SkyCity to Appear Before High Court on AML Allegations

SkyCity to Appear Before High Court on AML Allegations

Following the recent problem gambling and money laundering allegations that costed SkyCity Entertainment Group millions of dollars, a leading casino corporation in Oceania is facing legal consequences again. The latest civil case involving the company and referring to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Act will reportedly see the Australian State Department of Internal Affairs taking the managerial position in SkyCity.

Five Separate Legal Actions Filed:

SkyCity Entertainment Group holds casino licenses to operate the SkyCity Auckland, SkyCity Hamilton, and SkyCity Queenstown casinos in New Zealand. As RNZ reports, the company is to appear before the High Court on February 16, 2024 to attend the hearings on five separate legal actions on the AML and CFT allegations. The action is requested a week after SkyCity reached an agreement with Australian authorities about the alleged breach of the AML and CFT laws related to its casino property at Adelaide. According to the source, the company paid a $75 million fine within the scope of the agreement.

Ongoing Investigations:

The same source reports that this case is still open as Australian state authorities continue investigations into SkyCity’s Adelaide casino license. At the same time, the New Zealand Gambling Commission investigates into a complaint about a breach of host responsibility committed between August 2017 and February 2021. SkyCity reportedly stated that the allegations from the New Zealand competent authorities include significant compliance issues. As reported, these issues are considered rather – but not exclusively – historical. SkyCity reportedly said in a statement: “Some matters relate to incidents of non-compliance which have previously been self-reported to the department.”

Constructive Engagement:

The company also stated that it had been addressing those issues since late 2021, according to RNZ. “This has involved, and continues to involve, significant investment in people and technology, and various reviews of SkyCity’s processes and systems to identify areas which require improvement,” it reportedly said. SkyCity reportedly continued that it was “disappointed” for the failure to meet the standard it needed to hold itself. The company reportedly stated that it was constructively engaged with the Internal Affairs Department to follow the proposed procedure and resolve the issues in an expeditious manner. The company refrained from further comments stating: “Given that the matter will be before the court, it would be inappropriate for SkyCity to comment further at this stage,” according to the source. RZN reports that the five claims filed against SkyCity Entertainment Group are estimated to potentially impose a maximum liability of around $8m in total.

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$1 Million Wager on Super Bowl 58 Lost Blog

As one of the biggest sports betting days of the year, the Super Bowl garners a lot of attention. Unlike wagering at a casino throughout the year, placing a huge bet on the Super Bowl is bound to garner a bit of attention.

There were some large bets on the big game this year, but there is one that stands out from the rest. One gambler went all-in on the San Fransisco 49ers to walk away with the Lombardi Trophy. How big? Try $1 million dollars.

The Million-Dollar Bet

Before we talk about the other major bets happening, it is hard to focus on anything other than the biggest wager of all. Imagine that you are playing online slots, but your next wager has a cool seven figures attached to it.

That is the kind of pressure that one bettor was feeling before the big game. That bettor in Michigan placed a $1 million wager on the 49ers to win. That bettor was given -120 odds at Caesars Sportsbook. A win would have brought an additional $833,333.33 back, bringing the grand total to $1,833,333.33. However, as well know now, that bet lost.

Other Big Bettors

Though that one bettor felt strongly about the 49ers, a lot of the money – both for money line and points spread – was on the Chiefs. One such better, who made the wager at FanDuel Sportsbook, put $200,000 on the Chiefs to win outright (+100).

There was a large volume of money bet on the defending Super Bowl champions in the last week leading up to the Super Bowl. Bettors had no doubts about the Chiefs after they went into Buffalo and Baltimore, ultimately leaving victorious. One bettor at BetMGM managed to swing the odds a bit. He put $30,000 on the Chiefs to win. The odds then shifted from +500 to +380. Another bettor got in at +500 odds on a wager of $100,000.

The Line Movement 

One of the most discussed aspects of the past week before the Super Bowl was the movement of the line. The 49ers opened as 3.5-point favorites. That number then crept down to around one point, depending on the sportsbook. It then settled at two points in favor of the NFC Champion.


The big bet was ultimately a loser and that gambler will walk away with nothing. That is the risk that you take when you put it all on the line.

