Tipico Offers Bettors on March Madness One Year of Free Bets

Tipico Offers Bettors on March Madness One Year of Free Bets

Global sportsbook operator Tipico announced today a new initiative related to the March Madness tournament comprising an in-app competition and various other promotions.

March Madness Fans Contest

This year’s March Madness will allow Tipico’s mobile app users to participate in a contest tied to the popular college basketball tournament. The competition will last the length of March Madness and will award the first-place winner, nine runner-ups and states’ leaders with free bets for one year.

“March Madness is a celebration unlike any other, one that combines unparalleled competition, underdog storylines, and drama that reminds us why we love college sports,” commented the chief executive officer of Tipico US, Adrian Vella, proudly unveiling the contest and promotions aimed at further elevating the operator’s sportsbook experience alongside the culmination of the college basketball season.

The competition has simple rules and anyone placing a minimum of $20 wager is eligible to participate. Points will be accrued according to whether the bet wins and the odds of the bet: every winning bet with “+” odds receives the number of points equal to the odds; if the bet has “-” odds but less than -200, the player receives 20 points; if the bet is -200 or loses, it accrues 0 points.

While the odds of creating a “perfect bracket” are next to none, game and prop bet odds on Tipico allow bettors to fully personalize their tournament-watching experience.

Adrian Vella, CEO, Tipico US

The contest will also present weekly top-performing players after each tournament round with exclusive awards, as Tipico will maintain a national leaderboard which will be updated after each round with the results from the previous round.

The first-place winner will receive a grand prize of $100 Weekly Bet Credits in the Tipico app for one calendar year, while the nine runner-ups and individual state winners in Ohio, Iowa, New Jersey, and Colorado will be awarded $20 Weekly Bet Credits for one calendar year.

Streaming Show and Ohio On-Site Events

To elevate the fan experience during this year’s March Madness further, Tipico introduces a tournament-related streaming show, The Shot, featuring game previews and analysis presented by Duke University NCAA Champion and NBA All-Star Christian Laettner and host and sports media personality Lauren Jbara.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to create a one-of-a-kind sportsbook experience that mirrors the exhilarating, quick-hitting nature of the NCAA Tournament and adds new layers of entertainment and suspense to this storied event,” said Tipico chief commercial officer David Paschkes, thrilled to present basketball fans with more ways “to be excited about this year’s ‘Big Dance.’”

Alongside the streaming content, fans in Ohio will have exclusive opportunities to engage with the sportsbook operator through on-site events at Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, Lower.com Field in Columbus, TopGolf Cleveland, and others.

Last month, Tipico became the exclusive sports betting partner of the 2023 Arnold Sports Festival held at the Great Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, to affirm its growing footprint in the state.

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Resorts World Las Vegas to Raise Cyberbullying Awareness

Resorts World Las Vegas to Raise Cyberbullying Awareness

Resorts World Las Vegas, an integrated casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip, announced a new initiative aimed at raising awareness about cyberbullying during this year’s March Madness.

Fan Engagement Event

Resorts World Las Vegas teamed with non-profit Buckets Over Bullying to host “Full Court March” and raise cyberbullying awareness during the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)’s college basketball tournament this month. For that purpose, Resorts World will set up an indoor basketball court at the resort’s retail center, The District.

At Resorts World Las Vegas, we believe in the power of sports to bring people together and promote positive change.

Lori Flahive-Caldero, executive director of Community Engagement of Resorts World Las Vegas

Flahive-Caldero is proud to partner with Buckets Over Bullying for “Full Court March” and stand against cyberbullying.

For three weeks starting March 14, the Full Court March fan experience at Resorts World Las Vegas will allow the casino resort and the non-profit to bring attention to the growing crisis of youth cyberbullying that is spreading like wildfire nationwide, with more than a third of all students reported as being victims of it before finishing high school.

“We hope this event will inspire our community to come together and promote kindness, respect, and inclusion both on and off the court,” Flahive-Caldero concluded.

Sports Personalities at the Center

The initiative will feature basketball trick shot expert and current Buckets Over Bullying board member, Tristan Jass, “TJass,” and the one-time tallest basketball player at the NCAA Division I level, hoopster Mamadou N’Diaye. TJass and N’Diaye will showcase their talents and engage with the fans through drill sessions and basketball challenges.

“I deeply believe in the work that Buckets Over Bullying is doing and I am confident that we can make a real difference,” commented TJass, eager to get on the court and engage with the fans.

He also paid tribute to Nate Bronstein, a 15-year Chicago sophomore and TJass fan who lost his life to suicide in 2022 after being cyberbullied on social media by classmates at the Latin School of Chicago.

