The Enduring Allure of March Madness in Las Vegas

The Enduring Allure of March Madness in Las Vegas

By Michael Kaplan

Most of us don’t need excuses to visit Las Vegas, hang out in casinos, watch sports and gamble. But, for anyone who does, March Madness is a perfect time in which to touch down in Sin City and blissfully splash around chips.

Vegas gets so packed with gamblers, that the craps tables seem to be infused with more energy than usual, playing blackjack is extra fun and a night at the casino poker table invariably comes with players offering rolling commentary on the games that went down earlier in the day and matches that are poised to tip off tomorrow.

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Seven Keys to Staying in Control During the Stress of Casino Play

Seven Keys to Staying in Control During the Stress of Casino Play

By Jerry Stich

All casino gamblers dream of hitting a big score, whether it is a huge slot win, a long winning streak and blackjack, hitting several numbers on a roulette wheel, or an epic run of luck at a craps table.

Losing streaks, as well as other facts of casino play can cause a lot of stress for players. Stress can cause people to act strangely, wildly, and erratically. Any of these behaviors affect a player’s control and once a player loses control, good things do generally not follow.

How can a player stay in control? How can they be unaffected or at least minimally affected by the normal human reactions to the stress of casino gaming? Read on to find out.

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How Do Casino Bonuses in VIP Programmes Work?

Dean McHugh, Guest Author at

VIP (Very Important Person) programmes are casino loyalty bonus schemes which are meant to reward the casino’s high-rollers. They are designed to show appreciation to the casino’s most dedicated and valuable players.

There are various benefits associated with being a part of a casino VIP programme. The benefits include some of the best casino bonuses, exclusive tournaments, numerous free spins, and premium customer service, among others.

In this article, we will have an in-depth look into how casino VIP programmes work. Read on to learn moreabout why you need to be in a casino VIP programme.

Loyalty Points

When it comes to online casinos, loyalty points can be a stepping stone towards getting to the VIP club. These points are usually awarded based on the number of games you play or the amounts you wager. Basically, the more times you play and the more money you use to play, the more loyalty points you earn.

Earning loyalty points helps you climb the VIP ladder, and it is a step-by-step process that can be very daunting. However, with consistency it becomes quite easy to scoop the points.

Climbing to the top of the VIP ladder doesn’t only call for you to play many times and wager substantial amounts of money; it also calls for top-class decision-making. This is because different games offer different loyalty points, so you need to choose the games that offer more points. For instance, slots offer more points than table games.

Nonetheless, playing for loyalty points is a risk vs reward strategy that requires you to wager more funds and invest more time with the expectation that you are going to get more benefits in the long run.

Point Conversion and Redemption

After earning a substantial number of points, the next step is points conversion and redemption. Look at it this way: loyalty points are just a virtual form of currency that you can use to gain tangible benefits in an online casino. You need to convert or redeem your loyalty pointsinto real-world tangible benefits.

To do so, you can redeem or convert the points for various perks such as cash bonuses, free spins and other exclusive benefits. Whether you opt for cash bonuses or free spins, the choice depends fully on you. However, note that some casinos might differ in terms of what you can do with your loyalty points.

For some casinos, loyalty points conversion or redemption can be very rewarding. For instance, some offer €10 for 1 point or more. This also varies based on the casino.

Tiered VIP Levels

VIP programmes are structured to have different levels. These levels are referred to as tiers, and players achieve them one by one based on points accumulated. Technically, the more points you accumulate, the higher you climb up the tiers.

Most casinos have their loyalty VIP levels structured into Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP. Each of these tiers is associated with different rewards and benefits, with VIP having the most rewards and Bronze having the fewest.

Tiered VIP levels foster a sense of competition as well as a sense of achievement as you progress through the ranks. The tiers are associated with personalised services, exclusive access to events, and accelerated earning of points.

Personalised Services

Being part of an online casino VIP programme sets you up for luxury resulting from personalised service. These personalised services are aimed towards giving you the best casino experience ever.

There’s nothing better than being rewarded as a most loyal and consistent gambler. Online casinos, through VIP programmes, prioritise their loyal players through services like personalised bonus offers, prioritised customer support and dedicated account management.

Through personalised services, the casino is always ready to cater to your unique demand. Whether you want a dedicated account manager, faster responses and escalation of issues, or substantial bonuses, the VIP programme will have you covered. In simple terms, you are treated like a king to enhance an amazing user experience.

Event Invitations and Special Offers

Picture it this way; when inviting friends to your party you start by sending invitations to your closest and most valuable friends. This is also how it works with online casinos.

Whenever there are important tournaments and events, the casino gives first priority to the VIP programme members. These casinos send event invitations and special offersto their VIP members to ensure that they don’t miss big tournaments and events.

However, most casinos send invites to players based on their tier level. For instance, the gold tier members might receive invites and special offers that are not provided for the bronze tier members.

Additionally, besides early invitations to events, the casino gives special offers to its loyal players, including the best casino bonuses. Some casinos even go out of their way to give their VIP members physical gifts and travel packages.

Loyalty Bonus Conditions

Casinos are gearing towards incentivising or attracting newcomers through loyalty programmes. Normally, the loyalty bonuses come in the shape of free spins, cashback offers and other benefits to enhance the casino experience.

Other types of bonuses given to VIP players include:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Loyalty rewards, like free points
  • High roller bonuses

However, casinos only issue these bonuses based on some loyalty bonus conditions. For instance, you need to wager more than the minimum bet amount on your bets in order to qualify for specific bonuses like cashback offers.

