Online Sports Betting Payment Preferences Revealed Thanks to the Paysafe Research!

Online Sports Betting Payment Preferences Revealed Thanks to the Paysafe Research!

In the world of online sports betting, payment methods are more than just transactions, they’re integral to the player experience. Paysafe’s comprehensive research delves into the intricate nuances of bettors’ picks, shedding light on how these choices influence their engagement with sportsbooks.

Streamlined Payouts

According to Paysafe’s research that was conducted across six United States (Massachusetts Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania), the Canadian province of Ontario, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy in December of 2023, the rapid withdrawals are a top priority for bettors worldwide. Surpassing factors like brand confidence and probabilities, players prioritize sportsbooks that offer swift and hassle-free payouts. This focus on streamlined transactions highlights the importance of efficient payment processing in enhancing the overall betting journey.

In addition to speedy payouts, bettors seek platforms that support their preferred payment methods. Paysafe’s findings reveal that seamless deposits are a crucial consideration for players when selecting a sportsbook. The availability of various payment options, ranging from traditional methods like debit cards to emerging alternatives such as digital wallets and eCash, is instrumental in catering to the diverse needs of players.

Player Retention

Beyond attracting new customers, maintaining player loyalty is paramount for sportsbooks. Paysafe’s research indicates that a seamless payment experience significantly contributes to customer retention. With 78% of bettors valuing payment satisfaction in their decision to remain loyal to a brand, sportsbooks must prioritize the optimization of their payment processes to foster long-term relationships with players.

The emergence of digital wallets as a preferred payment method is a notable trend highlighted in Paysafe’s research. Digital wallets offer convenience and security, appealing to a growing segment of bettors, particularly in regions like Italy and Germany.

Despite regulatory constraints in certain markets, credit cards maintain their popularity among bettors, especially in regions like France. Additionally, the research underscores the significant interest in eCash, particularly in countries with a strong cash culture such as Germany and the United States.

Localized payment options, tailored to regional preferences, are favored by a substantial portion of players. These LPMs cater to the specific needs and preferences of players, contributing to a seamless betting experience.

Security and Future Trends

While players generally express confidence in transactional security, continuous efforts are required to address any concerns and maintain trust. Sportsbooks must prioritize robust security measures to safeguard player data and financial transactions.

Looking ahead, the adoption of alternative payment methods is expected to grow significantly. Digital wallets and eCash are poised for increased usage, offering players greater flexibility and convenience in their transactions.

Interest in Cryptocurrency

Despite market volatility, cryptocurrency paymentsgarner significant interest among players, particularly in regions like the United States. This highlights the potential for cryptocurrency to emerge as a viable payment option in the future, offering players additional choice and flexibility.

The Global Gaming President for Paysafe, Zak Cutler said: “Our latest research clearly indicates the value of payments to online sportsbook operators at all stages of the player experience. Operators that optimize their payment offering will gain a competitive advantage when starting their brand’s relationship with new bettors. Given the correlation between the payment experience and brand loyalty, operators can maximize player retention by getting payments right. This includes upgrading their cashiers to cover all possible payment choices to meet evolving transactional expectations.”

Source: ”Paysafe Research: Stronger Online Betting Experience Starts with Payments”. European Gaming. February 8, 2024.

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Keep It Simple When Betting at the Casinos – Part 1

Keep It Simple When Betting at the Casinos – Part 1

By Frank Scoblete

What do the casinos want from their players? Oh, yes, of course, to win the players’ money in a way that makes the player want to come back to play some more. That’s the game they play with us. I think (I hope) we all know that. The casino has edges on every game and very few players can beat those edges for any prolonged period of time.

I’ve been playing in the casinos for almost 40 years and I have played most games offered, either because I liked them or because I needed to write about them or both. 

Yet, the casino has another goal in mind; one seemingly at odds with making players happy that they are playing the casinos’ games – the casinos want to win a lot of money from every player. The more money, the better! 

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Nevada Supreme Court Throws Out Steve Wynn’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Associated Press

Wynn Las Vegas

A landmark decision

The Nevada Supreme Court has thrown out Steve Wynn’s defamation lawsuit against the Associated Press. The three-judge panel unanimously ruled on Thursday that the former casino mogul had no legal standing. He originally sued the media company in April 2018 over its story two months previous that claimed that Wynn raped a woman in the 1970s.

law that aims to protect journalists

The court referred to Nevada’s anti-strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) law that aims to protect journalists. The panel said that these statutes were implemented to deal with this specific type of issue that “involves a news organization publishing an article in a good faith effort to inform their readers regarding an issue of clear public interest.”

