Be Festive & Win Big Through Jingle Reels on Luckyland Slots

Jingle Reels is a festive slot that is newly featured on Luckyland Slots during the Christmas season. Through the different free spin features and the bonus game features, this is your opportunity to win even bigger prizes.

Featuring different games for you to get involved with, there are even chances for you to win and enjoy the features within the slot.

In this article, you’ll be able to understand even more about the slot, featuring the game rules, the different features – through free spins and bonus games, the winning lines of the slot, and most importantly, where you can also play this slot!

What are the Game Rules of Jingle Reels?

Spreading the festive cheer with Jingle Reels, across the 15 different paylines, there are many abilities to win big across the different reels.

In this slot, for the symbols, the WILD symbol substitutes for all the symbols except two symbols which are placed within the slot. Across each payline, the only one which is paid is the highest win.

For each payline, wins that are on different lines are also added. For this slot, and including the other slots which are on Luckyland Slots, there is a theoretical RPT of 90-96%.

Jingle Reels Game Rules

What is the Free Spin Feature?

Throughout this slot, there could potentially be the free spin feature which is triggered by 3,4, or 5 free starts anywhere on the reels.

Throughout this feature, there are 10, 20, or 25 free spins which can be awarded depending on the awards of your spins.

During the feature, there is also an additional benefit where all the wins are doubled across the slot.

For any free spins which you gain from this feature, they can also be retriggered and played at the same play value of which triggered the free spins.

Free Spin Feature Luckyland Slots

What is the Bonus Game Feature?

As an addition to the free spin feature, there is also a bonus game feature that enables you to reveal a range of prizes throughout the slotting experience.

Across the slot, the feature is triggered when you are in the place of 3 or more present symbols anywhere on the reels. Throughout the bonus game, there are three different rounds in which you can immerse yourself into in the midst of this bonus game.

In each round of this featured bonus game, you need to select a present sack and open the presents which are featured inside to reveal a range of prizes.

As you reveal the prizes, you can find a multiplier and multiply your winnings, if you find the starred sack, this will move you to the next find. The final step within this process is to find the elf and this is where the bonus game ends.

What are the Winning Lines on Jingle Reels?

Whilst you’re playing upon the Jingle Reels slot, you’ll preview the different winning opportunities which are available throughout the 15 winning lines. Once you understand the different winning lines, this enables you to present yourself into the slot knowing your potential to win the range of spins.

Additionally, throughout the slotting experience, there is also a range of symbols that will determine your prizes ranging on which symbol it lands on.

Ranging from 100 soles to 120,000,000 coins, this is the amount you could potentially win. Based on a multitude of reasons, however, it is mainly accounted towards the symbol you land on and the amount you want to have to play.

Throughout the slot, if you spot some of these symbols, this is your opportunity to know that you maybe earning even more coins and a step closer to winning!

Winning Lines Jingle Reels

Where Can You Play Jingle Reels?

Amid the other festive activities which you’re able to play upon joining Luckyland Slots, Jingle Reels is one of the slots which you can start to indulge yourself into.

If you want to get involved with the slots and the other games available to play, join Luckyland Slots via PokerNews to play free slots whilst redeeming cash prizes!

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