Dimitar Berbatov Carries on as JBO Regional Brand Ambassador

Berbatov will be actively involved with the company’s marketing team and work with JBO on a number of campaigns, promotions, and activations, that will leverage his image and likeness in target markets, specifically in Asia.

Bulgarian Soccer Legend Continues Partnership with JBO

JBO focuses almost exclusively on the Asian sports betting market, with a strong presence in esports betting as well, and the two partners have been happy with their collaborations so far. Berbatov is one of the best soccer players in Bulgaria, with his fame exceeding his place of birth and positioning him firmly in the minds of Fulham, Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Monaco fans.

Berbatov’s easygoing manner and friendly attitude with club fans have won him the praise of soccer aficionados and the sympathies of rivals. He has cultivated a solid fan base worldwide and is largely seen as a great addition to the JBO’s ambassador team, as testified by the company’s decision to extend its partnership with the athlete.

Commenting on this opportunity, JBO said that the company was thrilled to continue this collaboration with its long-standing brand ambassador. The company assured that there were more promotions and campaigns involving the player well underway.

Love for Soccer in Asia and the Far East Remains as Strong

Berbatov is also going to be an important part of the company’s upcoming plans for the Asian market:

JBO intends to supplement this global partnership to drive awareness and participation around our progressive brand values across both mature and developing Asian territories.

Berbatov himself was stoked with the opportunity to renew his partnership with JBO and continue to collaborate with the company in Asia and the Far East. He said that the past several years working with the company have been an exciting opportunity for him as well and praised JBO’s for its clear commitment to the beautiful game, delivering a range of experiences and products for fans across those markets to enjoy.

“I look forward to bringing more high-quality content and activity to Asian markets with my signature style and professionalism, helping fans discover new and deeper ways in which to engage with and enjoy the sports they love,” Berbatov concluded.

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