Another Buckets Over Bullying board member, Pauly Urdan, a.k.a. chi.town.pauly, will be the event’s MC, upping the energy levels, while throughout the event fans will be presented with T-shirts and other prizes.

Cyberbullying Awareness Messaging

During the event, cyberbullying awareness messages will be displayed on the West Tower screen, the LED globe in The District, and at various locations at Resorts World. The messages will include a QR code to take the pledge: “I Will Never Use My Device as a Weapon!”

The co-founder of Buckets Over Bullying, Rose Bronstein, was “extremely grateful to Resorts World Las Vegas, Tristan and Mamadou” for their contribution to help “educate and compel action by both youth and adults to combat this scourge.”

“No one should have to endure the grief and suffering cyberbullying has forever inflicted upon our family,” she added, urging for better cyberbullying abuse protections from the dangers of the digital world that is now part of a child’s life.

According to multiple clinical studies, adolescents and teens are up to four times more likely to inflict self-harm, attempt or commit suicide if cyberbullied.

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Couple Hits Two Keno Jackpots at the Same Time

Couple Hits Two Keno Jackpots at the Same Time

A one-in-a-million situation has occurred at Rampart Casino in Las Vegas where a married man and woman simultaneously hit the Keno jackpot on two separate machines. The couple collectively won more than $100,000.

The unlikely happening was recorded on Saturday night at the casino. The two winners were playing Four Card Keno video machines at the property’s High Limit Bar. They were playing $1 hands when, as reported by the local TV channel KTNV, when they suddenly hit the jackpot on both machines.

The family preferred to remain anonymous and didn’t put their names behind their wins. Despite that, thanks to an announcement by the Rampart Casino, it is known that one of them won $87,240, while the other one claimed $13,048. In total, the couple won $100,288.

In Keno, players have to pick a few numbers, after which a random number generator draws a winning combination. As seen in a photo, one of the players hit a winning combination at the bottom right corner of the machine, while the other scored a win at the upper left corner of the machine.

“This happened right here!”

The Rampart Casino casino shared news of the unlikely occurrence, content that the unparalleled situation happened on its premises.

Despite being based in Vegas, the gambling venue is situated outside of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Visitors can enjoy a rich selection of slot games, linked progressives and a variety of table games. In addition, the venue offers its players an Asian restaurant, as well as a buffet and a spa.

Other Jackpot Winners

In other news, a lucky winner just won the seventh Relax Gaming Dream Drop Jackpots via Unibet. Relax’s mechanic has proven to resonate with players, bringing more and more people toward its products. In the latest case, the winner took home a whopping $2 million.

Earlier this month, Kansas’ Prairie Band Casino paid out a $1 million Ultimate Texas Hold’em jackpot. The winner, Steven L, started with a $5 progressive bet which made him eligible for one of four total progressive payouts. A lucky Royal Flush secured Mr L’s dominance.

At the beginning of this month, Instant Win Gaming reported that its eInstant progressive jackpot games have awarded multiple jackpots in 2023 alone. The record jackpot prizes in Virginia, New Hampshire and Michigan demonstrated the potential of the company’s progressive jackpot-powered games to deliver unique chances for high prizes to lottery players in the US.

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BetMGM Celebrates Basketball with $10M Challenge

BetMGM Celebrates Basketball with $10M Challenge

The BetMGM Bracket Challenge has proven to be a formula for success. Its 2022 iteration generated substantial bettor interest, bolstering interest in professional basketball and allowing fans to engage with the sport on a new level. This year’s event features the same $10 million grand prize, among other promotions and awards. BetMGM will also use the opportunity to raise awareness of its responsible gaming campaign.

Savvy Bettors Can Win Big

The leading sports betting and iGaming operator continues to invest substantially in marketing for the USA, doing its best to stay one step ahead of the competition. BetMGM’s latest press release celebrated the return of its free-to-play Men’s Basketball Championship bracket challenge, which saw tremendous success in 2022.

The lucky fans who successfully predict a perfect bracket can win up to $10 million. If nobody makes the correct guess, the operator promises to distribute up to $100,000 in guaranteed prizes to the people who made the most successful picks. Participants are also in the running for odds boost tokens, bonus bets, and parlay tokens for select games.

BetMGM Has Special Offers for New Signups

Onboarding new players is a priority for any operator, so customers signing up with BetMGM will receive special offers. The operator’s First Bet Offer promises up to $1,000 paid back in bonus bets for new customers whose wager doesn’t win. BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblat was excited regarding the returning contest, promising fans engaging content during the coming season.

BetMGM has a lot to offer sports fans during the year’s most exciting month of basketball.

