GoldenRace Boosts Snaitech Virtual Sports Offering

GoldenRace, a provider of virtual sports, has teamed up with Snaitech and will, as a result, grant the Italian company access to its virtual soccer product. Snaitech is a behemoth in its local market, Italy, where GoldenRace is keen to continue growing its presence and continue to cater to local players through tailored products that strike home with sports fans in this pivotal market.

Virtual Soccer Arrives on Snaitech with GoldenRace

Commenting on this partnership, Snaitech digital director Alessandro Graziosi said that the company was proud to be teaming up with GoldenRace, praising the latter’s product which is excellent. Graziosi confirmed that Snaitech had long had its eye on GoldenRace and was excited to finally bring the competitive products to its own customers:

Today we are happy to be able to give our customers a chance to try out this innovative virtual game mode, allowing all fans to enjoy even more immersive and engaging experiences.

Snaitech digital director Alessandro Graziosi

GoldenRace CEO and founder Martin Wachter welcomed the news in a similar vein. He assured that the company’s virtual soccer product is a great opportunity and one of the most played such options worldwide.

“We are market leaders in Italy with our league, so it is great to partner with Snaitech and its huge online platform to bring this top game to its players,” Wachter added. GoldenRace brings a comprehensive virtual soccer proposition that includes odds, motion capture and professional voiceovers, recreating the thrill of a real soccer event.

The company has been offering virtual sports solutions since 2006 and has been gradually growing its geographical reach as well as its technological acumen and know-how. GoldenRace has been investing rapidly in scaling up its own technological capabilities.

The firm launched a series of development centres in places such as Malta and Spain to meet international demand for virtual sports.  GoldenRace works with a number of prominent gambling industry brands, including Betsson which confirmed earlier this year that it is launching with GoldenRace.

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