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From simple straight-up or zero bets to complex line bets, also known as six-number bets – there are many options to play roulette with high stakes and greater payouts. Of course, the odds of winning when using roulette inside bets are smaller in comparison to the outside bets that cover a greater section of the betting table.

There are even high roller players who use a roulette strategy with inside bets only. We will tell you more about them, too, including the most frequently asked questions and popular tips when using inside bets. So, if you want to learn more, here are the main topics in our blog post.

The most important thing when using inside bets on roulette is to know their rules. For instance, players often forget the Zero sector even exists on the roulette wheel and keep using straight-up bets on their favourite numbers, except Zero. This is a little mistake, as their payouts are the same, but the Zero sector allows some unique inside bet combinations that you can’t find with other numbers. First things first – let’s take a look at the different types of inside roulette bets in the next paragraph.

Best Inside Roulette Bets: Types

In general, there are five main categories of roulette inside bets: line, street, corner, split, and straight-up bets. However, we will review the street and corner bets together, as they have the same payout and odds rates. The other inside bets on roulette have different payouts and odds.

Of course, these are only the main types of bets. Other specific bets look very similar, for instance, the Zero or the Double-Zero bet (in American Roulette) is a kind of a straight-up bet. We will review all of them, but first, here are the main highlights of the best inside roulette bets:

1️⃣ Roulette Inside Bets 🔵 Chip Placement 💲 Chance to Win 📐 Difficulty Level
Line Bets The chip is placed at the intersection of two rows to cover a total of six numbers, hence this bet is also known as ‘the double-street bet’. 16.21% Advanced
Street & Corner Bets In a street bet, the chip is placed on the line starting from the first number of a row, which means it covers all three numbers in the row. In corner bets, the chip is placed at any intersection of four adjacent sectors, so it covers four numbers at once. 8.11% Advanced
Splits The chip is placed at the boundary of any two adjacent sectors on the table, so it covers only two numbers at once. 5.40% Pro
Straight Up Bets You can place a chip in the middle of any sector on the table. A straight-up bet covers only a single number, making it the riskiest bet in roulette. 2.70% Pro

As you can see from the description of the different types of roulette inside bets – these are also known as ‘combination bets’ . Except for the straight-up bets, they allow you to mark several sectors at once. It saves time and effort, while the payout rates are greater than placing a single number bet. Yet, these are only the basics. In the next paragraphs, we will tell you all you need to know about these betting types, and even a roulette strategy with inside bets only.

What Is a Line Bet in Roulette?

When using a line bet, you can bet on six numbers at once by using a single chip. This is one of its greatest advantages, while another benefit is the great payout ratio of 5:1. This means that you will receive a total of six chips if you use one chip in a line bet and if any of the covered sectors win.

The line bet also offers much greater chances to win. Its odds are 16.21%, making it the less risky of all roulette inside bets. Here are a few other characteristics of the line bet in roulette:

  • You can combine a line bet with a straight-up bet for a higher payout ratio.
  • The line bet is featured in many RNG tables at online roulette casinos.
  • The 5:1 payout rate is the same on European, French, and American Roulette.
  • The high odds of the line bet make it also preferred by some beginners.
  • You can place a total of six line bets to cover the whole table, except the zero sector.
  • If you are a beginner, you should know at least the basic rules of roulette to play with a line bet.
  • The line bet can be used to cover the zero sector with higher payout rates.

Also, in American Roulette, you can use the so-called ‘Five Number Bet’ to cover the zero and the double-zero sectors. The chips are placed in the same way, as it is a line bet, but it covers a total of five sectors (0-00-1-2-3), instead of six. That’s why it has fewer odds of winning and a slightly higher payout ratio of 6:1.

You can do the same in European and French Roulette, but you cover four sectors instead of five, as there is only one Zero sector. When you combine a line bet with the zero (or double-zero) sectors, it is also known as a ‘Basket Bet’ , and its payout is even greater, as the odds of winning decrease. Anyway, a line bet offers a wonderful opportunity to include the zero sector(s) in your betting combination as well.

Street & Corner Bets in Roulette

Next, we will focus on the street and corner bets, as they have many similarities, such as the 8.11% odds of winning and a payout rate of 11:1 for a street bet, and 10.81% odds with an 8:1 payout for a corner bet. After all, the street bet covers three sectors, while the corner bet – four sectors. That’s why they are very similar types of roulette inside bets, yet they offer plenty of pros and cons, which we included in the next table:

↔️ Comparisons ✔️ Advantages ❌ Drawbacks
Street Bets
  • Easily select more odd or even numbers.
  • Easily select more black or red numbers.
  • Same betting pattern on all table layouts.
  • Fewer odds (7.9%) in American Roulette.
  • Not recommended for high stake bets.
  • Players can choose a line bet instead.
Corner Bets
  • Includes one more sector than the street bet.
  • Great for combinations with announced bets.
  • The high payout is good for high-stakes bets.
  • Fewer odds (10.5%) in American Roulette.
  • You can easily surpass your betting limit.
  • Not suitable for newbie players.

A street bet requires you to place a chip at the boundary of the sector on one side, which means it covers all three numbers in the row. The roulette corner bet covers four sectors on the betting table, and the chip can be placed anywhere in the crosshair of the lines surrounding four adjacent sectors. This way, you can very quickly and easily cover a huge portion of the betting table if you combine street and corner bets at once.

