More Than $550K Dished Out in Week 1 of 888poker's KO Games; New Main Event Flights Added

The first week of the KO Games on 888poker has wrapped up and has awarded more than $550,000 in prizes so far.

Week 2 of the series also promises to be a big one on the platform, with starting flights for the $500K GTD Mystery Bounty Main Event beginning today.

So be sure to find out the latest KO Games winners and what else is taking place this week on 888poker.

Fierro Surges to Mystery Bounty Victory

Nicolas Fierro
Nicolas “PKaiser” Fierro

Nicolas “PKaiser” Fierro was one of the big winners of the week after taking down the $150K GTD KO Games Mystery Bounty event. He topped the 627 entry field to walk away with a final payday of $14,245. That prize consisted of the $12,975 first-place prize and an additional $1,270 in bounties.

The event had a $215 buy-in and a final prize pool of $150,000.

Fierro started the final table as one of the short stacks and was able to spin it up to secure first place. He overcame “VemLavanda” in heads-up play after “tulio96” was ousted in third place for $6,915.

Canada’s “GR8Yukoner” also had a fruitful evening on the virtual felt as they pulled the top bounty of $15,000.

$150K GTD KO Games Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 Nicolas “PKaiser” Fierro Chile $12,975 $1,270 $14,245
2 “VemLavanda” Brazil $9,465 $1,645 $11,110
3 “tulio96” Brazil $6,915 $1,760 $8,675
4 “Eg1D1” Lithuania $5,048 $1,972 $7,020
5 “mommyishere” Romania $3,713 $798 $4,511
6 “BigodinSagaz” Brazil $2,753 $635 $3,388
7 “Errorplayer” Germany $2,040 $1,222 $3,262
8 “WomenAreGood” N/A $1,523 $212 $1,735
9 “crizelda” Brazil $1,140 $375 $1,515

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888poker’s Banfield Final Tables High Roller Mystery Bounty

Jordan Banfield
Jordan Banfield

“Destroyer300” added their name to list of KO Games winners after bagging a High Roller Mystery Bounty title. The $525 entry event attracted 108 entries and generated a $54,000 prize pool, eclipsing the $50,000 guarantee.

The top 15 players made the money and Destroyer300 banked the biggest score, taking home $14,865.

888pooker StreamTeam member Jordan “BanfieldJ” Banfield was one of the players to get a return on their investment. His seventh place finish secured him a $1,088 payout as well as a further $1,031 in bounties.

KO Games High Roller Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 “Destroyer300” Lithuania $7,990 $6,875 $14,865
2 “pokanuktus” Montenegro $5,220 $6,125 $11,345
3 “M1k3n70a7” Lithuania $3,408 $750 $4,158
4 “AUTISPOSTI” Malta $2,480 $1,313 $3,793
5 “Reggie_Degen” Canada $1,827 $0 $1,827
6 “torresfan03” United Kingdom $1,392 $563 $1,955
7 Jordan “BanfieldJ” Banfield Canada $1,088 $1,031 $2,119
8 “kiskutya23” N/A $856 $563 $1,419
9 “NL_sport” Lithuania $740 $750 $1,490

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Brazilians Score Big on 888poker

A host of Brazilian players found great rewards in the $30,000 GTD KO Games Mystery Bounty 8-Max tournament. Five players based in the country made the final table and locked up the top three spots.

“rodtrader” bowed out in third before “JulioFantin” pipped compatriot “LeoJoseCarne” to the first place spoils. JulioFantin claimed $4,215 of the $30,000 prize pool after outlasting the other 241 entries.

LeoJoseCarne also pulled the top bounty prize of $5,000, which saw them collect a bigger total prize than the winner.

KO Games Mystery Bounty 8-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 “JulioFantin” Brazil $3,038 $1,177 $4,215
2 “LeoJoseCarne” Brazil $2,325 $5,023 $7,348
3 “rodtrader” Brazil $1,725 $2,973 $4,698
4 “IBetyouflat” Romania $1,275 $705 $1,980
5 “ivanmfilho” Brazil $825 $1,332 $2,157
6 “CARRAMROD” Ecuador $675 $182 $857
7 “GoodStoryDMG” Belarus $525 $0 $525
8 “jeanjrg1” Brazil $413 $0 $413

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Astedt Gets a KO Games Cash

Niklas Astedt
Niklas Astedt

“DGrignon” pocketed the biggest score of the week after he claimed $17,495 of the $44,000 prize pool in the $1,050 buy-in KO Games PKO 8-Max.

