Stakelogic Live Releases Super Stake Blackjack

Stakelogic Live continues to build up its arsenal of top-tier live dealer online casino games with a new twist on blackjack betting. The company says that Super Stake Blackjack is its most thrilling game to date.

The new game, available at select casinos, is based on classic American Blackjack rules so any blackjack player can join the game to take advantage of Stakelogic’s innovative Super Stake feature for super-charged wins. The enhancement is seen as golden cards on the backboard with random multipliers applied. The Golden Cards appear before each round.

The base game is infinitely scalable – what that means for players is that you will not be turned away from a table with full seats. Use optimal blackjack strategy to play the game. If you are new to blackjack or don’t have an optimal strategy memorized for classic American blackjack yet, you can find strategy cards on the internet. For those who prefer to know the math behind the math, you can visit Wizard of Odds for a complete dissertation on everything blackjack.

This game is designed to be accessible to all players so the hit or stand decision is taken care of for you automatically. After that, you are free to choose further actions such as Split or Double – that makes it easy for even new players to decide. But here’s where it gets super interesting

Match the Golden Cards

If both of your cards match the Golden Cards you can forget about optimal strategy completely or even the need to make any decision at all to win. We’ll show you later how simply matching a card will create cash.

In order to take advantage of the Super Stake feature behind the Golden Cards you’ll have to add a 50% premium to your bet, on the side, to activate multipliers from 2x to 60x.

When the base game is over and bets are closed the backdrop screen will display six random Golden Cards – each of the cards will have its own multiplier, with x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x8, x10, x12, x15, and x30 as the possibilities.

All it takes to win your hand is to match one or both of your cards to a Golden Card. Your bet will be multiplied by the value shown on both of the cards with the caveat that it cannot exceed 60x (30x + 2x). If none of your cards match the Golden Cards you will still receive the regular blackjack payout.

One of the big reasons live dealer casino play has exploded online in the last few years is that players who prefer more volatility, more frequent and bigger payouts than they can get waiting for a progressive, is that slot players can now juice up their blackjack game with risk and reward decisions by laying a side bet without deviating from the optimal strategy on the basic hand.

Four more Side Bets

Super Stake Blackjack gives you four different side bets in addition to the Super Stake 50% premium bet: Buzz-T, Golden Pairs, Golden 3, and simply “3”.

Buzz-T: This is a grudge bet that pays if the dealer busts.

Golden Pairs: If the first two cards dealt to you are a pair, a payout will ensue.

Golden 3: If you can make a 3-card poker hand from your first three cards, a payout is awarded.

3: The simplest-sounding side bet is not complicated but it is more involved than the other three. If your first two cards and the dealer’s first card (3) create one of five shown combinations, the player will receive a payout.

Head of Live at Stakelogic, Richard Walker commented: “Blackjack is a live casino staple but with Super Stake Blackjack we have taken the player experience to a whole new level. This means that players can enjoy the core blackjack experience while interacting with the dealer and take advantage of amplified big-win potential.

“The addition of not one, not two, but four side bets make this a varied and compelling live blackjack title that will appeal to all player types from seasoned blackjackers to those trying to beat the dealer for the very first time.”

Source: Stakelogic Live to change the game with Super Stake Blackjack, Stake Logic News, December 15, 2022

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