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Nevada Casinos Smash Records as $185.6m Wagered on Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVIII sign in Las Vegas

State record

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has revealed bettors wagered a record $185.6m on Super Bowl LVIII in Nevada’s casinos.

smashed 2022’s Super Bowl record of $179.8m

According to NGCB Senior Economic Analyst Michael Lawton, the unaudited figures show the sportsbooks’ handle earned them a hold of $6.8m, a win percentage of just 3.7%. The $185.6m handle smashed 2022’s Super Bowl record of $179.8m.

The NGCB took to X Tuesday with a news release detailing the record-breaking sum wagered in Nevada’s 182 sportsbooks:

The Kansas City Chiefs memorably fought back for a 25-22 win over the favorites San Francisco 49ers in overtime at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday. NGCB Chairman Kirk Hendrick congratulated “all the stakeholders involved for delivering such a spectacular event” for the state.

Viva Las Vegas

Although the Chiefs went into Sunday’s game as 2-point underdogs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes steered his franchise to its third Super Bowl win in five years, its second Vince Lombardi trophy in a row.

The Las Vegas Review Journal cited Westgate SuperBook Vice President Jay Kornegay as stating Nevada’s all-time high handle made sense since “the first Super Bowl hosted in Las Vegas should break the record.”

Lawton said the wagering met the NGCB’s expectations. He added the drivers behind this included Vegas hosting the Super Bowl, the defending champions the Chiefs taking part, and “having a West Coast team from the No. 2 feeder market for Las Vegas.”

Triumphant Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce fittingly roared out ‘Viva Las Vegas’ as CBS’s Jim Nantz interviewed him post game in the Allegiant.

The hold of 3.7% was, however, the fourth-lowest win percentage for Nevada’s sportsbooks in the past decade. Bettors backing the Chiefs won millions on the overtime prop, with +900 odds on Mahomes’ side. Others, such as high stakes poker player Sean Perry, didn’t fare so good on the day.

Felt it coming

Red Rock Resort Sportsbook Director Chuck Esposito stated he “really felt” Sunday’s Super Bowl was going to smash the record, with his firm “seeing six-figure wagers two weeks out.”

Esposito added: “There was just a different feel with the game being here from the crowds and the atmosphere in every one of our books.”

The Red Rock exec said the record handle for the Super Bowl tallies with what his firm sees in games featuring the Las Vegas Raiders, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Aces, plus prize fights, and UFC bouts.

“When they’re here, the handle on any of those events is always the highest,” Esposito said.

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How to Bet on March Madness in Canada 2024

Luke Garrison: Sports & Casino Author from Canada

Sports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer who grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Press and enjoys the outdoors in his free time.

Following that is the ‘First Four’ play-in round that takes place on Tuesday March 19th and Wednesday March 20th. The bottom-eight teams compete against one another in a one-game playoff, with the winner of each game (four total) earning a spot in the top 64 teams.

Read on to learn more about how to bet on March Madness in Canada and good luck if you decide to place any wagers! Be sure to refer back to this guide if you have any questions.

When and Where to Watch March Madness in Canada

In Canada, TSN has exclusive March Madness broadcasting rights. If you already have a cable package that includes TSN then you’re all set but if not, there are streaming plans available via TSN direct.

Once you’ve established a way to access TSN, you should be able to access most games. With five different channels at its disposal, there are literally games on at all hours every single day.

Those who have regular cable packages and live near American borders may also be able to watch certain games on American channels. For example, those in southern Ontario sometimes get Buffalo sports networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

For more information about March Madness dates and times, please refer to the table below.

March Madness Event Date(s)
Selection Sunday March 17
First Four March 19-20
First Round March 21-22
Second Round March 23-24
Sweet 16 March 28-29
Elite Eight March 30-31
Final Four April 6
NCAA Championship Game April 8

Popular Ways to Bet on March Madness in Canada

There are certainly some unique ways to bet on March Madness compared to other basketball leagues. Here are the bet types that Canadians typically focus on during March Madness.

Filling Out A Bracket

A staple of March Madness betting is filling out what’s called a tournament bracket. Essentially, the 64 teams chosen to participate are strategically subdivided into four 16-team divisions – South, East, West, and Midwest.

