FFF President Le Graët Resigns amid Sexual Misconduct Row

FFF President Le Graët Resigns amid Sexual Misconduct Row

The president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graët, submitted his resignation on Tuesday, February 28, bringing an end to his over decade-long tenure at the helm of the organization.

No Longer Fit for the Role

Le Graët, whose mandate was set to expire in 2024, resigned from his position less than a fortnight after a report into the management practices at the FFF that had been commissioned by the French sports ministry came up with accusations of sexual and psychological harassment, and concluded that he was no longer fit for the role.

“Considering his conduct toward women, his public comments and the governance failings of the FFF, Mr. Le Graët no longer has the necessary legitimacy to run and represent French football,” the report sounded its verdict.

The investigation followed allegations of sexual and psychological harassment made against Le Graët by Sonia Souid, a female football agent.

More clouds gather above his head after the dismissive and inappropriate comments about French football legend and one of the world’s all-time greats, Zinedine Zidane, he made during an interview with French radio RMC.

Le Graët, who lost the support of the FFF executive committee and was forced to step aside from his position pending the outcome of the investigation after an emergency meeting last month, was replaced on an interim basis by vice president Phillippe Diallo.

Le Graët’s “behavioral excesses are incompatible with the carrying out of his functions,” the report stated, concluding that he should not be restored as the FFF president, and leaving him with no other choice but to submit his resignation.

Permanent Successor Vote in June

Diallo, who was chosen to fill the void on an interim basis in January, is now expected to carry out the duties until at least June when the FFF should vote for a permanent successor to the role.

Issuing an official statement, the FFF paid tribute to Le Graët’s achievements at the helm of the organization, including his contribution to the revival of the French men’s national team which reached one EURO Cup final in 2016 and two World Cup Finals, in 2018 when the team won the trophy and in 2022 when it lost in a penalty shoot-out.

On the report, the statement said that it failed to “mention any systematic failing” and is rather “based less on objective facts than on comments that have sometimes led to exaggerated bad-mouthing of the body.”

The former FFF president is set to keep his role with FIFA and continue to lead the governing body’s office in Paris.

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Inquiry to Recommend Further Gambling Advertising Restrictions

Inquiry to Recommend Further Gambling Advertising Restrictions

An inquiry into online gambling harm in Australia led by Labor MP Peta Murphy is likely to recommend further restrictions on gambling advertising and promotions, much to the dislike of broadcasters, sporting codes and betting operators.

Need for Further Regulation

Murphy, who also chairs the standing committee on social policy and legal affairs, said that the inquiry has so far received almost 150 submissions and held multiple hearings, seeking to determine whether further regulation of the industry generating AU$50 billion ($33.8 billion) a year is needed, reported The Guardian.

“It is absolutely clear that it is not just community members who are concerned about the proliferation of sports betting advertisements and the increasing engagement of young people in sports betting,” she said, outlining that there is “powerful evidence” gathered from public health experts, academics, researchers and support services that points to “harm from gambling being something that exists for online betting” and land-based gambling.

Murphy’s suggestion of further regulation would be met with resistance by peak bodies for free-to-air TV and radio broadcasters which argued recently that any further restrictions on gambling advertising would impact revenue from gambling contracts and could lead to a reduction in free sports coverage as broadcasters would look for alternative revenue streams.

Broadcasters, much like major sporting groups, which claimed that restrictions on gambling advertising could impact funding to grassroots sport, claimed that the current regulatory regime is adequate but Murphy believes otherwise, rejecting their claims.

Restrictions Supported in Multiple States

She stated that their “suggestion that the current regime is absolutely perfect” is not supported by the evidence the inquiry gathered from “community members and experts in the gambling space” and invited those organizations to familiarize themselves with “community views and expectations around advertising.”

The increase in gambling advertising and the number of complaints filed with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) also support Murphy’s claim that further regulation would likely be needed going forward.

Further restrictions to gambling advertisements and promotions will be supported in multiple states, with ACT attorney general, Shane Rattenbury, expressing his support for a near-complete ban on sports betting advertising, the South Australian government also calling for a ban, and the New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania authorities believing that the current regime is not sufficient.

