Blackjack Strategy Charts: Play Perfect Blackjack

Blackjack hit or stand chart

In blackjack, every decision we need to make has a mathematically correct answer – the one that gives us the most likely positive outcome. By using basic strategy blackjack charts, we can ensure we always make decisions that keep the house edge as one of the smallest of any casino game.

In other words, using the below charts will help to keep the Return To Player percentage between 99.5% and 99.8%, so let’s get into it.

Using Our Blackjack Strategy Charts

On each blackjack cheat chart, you’ll find the dealer’s up card along the upper section of the table, and your possible starting hands down the left side.

The blackjack strategy charts are shown in the order that you should make your decisions in.

  1. First, you want to look at surrender, if it’s even an option.
  2. Then, if you have pairs, you’ll want to consult the split chart.
  3. At that point, if you have a soft hand, meaning one of your cards is an ace, you will refer to the soft totals hit or stand chart.
  4. And finally, you work your way to the hard totals hit and stand chart.

When you’re ready to play, simply download our free printable blackjack charts.

Blackjack Surrender Chart

Surrender isn’t always offered, and when it is, it’s usually what we refer to as Late Surrender. It’s the option to throw away your hand after the first two cards are dealt, and after the dealer has already checked for blackjack. If you choose to do this, you only lose half your bet.

In Early Surrender, you can choose to toss away your hand before the dealer checks for Blackjack. This can be a very powerful but seldom-seen rule change. In the chart above, I am referencing Late Surrender.

  • Basically, with 15 you surrender against a 10, but only if it’s not made up of the 8 and 7.
  • You always surrender any 16, other than a pair of 8s against a dealer up card of 9, 10 or 11. 
  • With a pair of 8s, you only surrender against a dealer ace if the rule requires them to hit soft 17.
  • With a 17, you only surrender against an ace.

Blackjack Split Chart

When you split, you must be aware of whether you can then double if you get dealt two cards that our chart tells you to double. This is simply called Double After Split (DAS).

In the above chart, you should only split the hands highlighted in blue if the game rules you are playing do, in fact, allow you to double after the split; otherwise, move on to the Hit/Stand tables.

  • You always split aces and 8s.
  • 9s are split against everything but a 7, 10 or an ace.
  • 7s are split against 2 through 7.
  • 6s are split against 2 through 6, though against a two up you should really only split if you are allowed to double after.
  • Never split 5s.
  • Only split 4s against a 5 or 6 if you are allowed to Double After Split.
  • With 2s or 3s, only split against 2 and 3 if you can DAS, and against 4 through 6 regardless.

Hit or Stand Chart – Soft Totals

Soft totals blackjack chart

Use this chart if one of your cards is an ace. But, before we get into whether to hit, stand or double with a soft hand, note that some blackjack games only allow you to double certain cards like 10 or 11. My advice is to stay away from those games. You will see our blackjack hand chart notes to double if allowed.

  • With A2 and A3, you should double against a 5 or 6, otherwise hit.
  • With A4 and A5, double against 4, 5 or 6, otherwise hit.
  • With A6, you can double against 3 through 6.
  • With A7, you can double against 2 through 6, stand against 7 or 8, and hit against 9, 10, ace.
  • With the A8, you double against a 6 and stand on everything else.
  • And with A9, you stand against everything.

Hit or Stand Chart – Hard Totals

Blackjack hit or stand chart

A hard total is a hand that does not contain an ace.

Low hands (5 through 8) that aren’t pairs or soft hands are hit until at least twelve, regardless of the up card. Then, once we get to twelve, we can begin to use our blackjack basic strategy chart. You will double down some 9,10, and 11 value hands.

  • 9s are doubled against a 3 through 6 up card. Otherwise, you hit.
  • 10s are doubled against the dealer’s 2 through 9. Otherwise, you hit.
  • And with a total of 11, you always double.
  • With hands totaling 12, stand on 4, 5 or 6. Otherwise hit. 
  • With a 13, 14, 15 or 16, stand against 2 through 6 and hit the rest.
  • On any other hand with totals of hard 17 or more, you stand.

Printable Blackjack Charts

Use our printable blackjack strategy charts to make it easy to remind yourself of the best move to make when next playing online or in a casino. Just hit download to save each individual blackjack chart PDF to your phone or desktop, ready to refer to whenever you need them. Or, once downloaded, use the printer icon to print the PDFs.

FAQs About Basic Blackjack Strategy Charts

What is a blackjack strategy chart?

A basic blackjack strategy chart tells us exactly how to play each hand in the mathematically correct way. This information is presented in an easy-to-understand chart that shows how to play each hand.

How do you read a blackjack chart?

It’s important to remember that we need to walk through the hand in a certain order. Surrender if allowed, splitting pairs, playing soft hands, double downs, and finally, hitting or standing. The dealer’s up card is across the top, your hand is on the left-hand side, and the table is filled with how to play that exact hand.

Are blackjack charts allowed in casinos?

Yes! You can always use your blackjack chart whether you’re at a casino or playing blackjack online. Playing these hands perfectly will make a big difference to your bottom line, so never be ashamed about using a blackjack cheat chart to help you.

What is the best blackjack strategy?

The best strategy can change based on the number of decks being used and various rule changes from one casino to the other. These slight changes can alter how our blackjack strategy chart looks and how you should play. For more on blackjack strategies, read our in-depth guide.

Should you always hit 12 in blackjack?

The math is very clear: you want to hit a 12 against a dealer 12 or 13, and honestly, it’s really a coin flip against 14. Many folks may disagree, but I wouldn’t lie to you, and neither will your strategy chart.

