Brazilians Finish One-Two in the 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event

It is not uncommon to see the famous yellow and green Brazilian flag flying high in 888poker tournament lobbies. The samba-loving grinders frequent the online poker site in droves and often find themselves in the winner’s circle. This week’s $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event was one of those times, with “Regis_R69” defeating their fellow countryman “KaizenStyle” heads-up to clinch the title.

The $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event attracted 991 entrants to 888poker, and they fought it out for the largest slice of the prize pool. $50,000 was awarded in a traditional manner, with the remaining $50,000 stuffed into envelopes that were placed on the heads of each remaining player once the tournament reached Level 18.

$10,000 was the largest of those mystery bounties, and it was Romania’s “Immortalll” who pulled it out. They also grabbed another $229.28 worth of bounties for a total haul worth $10,644, including their 15th-place prize money, the largest payout of the tournament.

Fifty-second place finisher “tairones13” and ninth-place finisher “AAFOKER” banked more than $3,700 from the bounty prize pool courtesy of drawing $3,000 payments before they crashed out.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Regis_R69 Brazil $652 $7,305 $7,957
2 KaizenStyle Brazil $2,263 $5,340 $7,603
3 Elshemo United Kingdom $363 $3,925 $4,288
4 zzzr23 Canada $863 $2,885 $3,748
5 bouillax Malta $229 $2,135 $2,364
6 Artur1965 Lithuania $953 $1,590 $2,543
7 GriggAs Lithuania $413 $1,195 $1,608
8 Oatsi Germany $267 $905 $1,172
9 AAFOKER Canada $3,777 $690 $4,467

“”AAFOKER” was one of the shorter stacks going into the final table, and they were the first heading for the exits. “KaizenStyle” min-raised with ace-king from middle position and called when “AAFOKER” three-bet all-in for a little over 12 big blinds with the dominated ace-queen. A ten-high board left “AAFOKER” void of chips and the final table short of a player.

Germany’s “Oatsi” joined the list of eliminated players, falling in eighth place after a clash with “Artur1965” did not go to plan. “GriggAs” min-raised under the gun with ace-jack, “Artur1965” three-bet from the small blind with pocket jacks, only for “Oatsi” to four-bet jam for 13.5 big blinds with ace-king. “GriggAs” got out of the way, and it was off to the races. An ace on the flop looked to have won the hand for “Oatsi” but the turn was the case jack, and “Oatsi” was gone.

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Seventh place went to the aforementioned “GriggAs” who was left with ten big blinds after opening and then folding during “Oatsi”‘s elimination. “GriggAS2 raised to six big blinds with pocket sevens, leaving less than four behind. “KaizenStyle” moved all-in with ace-queen from the cutoff, and “GriggAs” called. An ace on the flop propelled “KaizenStyle” into the lead, where they stayed to eliminate “GriggAs.”

“Artur1965” of Lithuania committed their last five big blinds from the big blind with ace-eight after “KaizenStyle” opened from the cutoff with pocket tens. “KaizenStyle” called, flopped a set, and sent “Arthur1965” to the showers.

“KaizenStyle” sent another opponent home to leave the final table with only four players. They min-raised on the button before calling the 23 big blind shove from “bouillax” in the small blind. It was ace-jack for “KaizerStyle” and king-queen for “bouillax.” A jack landed on the flop, which held. “KaizenStyle” opened the mystery bounty envelope to reveal a cool $1,000.

The final four became three with the untimely demise of “zzzr23” on the first hand back from the scheduled break. They got their last 12 big blinds into the middle with ace-king against the ace-nine of the seemingly unstoppable “KaizenStyle” who held ace-nine. A nine on the flop and an ace on the river confirmed the exit of “zzzr23.”

Heads-up was set when the only British player at the final table, “Elshemo,” lost their chips to, you guessed it, “KaizenStyle.” Three ways to the four-queen-four flop, “Elshemo” and “KaizenStyle” checked, “Rgis_R69 fired a small bet which “Elshemo called. “KaizenStyle” squeezed before calling the 19 big blind shove from “Elshemo.” “KaizenStyle” flipped over five-four for trip fours, crushing the queen-ten of their opponent. Running nines improved “KaizenStyle” to an unnecessary full house, and “Elshemo” was gone.

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“KaizenStyle” held a four-to-one chip lead at the start of heads-up, but “Regis_R69” was not going down without a fight. “Regis_R69” doubled their stack quite early into the confrontation before claiming the lead by rivering a straight when “KaizenStyle” had flopped top pair.

“Regis_R69” did not relinquish the lead from that point on. Eventually, almost two hours after the final table shuffled up and dealt, the final hand occurred. “Regis_R69” min-raised with pocket tens, and “KaizenStyle” called with pocket aces. “KaizenStyle” check-called a one-third pot-sized bet on the ten-nine-king board. A nine on the river saw both players check, leading to a seven on the river. “KaizenStyle” checked, “Regis_R69” bet pot and snapped off the shove from “KaizenStyle.”

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