The same goes for deposit bonuses. Some casinos only issue loyalty bonuses for deposits exceeding a certain amount. For instance, a 10% bonus for deposits exceeding €100.

Qualification Criteria

While the ultimate goal is to become a member of the VIP club at your favourite online casino to enjoy substantial perks, the process of becoming a VIP is not an easy one. Online casinos have restrictions and qualifications that you must meet in order to be considered for the VIP club.

The qualification criteria entails:

  • Regular Play and Loyalty: To be considered for VIP status, you need to play more regularly and consistently at the casino. The process involves playing more games, making more deposits, and demonstrating your commitment to the casino over time.
  • Meet Minimum Criteria: With most casinos, you must meet specific criteria to be considered for the VIP programme. It often includes making deposits of more than the minimum level and wagering more than the set minimum amount for the loyalty programme. Additionally, casinos consider the time you spend on their site. You need to play more often and for longer periods to be considered for the VIP programme.

Once you meet these qualification criteria, you will easily glide tier after tier to the top of the casino’s VIP club.

Responsible Gaming and VIP Programmes

Getting into the VIP club at an online casino is both time-consuming and money-consuming. This is because the programmes are structured in such a way that you need to play with more money and spend more time playing in order to qualify. This can trigger addiction in you as a player as you try to be committed to the casino with the aim of achieving VIP status.

That said, you need to be very careful not to get addicted to online casino gambling. Gambling should be a form of entertainment and not a habitual endeavour that drains all your funds and consumes all your time.

As a gambler, you need to practise responsible gamingto avoid being a victim of gambling negatives. Additionally, online casinos need to consider incorporating responsible gambling into their VIP programmes. Online casinos can promote responsible gambling through the following programs:

1. Responsible Gambling Policies

Online casinos should have policies to facilitate safe and healthy gambling practices. The policies should include measures such as self-exclusion programs that allow players to voluntarily distance themselves from the casino.

2. Players Sensitisation

Online casinos should also be patrons of responsible gambling. They can do this by informing their players, including VIP members, on how best to go about safe and healthy gambling, for example, through setting up wagering limits and managing their bankrolls efficiently.

3. Training Operators

Casinos can help promote responsible gambling by training their employees on how to identify players with a gambling addiction. For instance, casino employees should look out for high rollers who still keep playing despite making heavy losses every now and then, as this is a sign of gambling addiction. Once identified, the casino operators should then take necessary measures to help the players with gambling addiction to avoid destructive behaviour.

4. Truthful Advertising

Some countries do not regulate advertising and marketing for online casinos. This might lead to misinformation in adverts and marketing materials, which can lead to irresponsible gambling. Online casinos should ensure truthfulness when marketing their VIP programmesin order to minimise irresponsible gambling.

5. Preventing Under-age Gambling

Underage gambling can lead to addictive gambling practices, as minors find it difficult to determine bad or good gambling behaviours. Online casinos should completely ban minors from wagering on their platforms. This can be implemented by necessitating the provision of personal identification documents during registration.

6. Supporting Research and Education

Online casinos should support research aimed at eliminating irresponsible gambling. For instance, they can fund research studies or partner with firms that focus on promoting responsible gambling practices.

Long-Term Benefits of VIP Programmes

Being part of a VIP programme in an online casino is more like an investment that promises you various benefits. To appreciate and reward their most loyal and consistent players, most modern casinos have VIP programmes.

These programmes are usually structured into different tiers and offer several rewards sent directly to the player’s account as they play. However, these rewards vary based on the player’s VIP tier. For example, the gold tier has more rewards than the bronze tier and silver tier.

Now let’s look at the long-term benefits of VIP programmes!

1. Personalised Customer Service

As a member of the VIP club, you get access to personalised customer service. Normally, the casino will provide you with a dedicated account manager to handle your concerns promptly, guide you whenever you have any issues and ensure exceptional experiences.

The dedicated account manager also provides seamless communication channels to ensure the player gets news and updates on any news games, promotions, tournaments and more. This helps improve the player’s casino experience and provides possibilities for substantial wins.

2. Higher Withdrawal and Deposit Limits

Most casinos limit the amounts you can deposit or withdraw. However, with VIP programmes, these casinos can offer VIP members more flexible limits. High rollers get a chance to deposit more money into their accounts and as well withdraw substantial amounts of their winnings.

Additionally, VIP programmes may grant players access to payment options such as Bitcoin, which may not be available to average players. These additional payment methods can also be associated with other benefits, such as bonuses for using particular payment methods to deposit.

3. Substantial Bonuses and Promos

Online VIP programmes have a wide selection of special bonuses and promos. These benefits normally include deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback, and early access to new games.

Some e-casinos may also decide to celebrate players ‘ gambling accomplishments with other perks such as physical gifts. Ultimately, the bonuses, promotions and gifts are vital in ensuring exceptional casino experiences.

4. Access to VIP Tournaments and Events

VIP membership is a gateway to high-end online casino tournaments and events. Some casinos even offer early access to the tournaments to give the VIP players unique competing and winning experiences.

Some of the most popular VIP tournaments in online casinos are offered in the following games:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Leaderboard challenges


Online VIP programmes are ultimately worth it in the long run, especially for high rollers. As discussed above, these programmes not only provide you with a chance to win big but also opportunities to enjoy online casino gambling through personalised customer service, substantial bonuses and promos, higher deposit and withdrawal limits and access to top class tournaments and events.

To enjoy all the perks associated with being a member of the VIP club, you need to choose an online casino with favourable VIP programmes. Nonetheless, you also need to follow responsible gambling practices for a safer and healthier gambling experience.

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