Murphy also stated that the self-exclusion scheme implemented by the Northern Territory Racing Commission failed to work properly as it only served betting companies to obtain the details of people who have never opened accounts with those companies and send promotions to gambling addicts who are trying to stay away from gambling.

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Brooklyn Park Bingo World Detonation Man Pleaded Guilty

Court Declares GGL Blocking Order against Lottoland Unlawful

A 42-year-old man from Washington, DC, who was arrested in August after setting a large detonation at a bingo hall in Brooklyn Park, is facing up to 25 years in jail and $250,000 in fines after pleading guilty to using a destructive device.

Guilty to Destructive Device Charge

Andre Richardson, who faced 14 charges for the July explosion at Bingo World, submitted his one-count plea to Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Stacy McCormack. Just four days before his jury trial is set to begin, Richardson pleaded guilty to one felony destructive device charge, reported The Capital Gazette.

The investigation following the explosion, which sent two people to the emergency room, left six others with minor injuries and destroyed three electronic bingo machines, identified Richardson as the one setting up the device using the bingo hall’s security footage.

His presence at Bingo World at the time of the blast was also confirmed by several employees who had seen him throughout the evening and while withdrawing money at the cashier desk. Richardson was wearing a T-shirt for a local moving company and gold-rimmed glasses.

After placing an item between two bingo slot machines, Richardson made several attempts to set the device on fire and when he finally succeeded, he stood up and walked away. A plume of smoke appeared followed by a large explosion that sent shrapnel more than 30 feet across.

He faced a total of 14 counts of which 12 were misdemeanors, including attempted first-degree arson, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment, and was refused bail by Anne Arundel Circuit Judge Glenn L. Klavens, who ordered he remained in police custody in October, considering him as presenting an extreme threat to public safety.

Setting off a Firecracker in a Casino

By that time his defense attorney claimed his client “had a momentary lapse of judgment and set off a firecracker in a casino,” while Richardson stated that he wanted to go home to his children and grandchildren as he was not a threat to the public safety.

Following his submission pleading guilty to one count of destructive device charge last week, Richardson will have to wait until July 13 when his sentencing hearing in Circuit Court is scheduled for. He could receive a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison and up to a quarter million in fines.

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Striking the Balance between Player Freedom and Consumer Protection

Striking the Balance between Player Freedom and Consumer Protection

Getting the right balance between player freedom and consumer protection arguably remains the holy grail of the gambling industry. I’ve always felt that having what I call a ‘healthy tension’ between regulators and industry is needed to ensure industry continues to raise standards in responsible and safer gambling whilst allowing industry freedoms to innovate and grow sustainably.

This balancing act between sustainable growth and what the economists call the negative externalities of industry affects every industry, not just gambling. As a sector we are still learning about the pathways towards gambling harms and therefore, unsurprisingly, different jurisdictions are exploring different philosophies and approaches to consumer protection.

Here in the UK, player affordability and the single customer view have been key topics in the past two years and approaches and solutions are evolving. Other jurisdictions have taken more one-size-fits-all approaches, with stake limits for online slots (eg Germany), and more player-centric approaches, such as enforcing time and spend limits for each online player session (eg Spain), Striking the balance whilst some jurisdictions have kept monopolies in place (eg Norway), citing consumer protection as the main reason for this approach.

Whilst much attention in recent years has been centred on the iGaming sector, land-based gambling remains a major part of the industry and is embracing these solutions and services. It can be challenging in a land-based environment to innovate, however if the sector is to grow sustainably, it needs to continue to evolve its solutions, particularly leveraging technology further to protect customers.

Regardless of the different approaches, responsible or safer gambling remains a major strategic factor in building regulated and sustainable gambling markets globally. It also highlights the challenges and complexities for multi-national organizations operating in regulated markets as no two jurisdictions are the same.

This complexity, together with the continued pressure to raise standards in consumer protection, has seen considerable investment in safer and responsible gambling capabilities in recent years and there has never before been the range and depth of GAMING professional solutions and services that operators and suppliers can leverage to help ‘raise the bar’.

The ICE conference provides an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders, including legislators, regulators, academics, welfare groups and industry to get together to build strategies for using evidence and technology to strengthen consumer protection. The contributors to this safer gambling supplement are all working hard to develop insights, solutions and services to help the industry better protect players. There are many others and this week is a great opportunity to engage with them and see how you can work together to build a more sustainable industry.