It’s called a ‘bracket’ because two divisions (16 teams) are placed on each side, with each winning team advancing to the next stage (refer to the table in the previous section for a refresher on the stages and when they occur).

Many Canadians fill out brackets every year despite not following much college basketball outside of March Madness. It’s a fun way for every fan to get involved, whether casual or hardcore, because brackets are unpredictable and upsets happen all the time.

In fact, no one has EVER filled out a perfect bracket in the history of the tournament. Perhaps this will be the year, and perhaps it will be you! Look below for an example of a March Madness bracket.

Futures Betting

Futures betting concerns wagers attached to the outcome of future events. Often times, this pertains to a championship or some kind of individual award. For example, ‘Outright Championship Winner’ and ‘MVP’ would be futures markets.

This variety of bet is often placed before the tournament, but they can be placed any time before the Final Four. Technically they can be placed ahead of the championship game as well, but there’s little point as the odds will be exactly the same as the moneyline (outright single-game winner) market.

Prop Betting

A prop bet usually focuses on a statistic of an individual player. For example, betting markets such as “First Basket Scorer” or “Zac Edey Over/Under 22.5 Points”.

When it comes to NCAA basketball, the most popular props usually concern points, rebounds, and assists. For those looking to wager on defensive metrics, there are blocks and steals.

Which Team is Most Likely to Win March Madness?

Predicting the winner of March Madness is a very difficult task, with a variety of different schools viewed as championship contenders. That said, there are a handful of teams that have established themselves as perennial powerhouses and are often amongst the most likely to win in terms of March Madness betting odds.

One example of this is last year’s winners – the University of Connecticut Huskies. The team’s championship win during the finals of March Madness 2023 marked the school’s fifth since 1999. This season, the Huskies have only lost a pair of games and look well-positioned to win in consecutive years.

Another team that’s firmly in the mix is the Purdue Boilermakers. Last season, the school suffered a devastating loss as then-ranked No. 1 Purdue fell to No. 16 FDU in the first round. The Boilermakers current roster, led by Toronto-born Zach Edey, is raring to show the NCAA that they have what it takes to win it all.

What Else Should I Know About Betting on March Madness in Canada?

If you’ve read all of the previous sections (feel free to refer back to them any time for guidance), you’re now well on your way to betting on March Madness from Canada. The only thing left to consider is limiting yourself, as you should never spend outside your financial means when it comes to sports betting.

Some of Canada’s main sportsbooks including DraftKings, FanDuel, and others have equipped their sports betting sites and apps with responsible gaming tools. If you find yourself struggling to withhold from excessive betting, be sure to use these tools to set limits on daily/weekly spending and/or total spending.

Another key piece of advice is to make a habit of doing a quick news check before placing any bets. Sportsbooks will sometimes refund bets that fall short due to an early game injury, but not always, and certainly not if a player has been deemed ‘injured’ or ‘suspended’ prior to tipoff. Stay in the know, place smart bets, and enjoy the tournament!


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Discover the Top 10 Best Online Games for Beginners!

Discover the Top 10 Best Online Games for Beginners!

Venturing into the world of online gaming can feel overwhelming for beginners. With thousands of games out there, it’s hard to know where to start. This article will guide you through a handpicked selection of the best online games perfectly suited for newcomers, ensuring a fun and accessible experience.

Let’s dive in and discover your new favorite game!

Top 5 Multiplayer Games for Beginners

Stardew Valley, Pokémon Go, Fortnite, Mario Kart, and Among Us are some of the best multiplayer games for beginners to jump into. These longrunning multiplayer games offer a variety of gameplay experiences on different platforms such as PC and mobile.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley invites beginners to a calming world of farming and adventure. Players create their own character and take over an old farm. They plant crops, raise animals, and explore caves.

The game moves at your pace, making it great for new gamers. Multiplayer mode lets you farm with friends online.

Next up is Pokémon Go where you step outside and catch virtual creatures in real places!

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, a widely popular mobile game, combines virtual reality with the real world. Players use their smartphones to explore their surroundings and catch Pokémon characters in different locations.

The game encourages outdoor activity and social interaction as players can team up to battle at gyms or join forces to conquer raids. With its easy gameplay and nostalgic appeal for long-time Pokémon fans, this beginner-friendly game offers an enjoyable experience for both new and seasoned gamers.