The court ruled that Wynn was unable to prove that AP displayed “actual malice” with its article. It was also up to him to show that the AP journalist acted with a high level of awareness of the probable falsity of the published information.

Might not be over

Steve Wynn’s Attorney Todd Bice disagreed with the ruling, expressing his surprise that the court “would change Nevada law and disregard the Nevada Legislature” in an attempt to legally protect a false news report. He said that the legal team will consider all options following the decision.

argued that the AP left out certain relevant elements from the police report

Wynn’s lawyer had argued that the AP left out certain relevant elements from the police report that would lead to doubts about the legitimacy of the rape claims.

AP Vice President of Corporate Communications Lauren Easton welcomed Thursday’s decision and said that it shows how powerful public figures can’t use legal action to intimidate and silence the press.

A long-running saga

Steve Wynn stepped down as the CEO of Wynn Resorts in January 2018 after allegations of sexual misconduct came to light following the publication of a Wall Street Journal article. Attempts by the company’s executives to hide and not address these claims led to it having to pay $20m and $35m fines in Nevada and Massachusetts, respectively. Steve Wynn has always denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

The defamation case went through many twists and turns over the past several years. A Clark County District Court Judge originally dismissed AP from the complaint as it “fairly reported” information from an official police complaint. Subsequent appeals from Wynn were ultimately unsuccessful.

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Keep It Simple When Betting at the Casinos – Part 2

Keep It Simple When Betting at the Casinos – Part 2

By Frank Scoblete

Casino games should be played straightforwardly and simply. You don’t really want to do too much in the way of thinking and analyzing because that will, generally, just cause fatigue. Do your deep thinking about your favorite games at home in a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

In part one of this two-part series, I looked at casino playing generally and two games, blackjack, and craps, individually. Now, let’s go to some other games. In all, I want to keep things simple.

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Why the Apple Vision Pro Release Marks the Dawn of a New Era for Online Gambling

Person using Apple Vision Pro

The future is here

Technologists have regaled the general public for many years now about what amazing products and services will be available in the future thanks to artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

the gateway for a lot of people is augmented reality

While these sectors are gradually becoming more and more prominent, the gateway for a lot of people is augmented reality (AR). It’s a way for people to open their eyes to the future without having to depart too much from the present. AR doesn’t totally replace reality, just enhances it.

Pokémon Go was one of the first AR experiences that took the world by storm. Over 500 million people downloaded the app in the summer of 2016 and chased their favorite creatures around the place. Now with the release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, it looks like big changes are on the horizon of online gambling.

Vision Pro game changer

Different headsets have been on the market for a number of years. They were often expensive, clunky, and stomach-churning devices that didn’t deliver a fulfilling experience. Gradual improvements mean that they are now becoming a desirable product among the masses. This is helped by Apple’s release of its Vision Pro headset, which is now available to purchase at a starting price of $3,499:

The product was released in the US on February 2, 2024 and it appears that sales are strong so far. Early reports are very encouraging about the quality of its eye and hand-tracking capabilities.

The release of the first iPod in 2001 and the initial iPhone in 2007 were massive inflection points that changed their industries forever. While the initial models weren’t perfect, they paved the way to where we are today. Apple knows how to innovate and create polished products that everyone needs to have.

It did take time for adoption to take off. The iPhone, for example, sold just 1.4 million devices in its first year and since then has shipped more than 1.5 billion devices. It takes time for people to understand the capabilities of exciting new technologies.

blurs the lines between AR and VR

Apple reportedly had 200,000 pre-orders for the Vision Pro before its US release. The device blurs the lines between AR and VR so gamblers can get the best of both worlds. Some popular Kick streamers already are using the Apple Vision Pro for their gambling content, including SteveWillDoIt, Vitaly, and Taylor Lewan.

Another major step forward

The online gambling space has gradually tiptoed its way to becoming more and more realistic. The beginning days were filled with clunky games with blocky graphics. Today, the action is in HD quality. The emergence of live casino games meant that people could still see real dealers and cards, despite not sitting at the casino in the flesh.

People can now sit at home, put on a headset, and feel like they are physically sitting in a casino. These developments will only add to the interest and operators will start to offer more customization options for players.

The global online gambling market was worth $63bn in 2022 and only continues to grow. The AR and VR markets last year were worth about $57bn and $79bn, respectively.