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Snoop Dogg Partners with Crypto Casino Roobet

Snoop Dogg Partners with Crypto Casino Roobet

Roobet, the pioneering entertainment brand and one of the world’s fastest-growing crypto casinos, is thrilled to announce that it will be partnering with international superstar Snoop Dogg. 

Snoop Dogg – music legend, entrepreneur, and newly-appointed Chief Ganjaroo at Roobet – will be partnering with Roobet and its parent company Raw Entertainment as they both seek to transform the future of the online entertainment industry. The partnership will bring together Snoop’s vast global reach and industry expertise with Roobet’s innovative technology and eye for the crypto frontier. As a well-established denizen of the metaverse and collector of digital real estate, the partnership represents Snoop’s latest venture into the web3 space. 

“Turns out, I’ve been a kangaroo this entire time,” said Snoop Dogg. “These guys are doing something different. This partnership just feels natural, and we’re going to blaze a trail for the future of online entertainment. I been sayin’ Roooooo for a long time now – they bring the ultimate player experience, we share the love of doing new things, and we care about our fans – so together we’re gonna change the game and do it better than it’s ever been done.” 

Snoop Dogg

Roobet co-founder Matt Duea added: “Since day one, our mission has been to push the boundaries of what a gaming brand can be, and Snoop’s a real visionary. Together, we’re going to truly revolutionize the online entertainment experience. Our community means everything to us, and we’re committed to providing them with the most exciting and immersive online casino experience out there. With Snoop by our side, the future of digital entertainment is looking brighter than ever. Get ready!”

Together, Snoop and Roobet are reimagining the way the worlds of entertainment and iGaming intersect, combining Snoop’s three decades of industry expertise in show business and Roobet’s innovation and passion for pursuing fun on the digital frontier. “You already know what happens when the Dogg is on it,” said Snoop, as this next step in his relationship with Roobet promises to shake up the industry and bring players a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

To celebrate the partnership’s launch, Roobet and Snoop are planning loads of fun ways to get the whole community involved, including: a $100,000 cash prize raffle with grand prizes including meet-and-greets, backstage passes to Snoop’s shows, exciting welcome offers for new users, and much more. Eligible participants can visit roobet.com to join, or roobet.fun which is coming soon.

Roobet has taken the world by storm since its inception in 2019 as a pioneering lifestyle brand powered by the innovation behind blockchain technology and web3. Founded by gamers and enjoyed by crypto crusaders around the world, Roobet aims to push the boundaries of what an online casino can be while embracing the values of the next generation of players. This partnership with Snoop Dogg is a testament to its commitment to delivering best-in-class entertainment experiences and blazing a trail for a new era of digital fun. 

More details on the partnership and its initiatives will be announced in the coming weeks.


Roobet is the bellwether of the disruptive & explosive crypto industry and is celebrated in the crypto and gaming spheres as we see a tidal shift in gaming from offline to online. As one of the world’s fastest-growing fully-licensed crypto casinos – providing a next-generation entertainment experience on an innovative and secure platform accessible to eligible gamers worldwide, Roobet offers over 3,300+ games from world-class iGaming studios, a fully-featured Sportsbook, plus original IP. What started as a niche casino for crypto enthusiasts has hit the mainstream, with over 3 billion wagers abroad. With over 300M views on TikTok, the drumbeat from Gen Z and Millennials is building – Roobet is a casino “for the internet, by the internet”.

A division of Raw Entertainment B.V., Roobet has a mission to advance everyday applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, while also supporting the content creator economy from which it was born. 

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Ivan Toney Prepares for Lengthy Ban After Admitting Betting Rules Violations

Ivan Toney Prepares for Lengthy Ban After Admitting Betting Rules Violations

Allegations of betting-related rule breaches surfaced in November 2022 and likely played a significant role in his omission from England’s World Cup soccer team. The ongoing investigation uncovered hundreds of violations dating back to 2017. While Toney has admitted to most of the accusations, he announced his intention to dispute at least some of the charges.