Roulette Split Bets Explanation

This is one of the best inside roulette bets for those who prefer risky gameplays and high-stakes bets. The split bet in roulette is placed with a chip at the line between two sectors, hence it covers only two numbers with a huge payout and a very small chance to win.

It is also known as ‘Cheval Bet’ in French Roulette, and it comes with only 5.41% odds. On the other hand, the payout has an impressive ratio of 17:1. Only the roulette straight-up bet can beat it up in terms of payouts. Here is a short video that shows you the basics of split bets.

Split bets are not recommended for beginners or for those who are not familiar with all the rules of roulette. So, if you like to play high-stakes roulette online or in a land-based casino, you probably already use this type of bet. The splits are also suitable for a roulette strategy with inside bets only. Another great advantage of the split bet is that it allows you to quickly and easily select one black with one red sector at once.

Placing a Straight Up Bet in Roulette

Last but not least, the straight-up bet is one of the most popular inside bets on roulette, as it includes a single number. You simply place a chip in the middle of the square and wait for the dealer to spin the wheel.

Without a doubt, you will need a lot of luck to hit a single number out of 37, but this type of bet is always worth it. It has a huge payout of 35:1, but its odds are very low – 2.70% in European Roulette and 2.63% in American Roulette.

A straight-up bet is also very suitable if you have a specific favourite number that you always use when playing roulette. So, if you don’t like to include your favourite number as a part of another combination bet, then your best choice would be to use it as a straight-up bet.

Also, there are seven different ways to play ‘Zero’, and a straight-up bet is one of the less popular ones. Players often forget to bet on the Zero sector because its payout is the same as a single number bet. Yet, let’s face it – the ball often happens to land on the zero sector. Next, let’s take a look at a few tips and bits of advice when using a roulette inside bets strategy.

Roulette Inside Bets Strategy & Betting Tips

Before playing roulette with inside bets, let’s take a look at a few interesting tips and bits of advice. For instance, a typical roulette inside bets strategy can include a combination of high payout bets if you are a risky player. On the other hand, you can play a wide variety of inside bets to increase your odds of winning and use smaller bets if you are a low-stakes player.

💡 Use split bet on black/red sectors. Most split bets on the table are suitable for black and red sectors at once. Although, there are also four options to bet on two red and five options to bet on two black sectors at once.
💡 Play with splits and straight-up bets only if you are a pro. These are the two riskiest bets in roulette, and they are recommended only to high roller players and those who are aware of the payout rates.
💡 Combine roulette inside bets with outside bets. It is always recommended to use a roulette inside bets strategy in combination with outside or announced bets. This way, you can combine less risky with high payout bets.
💡 Follow the hot/cold number statistics. Organise your roulette inside bets strategy with straight-up bets on numbers predicted by the hot/cold number statistics.
💡 Combine line bets with street bets. The best way to cover a whole row with three numbers is to use a street bet, but you can also combine it with a six-number bet, also known as a double street bet. It is easier to ramp up the table coverage.
💡 Play high payout bets if you are a high roller. The higher payout rates of the inside roulette bets make them preferred by high-stakes players. Yet, you can alter the experience by playing the riskiest bets – street, corner, split, and straight-up bets.

Of course, you can always use a roulette strategy with inside bets only, even at the best UK casino sites. Then, you will be able to cover a great part of the table quickly and easily, and at the same time, take advantage of high payout bets. The most important thing is to know well how to play roulette upon using the inside types of bets.

Roulette Inside Bets Q&A

This blog post about the roulette inside bets is at the end, and we recommend you the following section. It includes the most frequently asked questions about inside bets on roulette, so you can always find something new and interesting. Check them out.

1️⃣ What are the best roulette inside bets?

There are several main types of roulette inside bets, and they are also known as combination bets. They include line, street, corner, split, and straight-up bets, and each except the straight-up bet covers multiple numbers at once. For high roller players, the best inside bets are those with the highest payout rates.

2️⃣ How good is a line bet in roulette?

This is one of the best inside roulette bets, as it covers six numbers at once. Its payout is decent – 5:1, while the odds of 16.21% are quite high in comparison to the other inside bets. This makes the line bet very preferred by all kinds of roulette players.

3️⃣ How to use street and corner bets in roulette?

To use a street bet in roulette, you need to place a chip in the middle of the line of a sector that marks the beginning of the row with three numbers. A corner bet covers four sectors at once, and you need to place your chip at the crosshair of their connected lines.

4️⃣ What is the payout of roulette split bets?

A split bet covers only two numbers on the roulette table, and that’s why it has one of the greatest payout ratios among all the inside bets. It comes down to a payout of 17:1, so if you win a split bet in roulette after placing a single chip, you will get 18 chips back.

5️⃣ How to play a straight up bet in roulette?

This is the easiest and riskiest bet in roulette. As its name suggests, a straight-up bet in roulette is a single-number bet, and you need to place your chip in the centre of your favourite number on the betting table. This is the riskiest bet in roulette, but it is the most rewarding as well.

6️⃣ What is the best roulette inside bets strategy?

The best roulette inside bets strategy is to combine your favourite bets from this category with other kinds of bets, such as outside or announced bets. In this way, you will combine high and low payout bets while covering the same area on the table.

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