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This guide will introduce you to legal gambling opportunities in Amsterdam. We will tell you more about the best casinos in Amsterdam that offer the most attractive games of chance.

Land-based gambling activities in the Netherlands are currently legal. The Netherlands gambling laws are strict, though. Of course, the gambling scene in the country has endured changes over the years until the landscape has been settled the way it is today. The governing authorities control the gambling activities in the licensed and authorised gaming estаblishments.

The Dutch Gaming Authority is the major regulatory organisation that controls all gaming activities in the country. Of course, all casinos and other gaming rooms in Amsterdam are also controlled by this organisation.

The Dutch Gaming Authority is under the hat of the Dutch Government. The main piece of legislation that has been in force to control gaming activities is the Dutch Gambling Act of 1964. All licences to gambling operators in the Netherland are issued according to this law.

In 2021, the Dutch government also passed a new law allowing all forms of online gaming activities as well – the Remote Gambling Act. Now, it is the major law that regulates online gaming activities in the territory of the country, and players can access the best Dutch casino sites and enjoy their quality services.

All gambling operators – both land-based and online, need to obtain a special licence to be able to offer their services legally in the Netherlands. Thus, the governing authorities aim at establishing a better and more secure gambling environment both for the business and for the customers. This is possible thanks to their collaboration with leading NL responsible gambling organisations.

Best Casinos in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the major city and the most popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is also home to several attractive land-based casinos that attract many visitors throughout the whole year. Gambling in Amsterdam is a popular activity for many players who live in the city as well as for gamblers who visit this historical destination.

In Amsterdam, visitors will be able to find lots of smaller gaming rooms that offer different types of games on chance. However, several bigger casinos have gained a huge reputation among gamblers. These casinos offer the most attractive gambling games and attract players with a sophisticated atmosphere. Here are the top casinos in Amsterdam:

In the following paragraphs, we will explore the best casinos in Amsterdam. They rank in top positions when it comes to the number of casino games, diversity of gambling opportunities and overall quality of their services.

Holland Casino Amsterdam

Holland Casino is located in the centre of Amsterdam. Therefore, it is one of the most popular gambling establishments in the city. This is a big casino complex that offers lots of games that gamblers can choose from. Holland Casino’s address is Max Euweplein 62, 1017 MB Amsterdam, which is exactly in the heart of the city, not far away from the State Museum.

🏛️ Casino Name Holland Casino Amsterdam
🕹️ Number of Games 500+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Roulette, Blackjack, Poker
📍 Location Max Euweplein 62, 1017 MB Amsterdam
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Holland Casino is ranked among the best Amsterdam casinos because it offers a wide variety of games. Here, players can enjoy many of the most beloved roulette and blackjack games. There are also various poker games, and the casino also offers bingo. The number of slot machines at Holland Casino is also enough to meet the expectations of the majority of players.

Jack’s Casino Amsterdam

On Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 38-42, 1017 RC Amsterdam is located another prominent casino in the city – Jack’s Casino Amsterdam. This land-based establishment is easily accessible because it is also situated in a central part of the city where lots of tourists are visiting the nearby fancy restaurants.

The casino is open every day. Its working hours from Monday to Saturday are from 10 AM To 12.00 AM the next day. Only on Sunday the casino works from 1 PM to 12.00 AM.

🏛️ Casino Name Jack’s Casino Amsterdam
🕹️ Number of Games 380+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Roulette, Blackjack, Poker
📍 Location Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 38-42, 1017 RC Amsterdam
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Jack’s Casino Amsterdam can impress its visitors with top-ranked casino games, including lots of slot machines. Here, you can find classic fruit machines with excellent quality as well as some of the newest and most attractive slot games. Electronic roulette and bingo games are also available at Jack’s.

The casino is operated by JVH Gaming Group. The gaming establishment organises interesting events regularly, thus making the experience for its customers even better. All guests of the casino are served free snacks and drinks.

Merkur Casino Amsterdam

If you are walking around the city centre and you are visiting some of the popular museums in Amsterdam, then know that you might not be far away from another top casino. The Merkur Casino Amsterdam is located on Reguliersbreestraat 31-33, 1017, which is an 8-minute walk from Rembrandt’s house museum.

🏛️ Casino Name Merkur Casino Amsterdam
🕹️ Number of Games 200+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Video Poker, Roulette
📍 Location Reguliersbreestraat 31-33, 1017
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Slot machines, electronic roulette and video poker are the major types of gambling games that you will be able to enjoy at Merkur Casino. Besides, you can also play poker at Merkur. Many players rate it as the best casino in Amsterdam because it has bars with sophisticated drinks. The casino accepts cash deposits as well as payments with Visa and Mastercard.

Casino City

Casino City is also among the best casinos in Amsterdam, with the perfect location in the heart of this tourist destination. Its address is Reguliersbreestraat 47, 1017, and the gambling establishment is accessible from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 12 AM. Visitors can get to Casino City via bus, train and metro, which makes it a convenient destination for gambling in Amsterdam.