Toney Abused His Insider Knowledge

The soccer star’s woes began as England’s Football Association (FA) charged him with actively participating in gambling activities. The Association’s ongoing investigation since uncovered 262 violations, including 30 FA rule E8 breaches. The resulting scandal immediately impacted Toney’s career, as he missed the World Cup and is now facing a lengthy ban.

Toney has since pleaded guilty to most of the FA’s charges but continues to dispute some key accusations. While soccer players can legally wager at sportsbooks, regulations explicitly ban them from placing wagers on their sport. FA rule E8 explicitly forbids players from sharing or using inside information for betting purposes.

The Star Player Will Be off the Pitch for Several Months

Similar violations are not uncommon among athletes. If we look to history for precedent, Toney will likely face a several-month ban. A similar case in 2021 found Boston United players Andi Thanoj and Jay Rollins guilty of similar charges. The duo had placed a combined 757 bets, resulting in a five-month ban.

Since Toney is disputing some of the charges, the FA will first need to evaluate his claims and decide if the additional evidence is sufficient to dismiss them. In either case, the matter will move on to an independent Regulatory Commission, which will pronounce the final verdict and resulting punishment.

Lucky Timing Means That Toney Should Soon Be Back in Action

Although certainly unpleasant, the ongoing debacle should not do too much additional damage to Toney’s career. His recent stellar performance helped him maintain his position as one of the most desirable UK players. A quick resolution by the FA means much of his sentence would occur in the summer, and he would only miss the beginning of next season.

Brentford’s position in the Premier League is nearly guaranteed, even with one of its star players missing. Once the FA announces its final judgment, Toney will hopefully manage to retain his transfer value and leverage his performance to attract offers from high-profile clubs. However, his recent dispute will likely push the verdict until April. The Brentford player likely gambles that a reduced sentence will offset the extra month. Fitting, given the nature of his charges.

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RGPS to Hold $1 Million GTD at Thunder Valley; Joins Forces w/ Hendon Mob for Mid-Major Championship

RGPS to Hold $1 Million GTD at Thunder Valley; Joins Forces w/ Hendon Mob for Mid-Major Championship

The RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) just completed its stop at San Diego’s Jamul Casino, and next weekend will hold two events simultaneously on opposite ends of the county in Horseshoe Tunica and Graton Casino in the Bay Area (PokerNews will be at both to offer live updates).

If that wasn’t enough, the two-time Global Poker Award winner for “Best Mid-Major Tour”, has announced that the tour will return to California’s Thunder Valley Casino and Resort in July to close out its “Checkpoint” season.

That stop will be a three-week-long affair action-packed with seventeen ring events. That includes the $500,000 GTD Hendon Mob Mid-Major Championship, which will make its US debut during the stop.

RGPS to Hold  Million GTD at Thunder Valley; Joins Forces w/ Hendon Mob for Mid-Major... 101

Other highlights on the schedule include Thunder Valley’s $250,000 GTD Monolith on opening weekend and the series finishing with the $1,000,000 GTD RunGood Checkpoint Main Event.

“We’re thrilled to bring the RunGood Poker Series back to Thunder Valley Casino and Resort,” said RGPS President Tana Karn, who is nominated for Industry Person of the Year at the Global Poker Awards. “With an incredible lineup of tournaments and newly minted partnership with GPI and THM, this year’s series is set to be one of the most exciting yet.”

Remaining RGPS Checkpoint Stops

Dates Stop
February 28-March 5 Horseshoe Tunica
February 28-March 8 Graton Casino (Bay Area)
March 23-April 2 bestbet Jacksonville
April 11-16 Downstream Casino Joplin
April 20-April 30 Horseshoe Council Bluffs
May 16-21 Harrah’s Kansas City
July 13-31 Thunder Valley Casino

Check out the RGPS Hub on PokerNews here!

Eric Danis, President of GPI/The Hendon Mob, added: “We’re honored to join forces with the RunGood Poker Series and Thunder Valley to bring you this tremendous event. This is the first time a THM-branded event has been announced for North America; we’ve enjoyed tons of success with The Hendon Mob Championship events internationally and we’re thrilled that our maiden voyage in North America is with such great partners like RunGood and Thunder Valley. We can’t wait to see all of you join us for this historic moment.”

