High Stakes Poker: Nick Schulman Claims JRB Makes “Worst Fold in the History of the Show”

On Monday night, Season 11 of High Stakes Poker continued on PokerGO with Episode No. 4 of the new season.

It was a continuation of last week’s lineup that included Jean-Robert Bellande, Charles Yu, Andrew Robl, Rob Yong, Rick Salomon, and Ferdinand Putra.

Here are the stacks at the top of the episode:

Player Chip Stack
Rob Yong $1,391,000
Rick Salomon $960,000
Ferdinand Putra $567,000
Andrew Robl $550,000
Jean-Robert Bellande $500,000
Charles Yu $500,000

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River Bomb Pot Disaster

Rick Salomon
Rick Salomon

The first hand of the episode was a “bomb pot” where all six players put in $5,000 blind and went straight to the flop, which came down 45K. Yu, who was in the cutoff, had the best of it with the KQ for top pair and he bet $25,000.

Only Salomon called with his 33 and action went check-check on the 3 river. Salomon bet $100,000 and Yu snap-called only to exclaim, “What?!?” after his opponent rolled over his rivered full house to claim a $280,000 pot!

Big Slick for Rick

After a bunch of players added to their stacks, Yong raised the button to $5,000 with the AJ and then called when Salomon three-bet to $25,000 out of the small blind with the AK. Salomon continued for $25,000 on the 3J10 flop and Yong called with top pair.

Salomon kept the pressure on with a bet of $55,000 on the 3 turn and Yong once again just called. The A river was a bad card for Salomon as he made aces up with a king kicker, and he promptly bet $100,000. Yong, who had a bigger two pair, snap-called and claimed a pot worth $414,000.

Here’s a look at the stacks after that hand:

Player Chip Stack
Rob Yong $1,702,000
Rick Salomon $1,271,000
Ferdinand Putra $593,000
Jean-Robert Bellande $530,000
Andrew Robl $522,000
Charles Yu $350,000

A $700,000 Bet on the River

Andrew Robl
Andrew robl

About midway through the episode, Robl raised to $6,000 under the gun with the A7 and “Big Slick” Rick Salomon three-bet to $26,000 from the button. Both blinds folded, Robl called, and the 4JK flop had action written all over it.

Robl checked, Salomon bet $20,000, and Robl woke up with a check-raise to $80,000. Salomon wasted little time in making the call and the 5 appeared on the turn. Robl fired out a bet of $130,000 but Salomon snap-called to see the Q river.

Robl made his nut flush and paused for a few beats before betting $700,000. Salomon, who was sitting with $1.21 million, simply sent his cards to the muck and said, “You got me.”

What Did JRB Just Fold?

With a $4,000 straddle on, Salomon raised to $15,000 with the 42 only to have JRB, who hadn’t got much going all session, three-bet to $50,000 from the small blind with the QQ, leaving himself $315,000 behind.

The big blind and straddle both folded before Salomon, who had been on a big heater all episode, four-bet all in. It seemed like an easy spot for JRB to get it all in, at least according to commentator Nick Schulman, but surprisingly it didn’t go that way.

“Big bully,” JRB said before sliding his cards to the muck. “I had a big hand.”

Salomon then showed his four-deuce, much to the delight of the other players.

“Easily the worst fold in the history of the show,” Schulman quipped.

JRB Finds Redemption

Rob Yong
Rob Yong

Not long after, the straddle was on by Putra and Yong raised to $10,000 first to act with the 1010. Salomon called with the 98, JRB came along from the small blind with the 22, and Putra put in an additional $6,000 to make it four-way action to the 236 flop.

JRB flopped bottom set and led out for $20,000, which only Yong called. After the dealer burned and turned the 7, JRB bet $65,000 and Yong moved all in. JRB called off the $134,000 he had behind and a $482,000 pot was on the line.

Yong only ever runs it once, so that’s what they did here. The 3 river was safe for Bellande and he doubled through Yong.

Back-to-Back Sets for JRB

In the next hand, which was the last of the episode, JRB straddled to $4,000 and Yong popped it to $10,000 on the button with the A7. Salomon called with the K10 from the small blind and then Bellande just called with his 88.

The AJ8 flop gave Bellande back-to-back flopped sets and he bet $15,000 after Salomon checked. Yong responded by raising to $45,000 with top pair, Salomon folded, and JRB just called.

The 5 turn saw Bellande lead out for $35,000 and Yong once again raised making it $125,000 to go. JRB didn’t take long to move all in for $406,000 and that was enough to get Yong to fold. With that, JRB claimed the $655,000 pot and ended the episode on a high note.

Jean-Robert Bellande
Jean-Robert Bellande

Here are the stacks at the end of the episode:

Player Chip Stack
Andrew Robl 2,330,000
Rob Yong 1,497,000
Rick Salomon $1,183,000
Jean-Robert Bellande $655,000
Charles Yu $390,000
Ferdinand Putra $363,000

Episode 5 of High Stakes Poker Season 11 will air next Monday (September 4) at 5 p.m. PT on PokerGO.

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