For beginners starting out on their gaming journey, Pokémon Go provides a great introduction to the world of online gaming while promoting physical activity. As one of the best free online games available for mobile devices, it serves as an excellent option for those looking to immerse themselves in the gaming community without feeling overwhelmed by complex controls or competitive environments.


Fortnite is a popular multiplayer video game available on various platforms like PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Players can team up with friends or play solo to battle it out in an ever-shrinking map until only one player or team remains standing.

The game’s fast-paced action, building mechanics, and constantly evolving gameplay make it an exciting choice for beginners looking to dive into the world of online gaming. With its colorful graphics and engaging challenges, Fortnite offers a thrilling experience for newbies venturing into the realm of multiplayer video games.

– 53 characters

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a popular multiplayer racing game available on various gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It offers beginner-friendly gameplay with simple controls, making it an excellent choice for those new to gaming.

With its colorful graphics and iconic characters from the Mario franchise, Mario Kart provides an enjoyable and lighthearted experience for beginners looking to dive into online multiplayer games.

Whether playing against friends or AI opponents, this game offers fun and excitement for players of all skill levels.

Among Us

Among Us is a popular multiplayer game for beginners that involves teamwork and strategy. It’s available on mobile devices and can be played with friends online. This game is perfect for those new to gaming as it’s easy to pick up and offers an exciting platform where players must work together to identify the impostor among the crew while completing tasks.

Among Us provides an immersive experience that encourages communication and problem-solving, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to enjoy online gaming with friends.

With its simple gameplay mechanics, Among Us is an excellent entry-level game, providing a thrilling experience for beginners entering the world of online gaming.

Top 5 Online Games for Beginners to Play with Friends

If you’re looking to play online games with your friends, there are plenty of options available. From the popular Jackbox Games to the thrilling challenges of The Escape Game, and even classic mobile games like Uno & Friends or Words with Friends 2, there’s something for everyone.

So gather your friends and start gaming today!

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games offers a wide variety of entertaining and interactive multiplayer games suitable for beginners. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility across multiple platforms, including PC, mobile, and gaming consoles, Jackbox Games provides an accessible option for gamers of all skill levels.

The party pack series features easy-to-understand gameplay and supports large groups, making it perfect for playing with friends or family gatherings. Additionally, the diverse range of game genres available ensures that there is something enjoyable for everyone to partake in.

Moving on to “The Escape Game”..

The Escape Game

Transitioning from Jackbox Games to The Escape Game, another exciting online multiplayer option for beginners to enjoy with friends is through immersive escape room experiences. The Escape Game offers a variety of virtual escape rooms that challenge players to work together to solve puzzles and uncover clues in order to “escape” within a set time limit.

With themes ranging from adventure and mystery to espionage and heist, these interactive games provide an engaging and thrilling experience for both new and experienced gamers alike.

Whether playing with friends or joining forces with other online players, The Escape Game offers an exciting opportunity for beginners to delve into the world of online gaming while honing their problem-solving skills.


Transitioning to Tabletopia, for those who enjoy classic board games, this platform offers a virtual space to engage in over 1000 board games. With beginner-friendly options like Catan and Carcassonne, as well as more advanced titles for when you’re ready to level up your skills, Tabletopia provides a diverse range of multiplayer experiences for players of all levels.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to navigate through different game options and get started with friends or other players online. Whether you are looking to learn something new or indulge in familiar favorites, Tabletopia has something for every novice player eager to explore the world of online gaming.

Mobile games: Fortnite, Words with Friends 2, Scrabble GO, Uno & Friends, Draw Something

Fortnite, the action-packed battle royale game, is a must-try for beginners. Thrilling gameplay and vibrant graphics make it perfect for entry-level gaming. Words with Friends 2 and Scrabble GO are ideal for word enthusiasts looking to challenge friends or meet new opponents online.

Uno & Friends offers classic card game fun while Draw Something tests creative skills in a Pictionary-style showdown. These mobile games provide diverse options catering to different gaming preferences.