Adam Greenblat, BetMGM CEO

Fans can enter the bracket challenge online from their computers or via the BetMGM mobile sports betting app. To participate, they must complete and submit their bracket in the challenge section and hope for the best. BetMGM is now available in 21 states after Massachusetts officially launched online sports betting on 10 March.

Safe Gaming Remains a Priority

BetMGM’s latest promotion coincides with its gambling harm prevention campaign. The operator announced that starting 1 March, its marketing and advertising materials will feature responsible gaming messages. BetMGM hopes to reach the largest possible audience with messages at brick-and-mortar venues, on physical billboards, television, radio, and on BetMGM’s digital and social platforms.

The collaboration with GameSense should significantly bolster the operator’s digital platforms. Users can now utilize spending limit tools, easily access basic gambling information and contact highly trained GameSense Advisors if they require help with their gambling habits. BetMGM’s commitment to safe gambling and its relentless expansion efforts have helped the operator remain among the market leaders in the USA.

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Smoke and Mirrors – Gambling With An Edge

Putting Bills Into a Machine

I’ve written two recent blogs about a drawing in Reno that was supposed to take place in early March. It was cancelled due to weather, and re-scheduled for the end of June, nearly four months later. Normally writing continually about a promotion that is of interest to a relatively small percentage of my readers doesn’t make sense. But this time, several of you asked me how this change would affect my “go-or-not-go” calculus. So, I’m writing again.

In fairness, the weather in Reno and elsewhere around the country has been brutal recently. There were about four feet of snow in Reno proper in the week prior to the scheduled drawing, and snow was scheduled for all three days of the drawing. Reno normally receives less than two feet of snow a year. In the areas just outside of Reno, the snowfall was deeper. Since drawings are geared to bring in a lot of players and a lot of play, and the weather precluded this, the casino had a choice of either biting the bullet, having the drawing anyway, and suffering big losses because the promotion didn’t create the anticipated amount of play. Or postponing the drawing. This casino, this time, chose the latter option. Next time, when the circumstances will invariably be different, they may choose the other opposite.

But they delayed it almost four months! This is a $100,000 giveaway that received plenty of press. Normally a casino would have one of these every three months or so. But this time, they didn’t come up with a new one. They just extended the old one.

I was already in Reno when I heard it had been postponed. Because I’m Seven Stars, I normally receive 20x drawing tickets. I play at least 5,000 Tier Credits ($50,000 coin-in video poker; $25,000 coin-in slots; or some mixture of the two) daily because that maxes out the bonus Tier Credits. On the days of the drawings, they give 30x drawing tickets. Since it is still wintertime and flights are often delayed or cancelled (I’m still a loyal Southwest Airlines passenger!), I planned to come a day early. If my plane was delayed, I’d still likely be there in time to get my 30x drawing tickets.

Once they postponed the drawing for almost four months, to “compensate” the players who showed up anyway, they awarded 220x tickets rather than 20x. That is, instead of earning about 100,000 drawing tickets a day, I was earning 1,100,000! I started my trip with about 600,000 accumulated tickets. I ended it with more 4,000,000.

That sounds like a lot! Except other players got multipliers as well. And who knows if they’ll have some 300x days between now and the end of June? It’s not the absolute number of tickets you have. It’s the relative number compared to other players.

The reason I called this post “Smoke and Mirrors” is because the large number of tickets we all will receive seem like they give us a super-duper chance at winning the grand prize. But it’s still the same $100,000 drawing — split among the player base. If some players get a greater chances to win, it means others get a correspondingly lesser chances.
In my previous article, I mentioned that I probably would not go there for this drawing except there was something else going on in greater Reno, so I could kill two birds with one plane flight. This same event won’t be recurring on the last weekend in June — but it’s possible that there will be an additional opportunity there in addition to this series of drawings. We’ll see. I don’t know yet.

In no way am I criticizing this particular casino. Had I been an advisor, I might well have recommended they follow a course similar to what they did. I’m only using this example to describe my thought processes in how I decide whether to participate in a drawing or not.


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Win an EPT Prague Package at This Month’s Mixed Game Festival in Las Vegas

Win an EPT Prague Package at This Month's Mixed Game Festival in Las Vegas

Looking to play low or mid-stakes mixed games in Las Vegas with a chance to win a trip to Europe? Then you’re in luck. Robbie Strazynski’s beloved Mixed Game Festival is returning to Resorts World March 19-23 and will feature dealer’s choice cash games around the clock at stakes ranging from $4/$8 to $8/$16 and higher and multiple tournament offerings.