Anyone who wins a ring at the stop will be invited to return to Thunder Valley Casino in November for the “Dream Seat Invitational” sponsored by PokerGO. It’s there that invitees have the chance to buy-in to the private NLH event where the top prize awards an added-on seat to the PGT Championship $1,000,000 freeroll.

“We are elated to be part of this incredible series with RunGood and GPI. The Hendon Mob Mid-Major Championship is an amazing addition to the festival and we are beyond excited to see all of the events play out here at Thunder Valley Casino Resort,” said Ben Erwin, Poker Director at Thunder Valley Casino Resort.

For more information about the 2023 RunGood Poker Series: Checkpoint tour stop at Thunder Valley Casino and Resort, including registration and buy-in details, click here.

Name Surname
Chad Holloway

Executive Editor U.S.

Executive Editor US, PokerNews Podcast co-host & 2013 WSOP Bracelet Winner.

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Badminton World Federation Boosts Integrity via Stats Perform Deal

Badminton World Federation Boosts Integrity via Stats Perform Deal

The international governing body of badminton, the Badminton World Federation (BWF), announced a new partnership with Stats Perform, a sports integrity and data leader. Announced Tuesday, the new deal sees the company deliver its leading integrity services for the BWF Integrity Unit.

This new collaboration helps extend the reach of Stats Perform’s leading services while bringing advanced technology that will help the BWF Integrity Unit safeguard the protection of the sport.

Thanks to Stats Perform’s technology, the BWF Integrity Unit will benefit from expanded capabilities for investigation of suspicious betting activities for badminton matches. Besides probing into suspicious betting actions, the collaboration boosts the Unit’s capabilities to identify corruption within the sport.

According to Stats Perform, monitoring betting markets live will play a pivotal role in the new collaboration. This monitoring brings a unique edge for BWF against match-fixing and manipulation attempts. In detail, thanks to the new deal, the Integrity Unit will be able to collect intelligence on competitions and matches which may be related to suspicious betting. Consequently, the Unit will be able to launch an investigation if that is needed.

The Collaboration Improves BWF’s Monitoring Capabilities

Jake Marsh, Stats Perform’s global head of integrity services, explained that the company is excited to expand its portfolio of partners by adding BWF. He outlined that the company is delighted to collaborate with the Integrity Unit and help protect the integrity of badminton.

We are delighted to add BWF to our stable of clients and deliver a progressive approach to integrity risk management that will see us working closely with the international governing body’s own integrity unit to protect the sport from match manipulation and related threats.

Jake Marsh, global head of integrity services at Stats Perform

Carl Mergele, Stats Perform’s CEO, was similarly excited about the recent collaboration. He deemed BWF “a key partner” for the company and said that Stats Perform is proud that the Federation selected it as its partner. Finally, Mergele predicted that the collaboration will help safeguard the sport from manipulation and harm.

Having Stats Perform onboard will strengthen our commitment to protecting the integrity of the sport from betting-related corruption.

Thomas Lund, secretary general at the BWF

BWF’s secretary general, Thomas Lund, pointed out that the deal with Stats Perform will help boost the integrity operations of the Federation. According to him, this will help in the fight against corruption and betting integrity threats. Finally, Lund said that the collaboration will help monitor and safeguard the integrity of leading championships and tournaments.

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Baha Mar Casino Updates Slots Products with QCI Platform

MeridianBet’s Empty Bet Revolutionizes Traditional Betting

The new partnership inked between Baha Mar Casino, the largest and most luxurious casino in the Caribbean and San Diego-based Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) started on February 21, 2023. 

Baha Mar Casino Hitting the Refresh Button on Its Slots

According to the terms of the agreement, the casino’s current slot games will go through an upgrading process with the help of QCI’s platform. The latter is a data-based software that provides state-of-the-art technology for well-coordinated activities across all operations. 

The QCI platform will work by optimizing Baha Mar’s casino slot product. This will be done by gaining a better understanding of its player interactions, learning which machines record the highest performance and ultimately bringing performance improvements across all available slot machines. 

At the moment, the new QCI Slots product is still being installed throughout the property which features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful Bahamian waters. The dedicated casino operations crew will initiate its training for the new product in the near future.