The advantages are obvious. You’ll be able to see things like in-game stats and probabilities clearly displayed in front of you and feel like you’re actually picking up the cards. When you look around you will see your fellow players, while the dealer will be in front of you dealing the cards or spinning the wheel.

Many possibilities

While online casinos aren’t going to be churning out AR experiences overnight, they certainly need to look down the track as this is coming like a freight train. People now want to feel like they are pulling the arm of a slot machine or looking at their cards.

Some games will have holograms of dealers, while others will have a more immersive environment. You’ll clearly see the last few wins on the game, as well as historical data like where the roulette ball finished on the past ten spins.

Wearing headsets at land-based casinos can also be an option, allowing patrons to learn info about the game at hand, see their loyalty rewards, and take part in challenges around the property.

Development companies have struggled to transition certain games from real life play to online. One of these is craps, likely because it is difficult to recreate the group camaraderie aspect of the game. Land-based properties in Nevada took in over $467m in revenue from craps games in 2023, so it’s a potential gold mine for online operators if AR and VR versions hit the market.

Microgaming and NetEnt are two of the biggest producers of casino games today and both have VR-focused teams. The latter has a Gonzo’s Quest VR slot game in which players enter a fantasy world, while the former has a very popular VR roulette game up and running.

Taking sports betting to another level

It’s not just online casinos that will benefit from the growing use of AR headsets. Sports bettors will also be able to enjoy an immersive digital media experience. Major US sports leagues now have AR apps that allow people to watch live action while also seeing interactive graphics, odds, and stats.

The MLB Vision Pro app enables people to watch games as if they were sitting in the stands, while the NBA’s app lets users view up to five games at the same time and see relevant data:

Bettors can have their sportsbook account open beside the live footage to quickly place bets. People can quickly make decisions about their wagers as all the data is in one place, no longer needing to open a million tabs on a phone or computer.

The ability to watch numerous games simultaneously means that live betting will become even more popular. Research from the European Betting and Gaming Association (EGBA) shows that 38% of wagers in 2022 were in-play bets and this share is constantly growing.

Some studies show that immersion can lead to increased chances of someone suffering from problem gambling. The speed and ease at which people can bet will be important considerations for regulators, as well as the protection of at-risk people.

Micro-betting is only taking off and it will likely experience a big boom in the coming years, with more people wanting to bet on what they think will happen on each and every play. Placing bets through voice commands is also something that will come in the near future. Operators will now be able to get more creative with their marketing, offering all types of exclusive content, promotions, and competitions are all possibilities.

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Answering Your Casino Questions: Educate Me Scoblete

Answering Your Casino Questions: Educate Me Scoblete

By Frank Scoblete

QUESTION: Okay, I have been reading you for several decades but I want to know what I can do to become a better player than just the idea that I have to play the right strategies. I play blackjack, craps, and roulette in that order. They are my favorite games. I don’t want to count cards or control the dice or look all over the world for biased wheels and the like. So, what do I do? I love casino playing, so educate me, Frank, can you do that? I wouldn’t mind winning is all I am saying. Educate me.

Frank: No, I can’t. The three methods of getting a real jump on casino games, card counting at blackjack, dice control at craps, and finding biased wheels (or “off” wheels) are the only real ways to get an edge over the casinos.

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BetMGM is Now the Exclusive Live Odds Betting Partner of X

X logo on phone

With rumors making the rounds in recent weeks about a potential link-up, BetMGM has now officially announced an exclusive partnership with X. On Friday, it revealed the news that it is now the social media platform’s Live Odds Sports Betting partner.

In what the announcement called the first agreement of its kind between a sportsbook operator and a leading social media platform, BetMGM will have its brand and odds showcased across X. This includes links to BetMGM’s app and website.

BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt noted that X is the center of global sports conversations and he believes the deal presents “an unprecedented opportunity to expand our reach to a passionate and engaged audience.”

initially rollout BetMGM odds for pro football

X will initially roll out BetMGM odds for pro football ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl. It will then begin promoting odds for other professional and college sporting events over the next few weeks. The social media giant will work to optimize the new integration to ensure it has full functionality.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino also welcomed the new strategic partnership, saying that the platform is now bringing sports fans “even closer to the action so they can cheer, and now bet, on their favorite teams.”

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Mastering the Wheel: the Story of a Gambler’s Triumph Over Roulette

Mastering the Wheel: the Story of a Gambler's Triumph Over Roulette

By 888 Casino

Welcome to a story that’s been making waves recently. It’s a familiar tale of a man who broke the bank at the casino. No, it’s not Ashley Revel, and it’s not Charles Wells. Join us on an incredible and true adventure as we learn about the man, the mystery, the legend who weaves intrigue and mastery at the Roulette tables in a tale that has captivated the casino world.

