SOFTSWISS Integrates AI into Its Online Casino Platform

SOFTSWISS Integrates AI into Its Online Casino Platform

SOFTSWISS, an innovative software solution provider to the iGaming industry, takes the online casino experience to another level with the integration of AI into its latest Casino Platform development. The award-winning SOFTSWISS Casino Platform will now see the high-tech AI tool integrated into the Event Streaming feature, as well as the Bonus API feature updated accordingly.

Event Streaming Feature

Event Streaming is a popular platform feature regularly used by a large majority of players for its real-time monitoring and continuous broadcasting capabilities. Players are therefore continuously updated about their actions and statistics on the platform. The latest update expands the scope of the feature to additionally include events like casino tournaments, players’ statistics, payments and transactions, and more.

AI-Driven Platform Feature

Thriving to render an unparalleled online casino experience, SOFTSWISS now integrates the latest predictive analytics development into the Event Streaming AI feature. The functionality relies on machine learning to generate predictive data aimed to serve as a reference for players visiting the platform. The package will also be the borderline for anticipating the Lifetime Value (LTV) and other variables involved in the traffic on the Casino Platform.

Target Audience and Traffic

At the same time, the AI-driven Event Streaming feature will help operators reach their target audiences, identify VIP players, and extend player retention. The feature capable of identifying low-quality traffic on the platform will also help operators adjust their advertising resources and policies to keep customers on the platform and benefit from the target audiences and high-rollers.

Bonus API Functionality

The Event Streaming also includes the Bonus API, a personalized bonus issuance functionality boasting an enhanced precision in transmitting the data. It features a ‘total duration’ update as it merges the activation and wagering periods for bonuses. The functionality can also be used to have free spins directly activated through the Bonus API.

Ivan Borschyov, Head of Business Operations at SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, commented: “We are excited to unveil the latest updates to the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, featuring the integration of machine learning into Event Streaming and simplified bonus management. These enhancements empower operators with more efficient, data-driven tools for player engagement and business optimisation.’’

Borschyov added: “Accurate forecasting and planning enable operators to predict changes in player activity and proactively mitigate risks. We are confident these innovations will set a new standard in online gaming management, further solidifying SOFTSWISS’ leadership in the industry.”

ICE London Presence

All players and fans can visit the SOFTSWISS team at ICE London 2024 to get an insight into the provider’s latest products and developments. The Event Streaming AI integrated into the Casino Platform product is now included in the exciting portfolio.

Source: “Casino Platform Unveils AI-Driven Event Streaming”. SOFTSWISS. February 2, 2024.

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Curaçao Grants 1st Licenses Under New Legislative Regime

Curaçao Grants 1st Licenses Under New Legislative Regime

Under the country’s fresh regulatory regime, Curaçao’s official regulator of the land-based casino industry, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB), has granted its 1st licenses.

First licenses:

The company that received the inaugural direct license is White Star BV, a division of Rhino Entertainment Group, and the license is for its flagship brand CasinoDays. Beside this, the said regulator also issued Digital Seals to 3 well-known operators such as Small House, Geeka Corporation and Games and More, supporting all brands and domains under their jurisdiction with the formal Digital Seal of validation from the said regulator.

The confirmation of the license occurred only 12 weeks following the start of the licensing process for the newest regime in Curaçao. In this sense, the registration portal was formally opened in September. However, applicants weren’t allowed to register till November 1.

The aforementioned portal processes fresh applications in accordance with existing legislation with the regulator and registers any sub-licensee who wishes to continue operating following the adoption of the National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK). As soon as the LOK comes into force, the fresh Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA) will officially enter the scene.

Commenting on the first licenses, Managing Director of the GCB, Cedric Pietersz, commented: “2024 heralds a transformative period in the regulatory landscape of Curacao’s gambling sector. Since opening our doors to applications less than 12 weeks ago, the volume of submissions has far exceeded our expectations. White Star’s licensure holds a special place in our hearts and history. It signifies a pivotal moment for Curacao’s evolution into a top-tier gambling jurisdiction with many more licences in process.”

Relatedly, commenting on the new direct license, Ross Parkhill, CEO of Rhino Entertainment Group, said according to the source: “Being the first to receive this direct licence is not only a privilege but a thrilling endorsement of our commitment to excellence and responsible gaming. We wholeheartedly support Curacao’s enhanced regulatory processes, recognizing the added value and prestige it brings to our licence. We look forward to fostering an open and communicative relationship with the GCB, ensuring a bright and compliant future for online gaming.”

Eliminating uncertainty in Curaçao:

Although there is strong support for the changing regime in the country, some uncertainty remains. Currently, the said country operates in accordance with National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH) legislation. However, this will be amended by the aforementioned LOK.

In January, reports emerged that LOK, which officially entered parliament in the last month of 2023, had been refused. But those reports turned out to be false alarms.