Baha Mar Casino’s senior vice president of casino operations John Zaremba has expressed their thrill regarding the inclusion of the fresh QCI Platform across their current slots. Zaremba also anticipated the impact that QCI’s Platform will have on the way they will be running their operations in the future while providing them with the necessary tools to “make strategic decisions on how to improve the gaming experience all around.”

QCI’s chief executive officer Dr. Ralph Thomas took the opportunity to welcome Baha Mar Casino into the QCI Community which currently comprises over 100 casino resorts and 4,000+ active users of their platform. Thomas added that Baha Mar Casino’s decision to choose the QCI Enterprise Platform is additional proof of how important it is for them to keep creating products that truly match the needs of their customers. 

The gorgeous location in The Bahamas offers a wide plethora of guest offerings designed for all types of players including casual players and high-stakes rollers. The casino hosts more than 1000 slot machines, along with 18 table games and live sport betting options provided by William Hill. 

Baha Mar Casino offers just the right mix of engaging gameplay, luxury, and eye-catching sceneries and it is joined by the Royal Blue Golf Course, the Baha Bay luxury water park, 2,3000 hotel rooms, over 45 restaurants and lounging rooms, a flagship spa, and dozens of luxury retail outlets which are all part of the integrated Baha Mar resort in Nassau.

Between January 22 and February 3, 2023, Baha Mar Casino hosted the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship. 

Last December, QCI announced it would power Black Oak Casino Resort with its solutions. 

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MGM Resorts, BetMGM & Everi Launch Omnichannel Slot MGM Riches

W2 Signs Partnership with Crucial Compliance and nChain

Using their powerful synergy, the S&P 500 global gaming and entertainment company and the leading sports betting and iGaming operator have created a unique slot experience for US players. 

Called MGM Riches, the slot game will enable players to engage in both online gameplay using BetMGM‘s iCasino platform available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and classic slot machine gameplay at the 15 MGM Resorts venues spread across the country. West Virginia is also pending release in the near future. 

MGM Riches Created Together with Everi 

The new multi-level game is the result of the collaboration between the two giants and NYSE-listed Everi Holdings, the popular supplier of technology solutions aimed at casino floors. 

MGM Riches features two separate themes: MGM Riches Triple Ruby and MGM Riches 5x Sapphire. Players will enjoy consistent and engaging gameplay no matter which alternative they might select, according to MGM Resorts International’s senior vice president of slot strategy Mike Gatten. 

Gatten further explained the new game has been created with loyal players’ experience at the core, in an attempt to allow them to enjoy their preferred games and cash in their rewards even if they are not physically present at one of their properties.

BetMGM, “Thrilled” to Offer the Pioneer Slot 

BetMGM’s vice president of gaming Angus Nisbet spoke about the launch of MGM Riches, expressing their thrill about being able to offer the “first-of-its-kind slot” while continuing to generate innovative content. 

Nisbet has also explained that the new game will reunite BetMGM’s online casino offerings with MGM Resorts’ beloved destinations. Among them, MGM Resorts’ MGM National Harbor located in Oxon Hill, Maryland, which is currently the most profitable property located outside of Las Vegas. 

While leveraging the omnichannel integration of both MGM Resorts and BetMGM, loyal members part of the MGM Rewards and BetMGM Rewards programs will be given the chance to earn Tier Credits with every new spin. The credits can be earned via both channels and the perks will be unlocked and redeemed later on at any MGM Resorts located in the US. 

Players Can Qualify for Exclusive Member-Only Experiences

Ranging from access to exclusive sporting events, concerts, gaming tournaments, or the yearly Holiday Gift Shoppe experience, members will enjoy a variety of perks. 

They will also be given the opportunity to transfer BetMGM Rewards points to MGM Rewards points and redeem them in exchange for free hotel accommodation, complimentary diners, and additional entertainment at various locations including Borgata in Atlantic City, Bellagio, and ARIA in Las Vegas, or MGM Grand Detroit located in Michigan.

Everi’s executive vice president of sales, marketing, and digital, David Lucchese, called the creation of MGM Riches “another example of MGM Resorts’ and BetMGM’s focus on patron engagement” while also using it to showcase Everi’s capacity to offer exciting gaming experiences created for omnichannel players. 

Just like the rest of Everi’s close to 70 games, MGM Riches will be delivered with the help of their top-tier proprietary Spark Remote Game Server.

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