This is not just any old story, folks; it’s about a modern-day marvel who achieved what many thought impossible – beating the game of Roulette, synonymous with truly random outcomes – chance and unpredictability. At 888casino UK, we go behind the scenes, pull back the curtains and reveal details of this astonishing saga, unravelling the mysteries of Roulette and its many variants.

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Triple Edge Studios Launches Devilish Fortunes Slot

Triple Edge Studios Launches Devilish Fortunes Slot

Triple Edge Studios™, an exclusive studio owned by Games Global, has launched its latest smashing title Devilish Fortunes™. In this slot, players have the opportunity to meet a little devil named Lucky, make a deal with him and ultimately get to the 5 Rising Rewards™ jackpots that await them.

Action-packed visual:

This devil-themed slot focuses on the aforementioned Lucky and his aid to players, but only if they make a deal with him. The game takes place in the living room, where players may see a little red devil sitting on the large, purple armchair with a smirk knowing that players must go through him to reach the Jackpot Wheel that is located behind him. Additionally, we can see that he is so sure of himself that he just sits there casually drinking some fiery substance, waiting for the players to approach him.

To make a winning combination, players must form a combination of at least 3 matching symbols on adjacent reels beginning from the reel located furthest to the left or right. Also, this game contains 5 reels and 3-4-5-4-3 rows, has high volatility, an RTP of 96.01%, maximum win of 5,000x a player’s wager and offers 720 paylines.

In terms of features, there are the aforementioned Rising Rewards™ jackpots, the value of which may be increased if players accumulate coins that land on the reels in Lucky’s golden cauldron. Additionally, the aforementioned jackpots are shown above every reel.

To potentially trigger Lucky’s Jackpot Wheel, the Jackpot Trigger Symbol must land. Once activated, players are allowed to have 1 spin on said wheel, which is divided into segments that are colored in different colors. Those segments are assigned to every of the 5 jackpots, where players are definitely guaranteed to win 1 of the aforementioned jackpots.

Next, there is the Free Spins bonus round and the Free Spins Multiplier, which may be activated if players manage to spell L-U-C-K-Y from the stacked Scatter symbols located on the reels. However, by landing more Scatters, players may receive a maximum of 19 free spins and an extra 5x increase in the Free Spins Multiplier.

The globally-loved games portfolio:

The developer boasts impressive content offering, which focuses on showcasing the creative drive and ingenuity of the brand, alongside its constant devotion to delivering high-energy titles that resonate with players. In this sense, this newest release isn’t the only remarkable game in the developer’s portfolio. There are others such as Ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways™, Lara Croft®: Tomb of the Sun™ and Fire and Roses Joker™.

Expressing pride for this new release, Senior Business Development Manager at Triple Edge Studios, Alex Monsma, commented: “We are excited to unleash Lucky and his devilish ways on our audiences, reigniting our thrilling Rising Rewards™ jackpots in a fiery new gaming realm. Elevating the experience is the unique Devil’s Jackpot Wheel bonus, which offers the chance to win one of five guaranteed jackpots. The graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay of Devilish Fortunes™ create a compelling journey that players will find themselves immersed in, combining excitement and reward in a devilishly fun way.”

Chief Product Officer at Games Global, Andy Booth, added: “The hits just keep coming in 2024 and Devilish Fortunes™ promises to be a worthy addition to our impressive portfolio. Triple Edge Studios™ is a studio that is going from strength-to strength, regularly producing imaginative content. We are certain players will thoroughly enjoy acquainting themselves with Lucky as they go in search of those big wins.”

The International Casino Exhibition (ICE London) started on February 8th at the Excel London, the same time this game was launched. In this regard, Triple Edge Studios has revealed that it will be displaying its remarkable portfolio at stand N5-120, together with the rest of Games Global’s exclusive studios, and on Studio Boulevard aboard the Sunborn Yacht Hotel.

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How To Gamble Responsibly (And Stop When You Need To)

How To Gamble Responsibly (And Stop When You Need To)

Image: GETTY

1. Remember: It’s Paid Entertainment

Gambling is a fun form of entertainment, but it’s important to think of it in the same way you might buy a movie ticket or a fair ride. It’s exciting during the experience, and if you happen to win something extra, that’s great. But the point is to enjoy the core time and experience.

