recommendations!

Altenar Strikes Major Deal with Optimove To Bring Tailored Recommendations!

Altenar, a top-tier provider of sportsbook and iGaming software, has something exciting to share with its fans! And after a series of successes that the company has guaranteed since the beginning of the year, this iGaming giant has joined forces with Optimove, a leading CRM marketing platform.

Thanks to this alliance, Altenar will introduce personalized product recommendations through Opti-X widgets, setting a new standard in player engagement.

Elevating Digital Experiences

This promising collaboration, according to the source, aims to enhance players’ digital journeys by empowering Altenar’s operator partners with Optimove’s AI-driven recommendation engine, Opti-X. This innovative solution enables operators to boost customer retention and engagement by delivering tailored content based on individual preferences and behavior patterns.

Opti-X, part of Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), leverages advanced algorithms to provide personalized recommendations across various digital channels, catering to both known and anonymous visitors. By integrating Opti-X widgets, Altenar’s operators can create dynamic and engaging content that enhances the overall player experience, whether on desktop or mobile platforms.

This strategic partnership not only strengthens Altenar’s global presence but also revolutionizes the sportsbetting stage, offering a cutting-edge solution that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Optimove’s Opti-X, Altenar delivers unparalleled value to sports betting operators worldwide, ensuring they stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

Award-Winning Sportsbook Solution

Altenar’s reputation as a provider of comprehensive and fully managed sportsbook solutions continues to grow, particularly in the vibrant Latin American market. Its award-winning platform prioritizes stability, security, and flexibility, guaranteeing an exceptional sports betting experience for players and operators alike.

Altenar’s partnership with Optimove marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry, bringing innovation, personalized experiences, and long-term success for sports betting operators globally.

Charlie Williams, Commercial Director at Altenar, said: “This partnership is a game-changer for our operator portfolio. Opti-X’s AI-led content and product recommendations solution will empower operators to serve each player with the right digital recommendations at the right time, enhancing retention and elevating player experience. That is a surefire step toward better player loyalty and trust, enhanced retention, and a better bottom line.”

Dan de Souza, Global Director of Partnerships at Optimove, said: “This announcement marks a significant milestone for Opti-X and its value for iGaming operators. Much like Altenar, we continue to expand in LatAm, so this partnership is a no-brainer. Combining our technology with Altenar’s unparalleled industry expertise enables us to deliver innovative solutions that drive iGaming operators’ business growth. As players’ attention spans continue to shrink, operators must gain the ability to start marketing with the player and provide relevant and personalized recommendations, services, and products to keep them around for longer and coming back for more.”

Source: ”Altenar unveils Optimove partnership to enhance personalised content offering”. EuropeanGaming. March 14, 2024.

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DraftKings Launches New Tool for Users to Track Their Personal Betting Stats

DraftKings icon on phone

DraftKings has launched a new responsible gambling tool called “My Stat Sheet” which allows users to keep track of their personal betting statistics. The operator announced on Thursday that this is now available across all Golden Nugget and DraftKings platforms.

net win/loss across different periods of time

Users can view the length of time they’ve spent on the platform, as well as insights into their payments, contest performances, net win/loss across different periods of time, and the total number of wagers placed through their account:

The operator believes that this new tool will help people make data-driven decisions regarding their betting, which will in turn promote responsible betting.

Talking about this new feature, DraftKings President of Global Product and Technology Paul Liberman said that the company is always looking at new ways to leverage technology to promote a safer gambling experience and that “My Stat Sheet is an important milestone for us as an industry leader.” The release of this new tool comes during Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

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