Scotsquad Claims APAT UK Team Championship Title

The UK Team Championship is one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) calendar. Players travel the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to represent their teams. This year, the UK Team Championship saw 45 teams of eight players battle it out for supremacy at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham. When the dust settled, it was Scotsquad that were victorious, and they take the coveted gold APAT medals back over the border.

Each entrant paid £120 to enter the UK Team Championship, and the £36,000 prize pool was split between the team event and the individual race for glory. The top seven teams fought tooth and nail for the lion’s share of £27,000 with the top nine individuals capturing a slice of £9,000.

Bishops Cleeve Bar 9 and LV22 progressed to Day 2 having lost only one player each, giving them every chance of becoming UK Team Championship champions. Scotsquad, who won the gold medal in Manchester in 2014 and again in Blackpool in 2017, entered Day 2 with five of their eight members still in the mix.

The tension around Dusk Till Dawn increased as the field thinned because each deeper finishing position earned vital Team leaderboard points. The Team Event bubble burst when Frome Poker Group lost its final player and could only amass 253 points. London Poker Meetup finished seventh with 254 points, showing how close Frome Poker Group was to securing a payout.

Carterton Poker Club (262 points) finished sixth, North Tyneside Poker (338) fifth, and LBPN (391) fourth.

Team LV22
Team LV22

LV22 (426), made up of Andy Roonye, Andy Grant, Nick Smith, Robert Smith, Kieran Westbrook, Espen Helland, Graham Muncie, and Liam Lapping, locked in third place, and took home £4,200 plus a bronze APAT medal.

Team Bishops Cleeve Bar 9
Team Bishops Cleeve Bar 9

Second place, a silver medal and £5,600 went to Bishops Cleeve Bar 9 (460). Fraser Nicoll, Dan Pope, John Gallop, Iain Dicks, John Hext, Matt Keane, Roy Bowles, and Jamie Witter being that team’s members.

That left Rab McCarrol, Colin Napier, Willy Higgins, James Marriot, Nicholas Howat, Donald Sloss, Clare Duffy, and George Dick of Scotsquad (499) to get their hands on the famous gold APAT medal in addition to £8,000 to share between themselves.

UK Team Championship Team Standings

Place Points Team Prize
1 499 Scotsquad £8,000
2 460 Bishops Cleeve Bar 9 £5,600
3 426 LV22 £4,200
4 391 LBPN £3,200
5 338 North Tyneside Poker £2,400
6 262 Carterton Poker Club £2,000
7 254 London Poker Meetup £1,600

Tinnion Takes Down The Individual Championship

Wayne Tinnion

While players had one eye on the Team standings, they were also heavily invested in their own performances because £9,000 was up for grabs in the individual part of the UK Team Championship.

Hugh Cairnie was the first individual to see some prize money land in their wallet, namely £300 for a ninth-place finish. Dan Crabbe, Chris Roberts, and Nicholas Howat followed suit, with Howat’s sixth-place finish going some way to lock in the Team title for Scotsquad.

Warren Carless, and Alastair Hackett crashed by the wayside, leaving only three players in the hunt for the title of individual champion. Ryan Houghton of Angies room busted in third for a bronze medal and £1,250. Houghton’s untimely demise left Wayne Tinnion (Geordie Poker) and Jon Young (Carterton Poker Club) heads-up for the title. Young fell in second for a silver medal and £1,800, with Tinnion taking home a gold medal and £2,500 for his efforts.

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APAT UK Team Championship Individual Results

Place Player Team Prize
1 Wayne Tinnion Geordie Poker £2,500
2 Jon Young Carterton Poker Club £1,800
3 Ryan Houghton Angies Room £1,250
4 Alastair Hackett Midlands Freelancers £900
5 Warren Carless Malvern Poker Club £750
6 Nicholas Howat Scotsquad £600
7 Chris Roberts Blonde Poker £500
8 Dan Crabbe Frome Poker Group £400
9 Hugh Cairnie Blue Blood £300

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