Podcast - Blair Hull episode #4

 Blair Hull was known as the first “BP” or “Big Player”.  Ken Uston wrote a book called, “The Big Player” after he replaced Blair in that role.  Taking what he learned from counting cards Blair moved to a much bigger casino with higher stakes, the options exchange.

We discuss three big gambles in Blair’s life.  In 1987 the markets were all crashing, and Blair walked onto the exchange floor saying to himself that his job was to make a price on both buy or sell.  There were only people wanting to sell, and like it or not he had to give them a price, and buy what they were unloading. Second we talk about his decision to run for US Senate, and was beat in the primary by a young organizer named Barak Obama.  Last we talk about how Blair came out of retirement when he saw that people were buying options as if they were lottery tickets.

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