Excel Esports Unveils New Partnership with Bioflow

The new collaboration between Bioflow and Excel Sports will see professional esports players use therapeutic wristbands that help prevent injuries and improve recovery.

Excel Esports Boosts Players’ Health via Deal with Bioflow

As with any sport, professional esports players suffer from injuries that are common for the activity. Such injuries can include eye strain and pain in the hands or neck from long training sessions. To help the recovery of players and prevent such injuries, Excel teamed up with Bioflow. The new collaboration will see Excel esports players benefit from Bioflow’s magnetic therapy wristband.

The wristband, according to the wellness company that has more than three decades of experience in helping athletes, features “a multidirectional force known as Central Reverse Polarity.” Bioflow explained that this feature helps athletes recover more easily and helps with pains in the hands, neck or back by increasing blood flow, as well as cellular activity.

We’re delighted to partner with EXCEL and bring magnetic therapy into gaming.

Richard Corsie, managing director, Bioflow

Richard Corsie, Bioflow’s managing director, said that the company is delighted to team up with Excel and deliver its magnetic wellness wristbands. He explained that the wristbands are popular among athletes around the world and help them improve their performance. This makes Bioflow’s product the perfect fit for esports, Corsie added. Finally, he said: “We look forward to working with an exceptionally talented team that trusts in the benefits of our products and engaging with the wider gaming market.”

Bioflow Continues to Support Professional Athletes

Founded back in 1991, Bioflow has collaborated for decades and helped support professional athletes. Previously, the company has joined forces with Minjee Lee, the recent winner of the US Women’s Open, Lee Westwood, the famous former professional golfer, as well as Jonny Bairstow, the professional English cricketer.

Focusing once again on esports, Bioflow cited research that uncovered the most common injuries for professional esports players. Most such players or 56% reported complaints of eye fatigue, while 42% complained of neck and back pain. Wrist pain was the third-most common injury with 36% of the players reporting physical complaints, while 32% admitted to experiencing hand pain. In contrast to those complaints, only 2% “of those reporting an ailment sought medical treatment,” said Bioflow.

With musculoskeletal injuries being such a widespread concern amongst esports players, Bioflow can make a real impact on our player’s physical health.

Mark Carter, commercial director, Excel Esports

Mark Carter, Excel Esports’ commercial director, explained that musculoskeletal injuries are a common complaint for esports players. He predicted that the new partnership with Bioflow will bring positive changes to the health of the players. “Bioflow’s game-changing products will enable our players to recover more swiftly, which will help to maximize training and competition time at major events,” said Carter in conclusion.

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