Afterwards, Curaçao’s Minister of Finance, Javier Silvania, published a statement expressing his disapproval at the outrageous “misinformation” about LOK. He additionally provided 2 clarifications regarding the process. The former provides a warning against misinformation, while the latter verifies that the license issuing process by the GCB stays completely the same.

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Netherlands Adopts New Measures Curtailing Loss-Based Bonuses

Netherlands flag and man with money

An investigation by the Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has led to the introduction of new measures on loss-based bonuses in the Netherlands. The body took to X last week to announce the immediate enforcement of the new measures:

The KSA’s investigation led to a new definition of “a bonus based on loss.” This new terminology has given officials the power to deem all such bonuses in conflict with the Netherlands Gambling Act.

The KSA hasn’t wasted time in cracking down on offenders. According to a news release by the regulator, it has sent one license holder “a formal warning for offering a cashback bonus.” It sent another two gambling license holders letters explaining its new stance on bonuses in response to the pair’s bonus scheme.

KSA Chairman René Jansen stated the loss-based bonuses encouraged “excessive participation,” adding: “Players bet higher, take more risks and play more often.” Jansen said the KSA with will strictly supervise loss-based bonuses to better protect players with immediate effect. He warned:

Any bonus that is in any way linked to a loss is prohibited.”

In December, the Dutch government and the KSA announced a raft of new measures to tackle problem gamblers, including capping online betting at €700 ($766) a month per individual.

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Your Guide To Super Bowl Betting In Canada 2024

Luke Garrison: Sports & Casino Author from Canada

Sports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer who grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Press and enjoys the outdoors in his free time.

Every year, millions of Canadians gather to indulge in Super Bowl traditions such as eating elaborate appetizers and placing bets on the game. Since the Super Bowl is an international sports betting holiday, there’s some key information to know before wading into the waters of betting.

Read on to learn more about Super Bowl betting in Canada and feel confident in your process going into the big day!

Popular Types of Super Bowl Bets in Canada

The most popular types of Super Bowl Bets somewhat differ from the betting markets that are typically the most active during the NFL season. Here are the bet types that Canadians are predominantly interested in during the Super Bowl.

Prop Betting

Prop betting originated at Super Bowl XX and continues to be the most popular form of Super Bowl sports betting to this very day.

A prop bet, simply put, is a gamble on a statistic that is unrelated to the final score. The most popular types of prop bets often concern the performance of a particular player. For example, betting markets such as “Anytime Touchdown Scorer” or “Travis Kelce Over/Under 55.5 yards.”

During the Super Bowl, things are taken a step further with prop betting as there are many that truly do not relate to in-game football activities whatsoever.

For example, betting markets like “Over/Under On Length of National Anthem” or “What Colour Will The Gatorade Be?”

Traditional Betting

Traditional betting refers to any and all of the classic betting markets that have been around since the inception of sports betting. The three bet types that fall under this category include money line betting, spread betting, and over/under betting.

Money line betting is as simple as picking the outright winner. Spread betting takes money line betting to the next level, as a team must either win or lose by a certain number of points. For example, if the Chiefs are -6.5 on the spread, they must win by seven points (a touchdown) or more.

Over/under betting is typically associated with the sum of the final score however it also has other utilities such as the Travis Kelce over/under prop bet example mentioned during the last section.

To give an example of a traditional over/under bet, let’s say the game point total is set at 45.5 points. An over bet would need 46 or more points to cash (like a final score of 24-23 for example) whereas an under bet would need the final sum to be 45 points or less.

Parlay Betting

A parlay bet is essentially a combination bet. Each part of the parlay is called a “leg” and each leg must successfully hit for the wager to be profitable.

For example, if you place a five-leg parlay on five different anytime touchdown scorers but only four of those players score touchdowns, the entire bet loses.

Parlay bets are not limited to particular betting markets either. For example, it would be possible for you to have a three-leg parlay featuring two prop bets and a money line bet.

Live Betting

Live betting can refer to any of the aforementioned bet types. The difference is that live bets are placed once the game has already started, with the odds of each betting market fluctuating depending on what’s happening in-game.

For example, if 49ers star back Christian McCaffrey scores an early touchdown, the odds of his 2+ touchdown live betting prop market will change. After all, an early touchdown means he’s a lot more likely to score a total of 2+ given the number of minutes left on the clock.

Super Bowl Betting Tips & Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks every Canadian bettor should know before diving headfirst into Super Bowl betting. Read below to learn how to place educated bets on the NFL’s biggest day of the year.

Take Advantage of Special Promos

Every sportsbook knows that more Canadians are betting than usual during the Super Bowl. As such, there are tons of promotions to help you save while betting.
If you’re a new player, there are sign-up bonuses including deposit matching and bonus bet credits. For returning players there are reload bonuses as well as boosted odds on same-game parlays, and more!

All’s to say, don’t be afraid to shop around and to make accounts with multiple sportsbooks in order to maximize the value of the real cash you plan to deposit.