🏛️ Casino Name Casino City
🕹️ Number of Games 90+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Poker, Roulette
📍 Location Reguliersbreestraat 47, 1017
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

At Casino City, visitors can play some of the most popular slot machines. There are various types of slot games that gamblers can choose from. Different roulette games are also available at Casino City. It is among the preferred casinos in Amsterdam, where you can enjoy nice cocktails from the bar.

Lucky Flipper

Lucky Flipper is yet another central casino in Amsterdam with a good reputation among gamblers in the city. The gambling house offers mainly slots and other types of gambling machines. It works from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 AM to 12.00 AM and on Sunday from 1.00 PM to 12.00 AM.

🏛️ Casino Name Lucky Flipper
🕹️ Number of Games 75+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Roulette
📍 Location Nieuwendijk 63 1012 MB Amsterdam
🍗 Restaurant No
🍹 Bars Yes

Ever wondered – is gambling legal in Amsterdam? Then you can visit Lucky Flipper and see that the answer is “Yes ”. The gambling room is often full of players who are enjoying many of the top-ranked slot machines that the casino offers. There is also a bar and visitors can order drinks and enjoy their time while playing.

Lucky Jack

Lucky Jack is the last gambling room in our list of the best Amsterdam casinos. However, this doesn’t mean that it is less attractive. Just the opposite, Lucky Jack can also impress its visitors with some of the most attractive slot machines. Unlike in some other casinos in Amsterdam, the entry age at Lucky Jack is 21 years.

🏛️ Casino Name Lucky Jack
🕹️ Number of Games 60+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Poker, Roulette
📍 Location Reguliersbreestraat 39, 1017
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Lucky Jack has a rather long history on the gambling scene in Amsterdam. It was the first casino, opened in 1998. Over the years, the business has expanded, and today, there are several Lucky Jack gambling rooms across Amsterdam. The major one is located on Reguliersbreestraat 39, 1017. However, the other gaming rooms are also situated in key locations around the city centre.

Now, as you know the answer to the question “Is gambling legal in Amsterdam”, you may assume that Dutch players have many opportunities to enjoy the top games. The Dutch gambling market is regulated, and this helps for the better organisation of the business in NL. Amsterdam is among the thriving gambling destinations in the Netherlands, and the top casino games are popular among players in the city.

  • Slot machines
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Baccarat

Slot machines tend to be the most popular type of gambling game in Amsterdam. Most Amsterdam casinos offer a wide variety of slots in their gaming rooms. However, table games also rank in top positions and are often picked by many visitors of every best casino in Amsterdam. Poker is also among the top casino games that you can enjoy in the city.

Online Casinos NL

Recently online gambling in the Netherlands has been officially legalised with the Remote Gambling Act. Dutch players can access the best online casinos in NL and find an extremely plentiful variety of online casino games to choose from. This is a new stage in the overall gambling situation in the country. Online gambling offers lots of extra opportunities that many Dutch players are also eager to benefit from.

 People Looking at a Laptop Screen

Nowadays, the Dutch online gambling market is thriving. The best online casinos can be accessed 24/7 by players in Amsterdam and other locations around the country. However, online operators need to be licensed by the official gambling regulatory organisations in the country. Thus, finding a reputable NL casino site is not so difficult.

FAQ About the Amsterdam Casinos

To be sure that you have received the necessary information about gambling in Amsterdam, we have prepared a brief FAQ section. Here, you can find even more details about the best casinos in Amsterdam. Check the answers that we have provided to find more useful gambling facts and stats about the Amsterdam casinos.

1️⃣ Which are the best casinos in Amsterdam?

This city is an extremely popular tourist destination and gambling in Amsterdam is well-developed. There are lots of gambling rooms that you can visit. However, the best casinos in Amsterdam tend to be Holland Casino, Jack’s Casino, Merkur Casino as well as Casino City, Lucky Flipper and Lucky Jack.

2️⃣ What is the minimum age for gambling in Amsterdam?

Gambling in Amsterdam is legal. However, the top Amsterdam casinos can not be accessed unless you have the minimum gambling age. In most cases, 18 years is the minimum gambling age for playing in land-based casinos. However, in some casinos, such as Lucky Jack, the minimum age for gambling is 21 years.

3️⃣ Can I win real money in the Amsterdam casinos?

Yes, you can, especially if you pick the right games. If you know the game rules well, and you are aware of the specific features, you will have a chance to secure some good winnings. Some land-based casinos such as Holland Casino in Amsterdam are famous for their generous promotions as well.

4️⃣ Is gambling legal in Amsterdam?

Yes, it is. Gambling in Amsterdam is legal. What you need to know is that gambling is regulated by the official institutions in the Netherlands. This means that every best casino in Amsterdam needs to have a valid licence from the respective authorities. Online casinos in NL also need to be licensed to provide their services legally.

5️⃣ What games can I play at the best casino in Amsterdam?

Keep in mind that most Amsterdam casinos offer some of the most popular gambling games to choose from. Slot machines are among the most popular games and many land-based casinos offer them. However, players can also enjoy table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker.

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