2. Set a Money Limit

It can be hard to keep track of money in the heat of the moment. That’s why it’s important to set a gambling budget, one that still gives you plenty of cash for your normal expenses, and stick to it. If you go through all the money, it’s time to stop.

3. Set a Time Limit

Whether you’re winning or losing, time seems to run at a different pace when you’re gambling. Make sure that you set a time limit for your gambling, making time for other exciting or important activities.

4. Don’t Chase Losses

Some days you’re up and some days you’re down. As long as you stay within your gambling budget, it should still be fine. It’s important you avoid gambling more in the hope of making back lost money. This is called chasing losses and can lead to problem gambling.

5. Avoid Becoming Too Superstitious

Prefer a lucky table, or keep playing the same game where you won big? No problem! But remember that gambling is all about luck and chance, and no amount of superstition will change the outcomes. Also, being lucky or unlucky in gambling does not relate to your overall luck as a human being!

6. Never Fall for the Gambler’s Fallacy

Gambler’s fallacy is the belief that if an event has happened more frequently than expected, such as a dice roll showing the same number multiple times in a row, it is less likely to happen again in the future, or vice versa. This is an incorrect belief.

The probability of hitting red 2 times in a row might be way higher than 8 times in a row, but that doesn’t mean that just because the roulette wheel has shown red 5 times, it has to be black the next spin. Each outcome in any game of chance is independent of what happened before it. Don’t assume that results will change because of how the game has gone so far.

7. Learn the Rules and Odds of the Games

While blackjack and craps might have some of the best odds in a casino, they still have certain bets with comparatively bad odds. On the flipside, overall odds are worse for slots and keno, but people can still win big and have tons of fun. What’s important is to learn the rules and understand the odds of the games you enjoy. Some games are more entertaining than others for certain people, no matter the odds.

8. Don’t Play with Money You Don’t Have

Whether it’s using a credit card or borrowing from friends and family, never play with money you don’t have. It’s meant to be a fun pastime, so if you can’t afford it, it’s best not to gamble at all.

9. Avoid Gambling Under the Influence

Gambling is often paired with a fun atmosphere, complete with all the usual party essentials. But whether you’re under the influence of alcohol, or a high roller friend on a winning streak, avoid gambling while intoxicated. Your decisions won’t be as good, and you might play beyond your money or time limits.

10. Gamble During the Good Times

Gambling should be fun and exciting, best enjoyed with friends. If it becomes an escape during depression or hard times, it’s more likely to become a problem. So, enjoy gambling during the good times, but don’t fall back on it to solve your issues when times are tough.

Image: ‘Gambling Addiction’ by Nick Youngson, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

When gambling stops being fun and is no longer within your control, it’s time to start taking the steps to stop.

1. Admit you have a problem

The first step to overcoming your addiction is acknowledging that you have a problem, which isn’t an easy thing to do. You will feel emotionally confused: the rational part of your personality will be telling you to stop because you know it’s destroying your life, while the other side of you will be craving the highs of gambling.

It’s time to seek out help and there are multiple ways you can do this.

2. Speak to someone you trust and join a support group

It is important that you confide in someone who you feel comfortable talking to and who will be able to offer you emotional support. Together you can create a plan of action. Whether you want to combat your addiction without professional help or you’d prefer to see a trained specialist, they will act as your guide throughout.

Many people find it helpful to speak to others in an online gambling addiction forum or read each other’s stories to help stay motivated. It is hugely comforting to know that you’re not alone.

3. Block your access to gambling

Delete any gambling apps, block any gambling websites, and leave any tip forums that you think could tempt you to relapse. You can use a self-exclusion tool like GAMSTOP to automatically block you out of hundreds of gambling and betting sites.

You can also limit your access to gambling by avoiding land-based casinos full stop, as well as avoid hanging around with any friends or family who enjoy gambling recreationally.

4. Take control of your finances

Ask your supportive friend or family member if they can manage your finances for you, at least for a month or two while you deal with your addiction. This does not mean asking them to pay off your debts – it means giving them control of your money. They can manage your bank account and credit cards while you seek out debt management help.

5. Keep yourself busy

Like any addiction, withdrawal is the hardest part. To overcome it you need to keep busy. We suggest picking up a new hobby, like a physical activity that can give you a rush – rock climbing is a great option. Many people also find taking up yoga and meditation can help with the feelings of guilt and anxiety that often come hand-in-hand with a gambling problem.

Visit our gambling addiction help page, which has been verified by two addiction specialists, for more information and a comprehensive list of resources.

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