Legal Online Casinos for Canadians | List of Top Legal Casinos

The basic game is the same, as mentioned earlier, with the only real difference being that online craps is played in a digitally simulated environment, while offline craps in a real casino requires the physical presence of everything and everybody there.

However one may argue that each has its own charm, with the convenience of being able to play from any mobile device and from anywhere in the world, tilting the scales towards online craps sites. On top of that, the hefty bonuses which Grand Mondial, Yukon Gold, Captain Cooks, and Zodiac rewards its new players with, is another big advantage that they have over traditional casinos.

Shooting craps with friends once in a while inside a reputed, traditional casino is not a bad idea, but when it comes to regularly playing, practicing, and perfecting the strategies of shooting craps, online casinos in Canada are the best option by far.

Live Casino features offered by all of these top online casinos in Canada blur even that line between reality and simulation by letting players shoot craps from their own place of comfort, while an actual human dealer takes in their bets and rolls the dice on the table. The feed is streamed live to the players in high definition, which is just about as realistic as it gets without having to step out of your home!

Granted that craps isn’t the most complicated casino game out there, winning is not totally dependent on luck either. The many strategies and theories of probability are at work here and if you want to win and win big in craps, you should start getting acquainted with a few of them, soon after starting out.

The pass line bet, the Come Bet, the Don’t Come Bet, the Don’t Pass bet, the Field Bet and Laying Odds are just some of the few terms you should get well acquainted with soon enough to increase your chances of winning while minimising the losses at the same time.

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