The Cardplayer Lifestyle and PokerStars-sponsored festival will award a European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague prize package to the winner of the $260 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. event, a package that includes a mixed game tournament buy-in up to €550, roundtrip airfare and four nights of accommodation at the Eastern Europe festival in December.

The upcoming Mixed Game Festival in the luxurious Resorts World Poker Room will feature several other giveaways, including bubble protection, brand merchandise and signed copies of books from poker authors like mixed game specialist Dylan Linde and Poker Hall of Famer Eli Elezra.

Read about last year’s Mixed Game Festival!

With around-the-clock mixed game action that is sure to feature several household names and top pros, the Mixed Game Festival could be the best way to prepare for the upcoming 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP), which features several mixed game events in the first few weeks.

It is also a great way to prepare for the upcoming EPT stops in Prague, Monte Carlo and elsewhere, which will also feature their fair share of mixed game action.

“What we love about this event is it has a very specific purpose and style; it provides players who love to dabble in a variety of games a home-game type atmosphere and environment, but of course with some serious competition,” PokerStars Director of Partnerships and PR Rebecca McAdam Willetts said in a press release. “We always try to encourage and support such demonstrations of love for the game and are very happy to be a part of it by giving the community something that continues the journey onwards after the Vegas shenanigans!”

Resorts World
Resorts World

As an extra bonus for participants, the Mixed Game Festival will award bubble protection for both the H.O.R.S.E. tournament and the $260 Omaha 8/Stud 8 event and free memberships to PokerCoaching.com.

The festival will also feature three different book signings. Linde, author of Mastering Mixed Games, will be signing copies as at a discounted price, while Getting Started With HORSE author Chris Wallace will be doing the same.

At the 2022 festival, Eliza signed copies of his autobiography Pulling the Trigger and played low-stakes mixed games before going on to win his fifth bracelet in the $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship. Elezra will be back this year and will once again be signing copies of his autobiography.

A portion of all the proceeds will go to Poker Gives, a non-profit that assists military families, homeless veterans and youth in Las Vegas.

To take part in the Mixed Game Festival, simply show up and get your name on the mixed game list at the Resorts World Poker Room.

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Super Group Publishes Preliminary Q4 and FY22 Results

Penn Entertainment Q4 Revenue Remains Stable despite Negative Factors

Super Group, the group behind the Betway and Spin gambling brands, has published its preliminary Q4 and full-year 2022 financial results. The company saw its revenue exceed the guidance range, causing Super Group to be optimistic about the future despite certain declines.

Super Group’s unaudited Q4 financial highlights show Q4 revenue of around $353 million (converted to USD, current rates). This represents a slight year-on-year decline from 2021’s $365 but is still a very favorable result.

Profit before tax was $41 million for Q4, which, once again, fails to surpass the Q4 2021 results. EBITDA, meanwhile, plummeted from $89 million in Q4 2021 to $60 million in Q4 2022. Operational EBITDA, meanwhile, fell by 39% to around $45 million.

While Super Group’s financial metrics took some hits, the group reported an increase in its monthly average customers. In Q4 2022, the company reported 3.4 million monthly customers, surpassing 2021’s 2.9 million.

Super Group also published its unaudited FY 2022 results. The company recorded revenue of $1.38 billion for the year, which is just below the 2021 results. Profits before tax for 2022 were $250.5 million and actually exceeded those recorded in 2021. EBITDA, meanwhile, was around $320 million and still fell short of exceeding the 2021 results. Operational EBITDA, on the other hand, dipped by 31% to 223.5 million.

Super Group recorded 2.9 million monthly average customers in 2022, exceeding the 2.6 million recorded in 2021. The company also reported unrestricted cash of $273 million as of December 31, 2022.

Super Group Continues to Prioritize Profitability

2022 saw Super Group wrap up its reorganization efforts. Thanks to an agreement with Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp, Super Group became a publically-listed entity. Last September, the latter company also acquired a majority ownership interest in Jumpman Gaming.

Super Group executives addressed the results, with CEO Neal Menashe saying that the company is now a “leading global pure-play sports betting and online casino company.” Menashe added that optimization and expansion are always at the top of Super Group’s list of priorities.

We continue to efficiently invest in our brand, enhance our technology platform and benefit from our consistent cash generation. We feel we are well-positioned to apply our well-tested strategies to the U.S. markets and capitalize on what we see as a multi-year investment opportunity.

Neal Menashe, CEO, Super Group

Alinda van Wyk, the company’s chief financial officer, also addressed the results. She praised the company for its financial strength and said that Super Group will continue run our business profitably while investing in tech and marketing.

We remain focused on operating more efficiently in 2023 in order to improve scale and our operating margins going forward.