For beginners looking to dive into mobile gaming, Fortnite introduces high-energy gameplay, while Words with Friends 2, Scrabble GO, Uno & Friends, and Draw Something offer engaging experiences in words and art.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite, a free-to-play multiplayer online battle game, offers an exciting gaming experience for beginners. As a beginner-friendly option, it allows players to team up with friends and compete in 5-on-5 battles.

With its easy-to-understand mechanics and familiar Pokemon characters, it provides an entry-level opportunity for newbies to delve into the world of online gaming.

The game’s strategic gameplay and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for those looking to start their online gaming journey. Its availability on both PC and mobile platforms widens the accessibility for beginners seeking engaging multiplayer video games.


In conclusion, there are numerous engaging and beginner-friendly online games available for players to enjoy. Whether it’s the relaxing farm life in Stardew Valley or the thrill of Fortnite battles, there’s something for everyone.

With options like Pokémon Go, Mario Kart, Jackbox Games, and Tabletopia, beginners have a wide array of choices to explore. These games offer an excellent introduction to the world of online gaming and provide endless fun for both solo players and groups of friends.

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Dj Wild: How to Play and Game Strategy

Dj Wild: How to Play and Game Strategy

By John Grochowski

There are poker-based options aplenty among modern table games, whether in online casinos or live casinos. Almost all use standard 52-card decks and few include wild cards.

That makes DJ Wild a game with a difference. The “DJ” stands for deuces and Joker, and those cards are wild. They may take the place of any other card in forming a high-ranking hand.

With the Joker, that makes a 53-card deck and a total of five wild cards that include all four 2s.

DJ Wild is distributed by Light & Wonder, a major manufacturer of slot machines, electronic games and table games. The game inventor, Shufflemaster, was merged into Scientific Games, which has since become Light & Wonder.

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Barstool Announces DraftKings Partnership Minutes After PENN Non-Compete Expires

Sand running through an hourglass

Barstool Sports officially announced its new exclusive marketing partnership with DraftKings just minutes after the end of Super Bowl LVIII. The timing is noteworthy as the Dave Portnoy-owned company had a non-compete with previous owner PENN Entertainment that blocked it from entering into any such deal until the end of the NFL season.

Barstool Sports personalities, including Portnoy, appeared in the video announcement:

The take on a scene from the movie Major League hearkens back to when Barstool previously partnered with DraftKings in 2014 and now the two companies have come full circle.

A Barstool-branded sportsbook operated in the US when PENN Entertainment owned Barstool before the PENN pivoted and signed a deal with ESPN to launch ESPN Bet. In turn, Dave Portnoy bought back the company he founded for just $1 after PENN spent $551m to buy it.

Rumors were doing the rounds in recent weeks about a link-up with DraftKings and the deal is reportedly worth in low eight figures each year.

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Celebrity Gamblers: Hitting the Casinos While Off Screen

Celebrity Gamblers: Hitting the Casinos While Off Screen

By Michael Kaplan

Gambling is a great leveler. Whether rich or poor, famous or anonymous, we all like to have a little something riding on the turn of a card or the outcome of a sporting event. In that regard, celebrities are just like the rest of us – albeit, to a degree. They like to gamble, they deal with ups and downs, they do everything in their power to win. 

That said, things get different when you factor in sums on the line and notoriety attached to their wins or losses. Wagers are eye widening and reports of money on the line make headlines. Here then are some of the world’s most famous people who like to gamble big, what they play and how they handle outcomes.

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Too Out of It to Play? Casino Gambling Trips Gone Wrong

Too Out of It to Play? Casino Gambling Trips Gone Wrong

By Michael Kaplan

Everybody loves to get casino freebies. Gamble for high enough stakes and you wind up with a hotel suite and dinner at the joint’s fanciest restaurant. Really fire it up, and the casino covers your airfare and may even send a private jet.

At rock bottom, though, anyone in action gets offered free alcoholic beverages. Sit at a casino bar, drop $20 into a video poker machine mounted on the bar’s surface and the drinks will flow your way as long as you keep playing.

High rollers may get bottles of Louis XIV cognac and tumblers of fine single-malt scotch while the rest of us content ourselves with well drinks of vodka and tonic. And if we get drunk with $20 at risk in a game of chance that we’re unlikely to win anyway, who cares?

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