AdmiralBet Extends Sponsorship Agreement with Hamburger SV

Novo Interactive has extended its partnership agreement between its AdmiralBet brand and the soccer club Hamburger SV (HSV). As a result, the operator will continue serving as the team’s official partner until June 30, 2024.

The two parties first joined forces in 2019 and have been working together since. Under the newly-extended deal, AdmiralBet’s brand will feature on HSV’s video and LED boards at its home stadium, the Volksparkstadion. In addition, HSV will promote AdmiralBet across its digital channels.

The operator, meanwhile, will leverage its agreement with the team to create exciting betting experiences for its customers. The company will continue hosting the beloved AdmiralBet Challenge and will feature HSV prominently.

In addition, HSV and AdmiralBet have thought of a new interactive tool to engage sports fans. It will be an AdmiralBet numbers game where customers can test their knowledge of Hamburger SV every matchday. The minigame will have a social element attached to it, allowing participants to compete with their friends. It will go live in the second half of the season, according to the announcement.

Both Parties Are Excited to Expand the Agreement

Executives from AdmiralBet and HSV commented on the new agreement. The HSV Fußball’s chief executive officer, Jonas Boldt, said that the agreement between HSV and AdmiralBet has been a very fruitful one so far.

The cooperation between HSV and AdmiralBet is characterized by reliability and mutual trust, which is illustrated by the extension of the partnership to a total of five years.

Jonas Boldt, CEO, HSV Fußball

Boldt added that he is excited to continue working with AdmiralBet and create more creative fan-oriented content.

According to Johannes Haupt, media director at SPORTFIVE, the extension of the agreement with AdmiralBet is a testament to the charisma of the team. He added that the agreement will also provide the operator with great advertising opportunities.

Speaking of the operator, Florian Hermann, Novo Interactive’s director of marketing and operations, also shared his thoughts on the agreement. He said that his team feels honored to continue being a part of HSV’s success story.

The previous cooperation with the traditional club has absolutely fulfilled our expectations. HSV and AdmiralBet share values such as team spirit, the will to win and fair play. The fans and the passion for football are our focus.

Florian Hermann, director of marketing and operations, Novo Interactive

Hermann concluded that the extension of the sponsorship agreement shows how glad AdmiralBet is to work with HSV and how committed to sports Novo Interactive is.

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