Sylwester Fortuna Wins 2023 Pokercode Festival Madrid €550 Main Event (€40,000)

Sylwester Fortuna

Two years after the first edition in Bratislava, The Pokercode Festival ventured to Gran Casino Via, Madrid, for an exclusive tournament. After three days of competition, the €550 Main Event saw Poland’s Sylwester Fortuna walk away as the champion after he defeated Samuel Mullur in a brief heads up showdown.

Fortuna took home the huge trophy and a nice prize of €40,000 in addition to a €1,200 Pokercode Festival package. A total of 459 entrants registered for the tournament, and the field generated a prize pool of €225,000.

2023 Pokercode Festival Madrid Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize  
1 Sylwester Fortuna Poland €40,000  
2 Samuel Mullur Austria €22,000  
3 Sebastian Schulze Germany €16,860  
4 Benoit Kuhn France €13,000  
5 Tom-Aksel Bedell Norway €9,500  
6 Antonio Ponce Spain €7,000  
7 Marcos Fernandez Spain €5,530  
8 Oleksandr Krasnov Ukraine €4,450  

Final Day Action

The eight finalists came back at 1 p.m. local time for the final day, with all of them guaranteed €4,450. French player Benoit Kuhn was leading the finalists, as he was at the beginning of Day 2.

Ukrainian player Oleksandr Krasnov was the first out after his two pair was bested by the better two pair held by Sebastian Schulze.

Spanish players Marcos Fernandez (7th, €5,530) and Antonio Ponce (6th, €7,000) were the next to bust, meaning no Spanish player would get the win on home soil. Runner up Muller downed Fernandez with ace-queen and then despatched Ponce with the same hand thirty minutes later.

final table
Final Table

High Stakes player Tom-Aksel Bedell was the short stack for a long time. He finally finished in fifth position (€9,500) before former chip leader Kuhn exited in fourth-place for €13,000.

Pokercode Grindhouse members Schulze and Mullur were the favorites but Fortuna wasn’t going to roll over so easily.

Three-handed play lasted for a while before German player Schulze was the victim of a bad beat, with his jacks beaten by Fortuna’s king-jack suited.

Therefore Fortuna started heads-up with the biggest stack and triumphed in quick fashion after his ace-queen stayed ahead of Mullur’s ace-jack.

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