Streaking for Victory - American Casino Guide Book

By Frank Scoblete

You know of the modern-day streakers, the individuals (be he male or be she female) who remove their clothes and run around naked to the shrieks, cheers, and sounds of disgust from their compatriots attending some event in some kind of serious manner.

You do not see as many streakers today as you did in the past, but they are out there. Yes, just not in great numbers any more. Seeing naked bodies running wildly, bodies that more often than not are not so hot, flouncing their flab about as these streaking persons attempt to bounce and bobble to some victory over some imagined something or other.

Streaking is their way to get a sense of self – a sense of importance, a sense of true worth. I can understand that. I am sure most of my readers can understand that too.

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