Phil Hellmuth Coolered Out of WSOP Main Event by Nicholas "Dirty Diaper" Rigby

Phil Hellmuth will not be the winner of the 2023 Word Series of Poker Main Event as the all-time leading bracelet winner was eliminated around an hour ago on Day 2d.

The player to send ‘The Poker Brat’ to the rail was Nicholas “Dirty Diaper” Rigby, who rose to fame in the poker community in the 2021 Main Event after getting into the mix several times with 3x2x.

Hellmuth, who won the Main Event in 1989, has failed to make the money in poker’s crown jewel tournament for the last eight years. His last Main Event cash came in 2015, where he finished in 417th for $21,786.

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Rigby Strikes Again and Knocks Out Hellmuth

Nicholas Rigby
Nicholas Rigby

As told by award-winning PokerNews Live Reporter Christian Zetsche, three players headed to the A109 flop and Robert Jones bet-folded for 2,500 when Nicholas Rigby raised to 8,000 while Phil Hellmuth check-called out of the big blind.

That brought Rigby and Hellmuth to the 2 turn, which the latter checked. Rigby bet 36,000 into a pot of now 64,400, and Hellmuth check-jammed to get called by Rigby.

Phil Hellmuth: 109
Nicholas Rigby: A10

Hellmuth was in dire shape, and the miracle escape never happened with the 5 river, sending Hellmuth to the rail in an anti-climatic fashion.

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