"Allhustlenoluck" Triumphs In Inaugural Global Poker x PokerNews Cup GC Final

After 14 qualifying events, 54 players took their virtual seats in the Global Poker x PokerNews Cup GC Final. Once the dust settled after a fast paced four hours, it was none other than “Allhustlenoluck” who emerged triumphant, taking home GC40,000,000 along with the trophy and title of champion for their efforts.

“LBgaming” battled hard to secure a second-place finish, while “Regs1” rounded out the top three.

Final Table Results

*Rank Player Prize*  
1 “Allhustlenoluck GC40,000,000  
2 “LBgaming” GC16,000,000  
3 “Regs1” GC10,000,000  
4 “SomeDumbFish” GC6,000,000  
5 “F4RTF4CE” GC4,000,000  
6 “Ormageddon” GC2,400,000  
7 “BoltAction” GC1,600,000  
8 “FelicisSuerte” GC1,200,000  
9 “Scoobydubious” GC800,000  

Final Table Action

There was no bubble in this event as all players entered the day having secured GC400,000. The first prize jump, however, came at the final table, with all those able to navigate their way to the final nine guaranteed GC800,000.

Global Poker x PokerNews Cup Gold Coin Qualifier Leaderboard
Global Poker x PokerNews Cup Gold Coin Qualifier Leaderboard

The player to secure that initial prize jump but no more was “Scoobydubious” who got it in preflop with a dominated ace and failed to improve. Next to go was “FelicisSuerte” after they put their last chips into the middle on the turn needing to find a club on the river but failing to do so.

“LBgaming” continued their hot run by scoring a fortunate double knockout to send “BoltAction” and “Ormageddon” to the rail in seventh and sixth place respectively.

Eliminations continued at a breakneck pace, with “F4RTF4CE”, “SomeDumbFish”, and “Regs1″ sent out in short order to setup a heads-up showdown between “LBgaming” and “Allhustlenoluck”. The contest did not last long as “Allhustlenoluck” limp-called a jam from “LBgaming” having their opponent dominated. The best hand held up, crowning “Allhustlenoluck” as the first ever Global Poker x PokerNews Cup GC Final champion.

This concludes coverage of the GC Final. Be sure to keep it with PokerNews as its live reporting team continues to provide comprehensive coverage of poker tournaments all over the world.

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