Why not put these charts to the test and practice playing blackjack for free? And then play online blackjack for real money when you’re ready.

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BetMGM Announces Exclusive Partnership with Elon Musk’s X

BetMGM Announces Exclusive Partnership with Elon Musk’s X

BetMGM, the famous international sports betting and iGaming operator, has announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with X, the huge social network formerly known as Twitter before it was acquired by billionaire Elon Musk.

The agreement will see BetMGM become the exclusive live odds and sports betting partner for X. This is the very first partnership of this kind between a large sports betting and online casino operator and a global social media brand. The odds provided by BetMGM and the operator’s branding will be integrated into X, with each game linking back to the BetMGM mobile application or to its website.

This deal has immense potential for BetMGM because a massive number of sports fans discuss the games of their favorite teams on X. Moreover, news about teams and top athletes are frequently first announced on X, making it a very popular place for sports enthusiasts.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

Adam Greenblatt, the Chief Executive Officer of BetMGM, described X as “the center of the sports world’s conversation 24 hours a day, seven days a week” and admitted that having the operator’s website and application directly accessible from the social media platform is “an unprecedented opportunity to expand” the company’s reach.

Linda Yaccarino, the Chief Executive Officer of X, said that “sports never sleep” on the social media platform and added that the strategic partnership with BetMGM places fans “practically in the front row” at their favorite competitions.

The partnership is mainly aimed at users in the United States who can take advantage of BetMGM’s latest betting odds on professional football, while the other major professional and college sports will follow in the coming weeks. The odds interface gives users a quick way to get into the application or website operated by BetMGM, but the integration between the two platforms will further evolve in the coming months with the addition of new features and functionality.

A Major Player in the Industry

BetMGM was founded in 2018 and it is headquartered in New Jersey. The company was formed as a result of the partnership between MGM Resorts International, the well-known casino operator and entertainment company, and Entain, one the biggest sports betting companies in the world. B

BetMGM has exclusive access to all of MGM’s land-based and online sports betting operations in the United States, along with major poker tournaments and online gaming businesses. The company offers sports betting and online gaming through various prominent brands including BetMGM, Borgata Casino, Party Casino and Party Poker.

Source: “BetMGM and X Sign Exclusive Sports Betting Partnership“. BetMGM. February 9, 2024.

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Call of Duty Pros Scump and H3CZ Sue Activision for $680m Over “Unlawful Monopoly”

Activision Blizzard logo

Over in the world of video gaming, two popular Call of Duty (CoD) pros are suing the game’s owner for its “monopolistic” hold over the esports scene.

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez have teamed up to take down Activision Blizzard Inc., arguing that the game developer has an “unlawful monopoly” over CoD esports through its Call of Duty League (CDL). According to Bloomberg Law, affected teams are seeking $680m in the lawsuit.

Activision has taken complete control over the market

Although Activision used to organize CoD leagues with multiple partners, including GameStop Corp., and Major League Gaming, the developer ended those relationships in 2019. Now, according to the lawsuit, Activision has taken complete control over the market, and is making it very difficult for the players.

Among the issues noted in the filing, the plaintiffs highlighted that Activision forced players to pay an “extortionate $27.5m” entry fee to compete in the CDL. The pair also took issue with Activision’s “exclusive right to contract with the most lucrative sponsors.” They claim this limits the amount that players can make through such deals.

Scump and H3CZ claim Activision prevents players from making money in other ways too. As per Activision rules, players who participate in the CDL can not play in other CoD leagues or tournaments. Players also aren’t able to monetize friendly competitions which have no impact on CDL standings.

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Valentine’s Day $5m Lawsuit Claims That Tinder Transforms Users Into Gamblers

Dating apps on a phone

No love lost

The timing of a lawsuit against prominent dating apps Tinder and Hinge on Valentine’s Day certainly grabbed attention. The class action filing in San Francisco on Wednesday against Match Group, the owner of the apps, claims that they transform their users into gamblers by encouraging compulsive behavior.

subscription packages and other purchasable perks

Tinder and Hinge, among the most popular apps in their genre, have subscription packages and other purchasable perks that provide extra features, such as showing users which people already liked their profile or providing unlimited swipes.

The six plaintiffs are looking for $5m in damages for the company’s violations of statutes like the California False Advertising Law and the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

A range of issues

The plaintiffs claim that these platforms have changed social reality, replacing traditional courtship with technology. They also allege that the parent company designed the platforms with complex algorithms and technologies that make them addictive and exhibit game-like characteristics to get people stuck in an ongoing payment loop.

gamification aspect allegedly gets people stuck in a hunt “for psychological rewards”

The complaint contends that the company prioritizes profits over actually helping people achieve their relationship goals. The gamification aspect allegedly gets people stuck in a hunt “for psychological rewards that Match makes elusive on purpose.”

They believe that this is hurting the mental health of users, citing a study from eHarmony that showed that 90% of single people feel they have a dating app addiction. The research also stated that large portions of people check these apps right before going to sleep and first thing in the morning.

Denying any wrongdoing

Match issued a statement in response to the filing of the lawsuit, saying that it is ridiculous and has no merit. It clarified that its business model does not focus on engagement or advertising. Rather, it aims to help people to find love and no longer need the apps.  

While Tinder is free to download, it costs $7.99 for a person to get the most basic single-month subscription.

Other social media platforms like Twitter and Meta have been on the receiving end of similar accusations of manipulating users to stay on the apps for longer periods of time.

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