FIFA World Cup 2022 Group E Odds, Picks, and Props

As Gary Lineker famously said, “soccer is a game where 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and the Germans always win.” Oddsmakers don’t think Germany will win this time. They’re giving odds longer than +1000 on Hansi Flick’s boys winning the 2022 World Cup. Actually, they don’t even think they’re going to win Group E!

But what do we think? Which of the following four teams will finish top of the group table – Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, or Japan? Which of them will advance to the knockouts from the no.2 position, and which will pack their suitcases after the group phase? To find out, just keep on reading our Group E preview!

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group E Winner Prediction – Germany (+100)

Spain is seen as the favorite to win Group E. Bookies are giving -110 on this team to finish above everyone else in the group. We, however, have to disagree with bookmakers. We think that Germany will do better than Spain.

The thing is that Germany has an excellent squad in 2022, with young, athletic players who have plenty of experience playing big games.

Sure, they haven’t been playing vintage soccer lately – they have a 1-4-1 record in competitive games in 2022 – but there’s an explanation for that.

The Germans took time to adjust to the ways of their (relatively) new boss, Hansi Flick. He took charge of the national team last year after leaving Bayern Munich, a team with which he won a sextuple. That makes him one of only two coaches that have won six different titles in one season. Knowing this, you know that the Germans are led by a real expert in Qatar.

Group E Runner-Up Prediction – Spain (+150)

Germany and Spain are the two teams from Group E that are advancing to the knockout phase of the 2022 World Cup – we have zero doubts about it. The only doubt is in which order will they go there.

Oddsmakers think Spain will finish first, but we think it’s going to be Germany that wins Group E. In our opinion, Spain is most likely to finish in second place.

We think that both Germany and Spain will win the games against the other two teams from Group E. What this means is that the group winner will be decided in Spain vs Germany game on November 27. We don’t think Spain will win that match.

Best Group E Prop Bet – Germany to Win 9 Points in Group E (+330)

Germany Exact Group Points – 9 Points is our top prop bet for Group E. We’re sure the Germans will destroy Japan in Round 1, as well as Costa Rica in the third round. In Round 2, however, they’re going to have a very difficult job against Spain.

Still, knowing that Flick’s boys love to play against big opponents, we think they might win that game as well.

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