Only the top five places received a slice of the regular prize pool and among those was online crusher Niklas “tutten7” Astedt, who finished in fourth place for $2,200 and $1,375 in bounties.

KO Games PKO 8-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 “DGrignon” Netherlands $7,370 $10,125 $17,495
2 “Iroquois” Montenegro $7,370 $2,000 $9,370
3 “Edgarito12” Lithuania $3,300 $1,125 $4,425
4 Niklas “tutten7” Åstedt Sweden $2,200 $1,375 $3,575
5 “Zodiac1831” Ukraine $1,760 $750 $2,510
6 “NL_sport” Lithuania $0 $1,000 $1,000
7 “girsu” Brazil $0 $250 $250
8 “Inflaatio” Finland $0 $1,125 $1,125

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Gear Up for the Mystery Bounty Main Event

The Mystery Bounty Main Event has a $250 buy-in as well as a $500,000 guarantee. Day 1 heats for the tournament have been brought ahead a day earlier, with the first kicking off at 6 p.m. GMT on Tuesday, November 15 (today). A second flight has also been added and will operate as a turbo. That has a slightly later start time of 10 p.m GMT.

Entrants will receive a 10,000 starting stack, with blinds beginning at 30/60/7a. To make Day 2, players must finish in the top 14% of the field or survive 18 levels, whichever comes first.

Mystery bounty prizes then come into play from the start of Day 2, which plays out on November 21 at 8 p.m. GMT. Day 2 will close when the final table is determined with the event playing down to a winner on the following day.

The top bounty prize has been confirmed as $50,000 and there will also be envelopes containing payouts of $15,000 and $5,000.

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Week 2 Highlights

The KO Games has something for everyone, with buy-ins ranging from $5.50 to $2,100 and the top tournaments for Week 2 of the series can be found below.

  • $320 buy-in, $20K GTD Super KO 8-Max at 19:00 GMT on Tuesday, November 15
  • $1,050 buy-in, $40K GTD KO Games PKO 6-Max at 19:00 GMT on Saturday, November 19
  • $55 buy-in, $40K GTD KO Games Mystery Bounty 55 at 18:30 GMT on Sunday, November 20
  • $22 buy-in, $20K GTD KO Games Mystery Bounty 22 at 19:00 GMT on Monday, November 21

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KO Games Winners So Far

Tournament Buy-In Total Entries Prize Pool Winner Country Prize
$120,000 KO Games Opening Mystery Bounty $109 1,261 $126,100 “sezon1th” Ukraine $11,015
$50,000 KO Games High Roller Mystery Bounty $525 103 $51,500 “kiskutya23” N/A $10,770
$20,000 KO Games PKO $109 258 $25,800 Dominic “Billy_Slater” Coombe Chile $4,694
$4,000 KO Games Mini PKO $11 555 $5,550 “777Arsen14” Latvia $899
$20,000 KO Games Super KO $320 67 $20,100 “888topPair” United Kingdom $4,215
$8,000 KO Games Mini Super KO $33 223 $8,000 “marcolajr95” Brazil $1,168
$15,000 KO Games KO $109 125 $15,000 “xxBanioNxx” Ireland $3,101
$6,000 KO Games Mini KO $33 201 $6,030 “grits22” Moldova $1,067
$30,000 KO Games Mystery Bounty 8-Max $109 242 $30,000 “JulioFantin” Brazil $4,215
$15,000 KO Games Mini Mystery Bounty 8-Max $16.50 830 $15,000 “Mr.Alvim” Brazil $1,585
$40,000 KO Games PKO 8-Max $1,050 44 $44,000 “DGrignon” Netherlands $17,495
$50,000 KO Games High Roller Mystery Bounty $525 108 $54,000 “Destroyer300” Lithuania $14,865
$150,000 KO Games Mystery Bounty $215 627 $150,000 Nicolas “PKaiser” Fierro Chile $14,245

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