Don’t Go Too Overboard With Silly Props

As previously mentioned, there are several silly prop betting markets to choose from during the Super Bowl. Sports betting is meant to be fun and not profitable, so there’s nothing wrong with placing a handful of silly prop bets.

That said, don’t go overboard and only bet on props. Be sure to diversify meaning you should also make safer bets on football-related events.

Always Check The News

Rosters are constantly changing due to a variety of different factors including injuries and suspensions. Always make sure to do a quick news check before placing any bets.

That way, you don’t make a terrible mistake such as betting on an injured player to score a touchdown. Conversely, it can be wise to bet on a backup player with longer odds if the starter in front of him goes down.

Volume is king in football, and sometimes all a backup needs is a few extra snaps to find pay dirt (a football term meaning to score a touchdown).

Spend Within Your Financial Means

This last tip may seem obvious to some, but it’s also easy to get carried away if you don’t have a plan. Before placing any bets on the Super Bowl, honestly assess your financial situation and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

Don’t be afraid to use responsible gaming tools and set limits to further discipline yourself. Never expect your bets to automatically win, no matter how strong they may seem, and never gamble for the sole purpose of making a profit.


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The Unavoidable Allure of Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift “shakes up” the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the most watched television event in America nearly every year, but this time, it’s going to be an even bigger deal thanks to Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

The superstar couple has been making headlines throughout the NFL season ever since their relationship went public. Front Office Sports (FOS) reported on January 28 that Swift generated an equivalent brand value of $331.5m for the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL, a number which has not fallen deaf ears.

As the Super Bowl approaches, Swift’s time in the spotlight creates a rare situation in which the dynamics off the field are just as intriguing as those on it.

An unexpected opportunity  

The Super Bowl is as grandiose an event as there is in American sports. Tickets to this year’s game, hosted by the national gambling capital of Las Vegas, Nevada, cost an average of $9,804 on TickPick, a 69% increase on last year’s $5,795 average.

Thirty-second television ads during Super Bowl LVII last February cost a record $7m on average, according to Forbes. The general expectation is that this year’s game will be even more expensive for interested companies.

Swift’s unrelenting influence might be enough

Despite the upcharge, Swift’s unrelenting influence might be enough for companies usually on the outside of the Super Bowl to bite the bullet.

According to FOS, at least three health and beauty brands – l’Oreal’s NYX Professional Makeup, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Dove – reportedly purchased ad spots during Super Bowl LVIII. The first two have never been featured in a Super Bowl ad before, while the third took an 18-year hiatus between appearances.

While purely speculation, many believe that these companies’ involvement is because of the 14-time Grammy award-winner’s relationship with Kelce, and suddenly, the NFL. 

“Honestly I think she is the best bridge [advertisers] have to women of all ages–and the men who shop with them,” said global trend spotter Marian Salzman.

CBS claims it sold most of its ad spots before the end of November, though some may have been held and sold later on at a steeper price. 

Ernest Lipinacci, formerly of Nike and ESPN, said that beauty companies may have taken a risk by waiting for Kelce and the Chiefs to reach the Super Bowl for the fourth time in five seasons before they secured their spot.

“My theory is that some smart people said, ‘You know what? Let’s buy some ad time. It’s a big enough audience anyway. And if Kansas City makes it in there, we are golden,’” said Lupinacci.

Bettors flock to the Chiefs

Whichever companies ultimately secured any of the limited ad spots are likely to be in luck. The AFC Championship Game between the Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens (at a non-prime time slot of 3pm ET) averaged 55.47 million concurrent live viewers, a record for any AFC Championship Game.

NBC also attributed the NFL’s female audience growing by an estimated two million viewers to Swift’s relationship with Kelce during a Week 4 matchup between the Chiefs and New York Jets. 

there’s a decent chance that at least a few of those bets were placed by Swifties

While women are still in the minority of sports bettors compared to men, there’s undeniable public support for the Chiefs to win the Big Game against the Niners, and there’s a decent chance that at least a few of those bets were placed by Swifties.

According to FanDuel Sportsbook’s betting splits, 70% of spread bets and 76% of spread money is on the Chiefs in the final game of the 2024 NFL playoffs.

VSiN found similar results, showing 70% of bets and 65% of money was on the Chiefs to cover the spread, while 80% of bets and 70% of money was on the Kansas City moneyline.

Oddsmakers have mostly held the betting lines at 49ers -2 despite the implacable support from the betting public. Several large money “sharp” bets have come in on the Niners, though there’s a strong possibility that most of the six- and seven-figure bets don’t come in until the final days and hours before kickoff.
Sportsbooks are capitalizing on Swift’s popularity by offering bets centered around her and her relationship with Kelce. DraftKings has a special “For the Swifties” menu which has several bets with ties to her song names, while other sportsbooks have a variety of prop bets involving her.

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