Alinda van Wyk, CFO, Super Group

Super Group started 2023 with the acquisition of the online operator Digital Gaming Corporation Limited. Some days after that, the group’s board announced the repurchase of up to $25 million of Super Group ordinary shares.

In other news, the company just parted ways with Alan Alger.

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KGM Designated as Zitro’s Distributor in Several States

KGM Designated as Zitro’s Distributor in Several States

Zitro, a world leader in entertainment and a provider of bingo and slot games, systems and iGaming, has unveiled a new content distribution agreement with KGM, a leading supplier of casino equipment and systems.

Under the newly-minted agreement, KGM, a US-based company, will serve as Zitro’s exclusive distributor in several states. As per the deal, this includes New York and Connecticut, as well as Ohio’s Racino market.

Zitro has been steadily expanding its global footprint. The current deal follows several major agreements between the supplier and various operators and aggregators. A week ago, for example, the company entered Croatia with Luckia Casino Zagreb, powering the operator with its diverse suite of slots.

Earlier this year, Zitro supplier expanded its partnership with Cirsa Casinos, introducing its Mega King game at the operator’s casinos in Mexico. In December 2022, on the other hand, Zitro delivered 160 Glare cabinets to Grupo Boldt in Argentina.

The Deal Will Generate Value for KGM, Zitro and Many Casino Operators

Jason Peters, KGM’s president and chief executive officer, commented on the agreement with Zitro. He noted that the integration represents an important opportunity for his team.

We are excited to add the Zitro portfolio of games to KGM’s catalogue of products and we appreciate the opportunity presented.

Jason Peters, CEO, KGM

Peters added that he is certain this partnership will greatly benefit both parties involved and all of KGM’s partnering operators.

Derik Mooberry, Zitro USA’s chief executive officer, also voiced his thoughts on the agreement. He praised KGM for its extensive reach in the markets covered by the deal. Mooberry emphasized that Zitro will leverage KGM’s footprint and existing sales and service networks.

Zitro USA’s CEO added that his team is proud to be working with KGM. He said that the latter company shares the same values and commitments to providing high-quality, innovative gaming products as Zitro.

Mooberry concluded that he is certain the agreement will be a great opportunity for Zitro to expand its US reach.

We are confident this partnership will provide a great opportunity for us to bring our products to new customers and further expand our business in these key markets.

Derik Mooberry, CEO, Zitro USA

In other news, Zitro just announced that it has made significant progress on its environmental goal to reduce its carbon footprint. The company’s ongoing sustainability commitment has seen it invest in efficient and eco-friendly offices and renewable energy. Thanks to this, its 2021 carbon footprint has now been reduced by an impressive 50%.

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Fintan Hand to Host Exclusive €10,000 Meet-Up Game at Irish Poker Open

Fintan Hand to Host Exclusive €10,000 Meet-Up Game at Irish Poker Open

The highly anticipated 2023 Irish Poker Open (IPO) returns to Dublin next month from April 3-10.

PokerStars and Paddy Power have joined forces to sponsor the series, which is headlined by the €1,050 buy-in Irish Open Main Event and comes with an impressive €1 million guarantee.

One familiar face already confirmed to be at the IPO is PokerStars ambassador Fintan “easywithaces” Hand. Members of his community are now being invited to play in one of his online Home Games, where 70 seats are up for grabs for his exclusive community meet-up game at the IPO

How to Get an Invite to the Meet-Up Game

Fintan Hand
Fintan Hand

From March 15-17, special community games are being hosted in Hands’ Home Game Club where the top ten finishers in any of the tournaments will bag an invite to the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) for the private tournament.

An incredible 70 seats are being dished out, and the buy-in for these home games is just $1.10!

And what’s even better is that PokerStars and Paddy Power have added €10,000 to the meet-up game and IPO Main Event for the winner. The top 18 players will walk away with a slice of the prize pool, and in addition to the ticket, the last player standing will bank a further €2,150 in prize money.

There are also bounties on the heads of all PokerStars Ambassadors playing in the event. Knocking out Hand will also result in a €1,150 IPO Main Event ticket, with additional bounties to be announced.

Place Prize
1 €2,150 + €1,150 Irish Poker Open Main Event ticket
2 €900
3 €800
4 €700
5 €600
6 €500
7 €400
8 €300
9 €200
10 €150
11-14 €100
15-18 €50

Join Hands’ Home Game on PokerStars

It’s effortless to join Hand’s Home Game club as you only need to head to ‘Home Games’ on the PokerStars client. Once you’re there, click ‘Join a Poker Club’ and enter the Club ID and invitation code which you can see below:

  • Club ID: 2168173
  • Invitation Code: luckyducky

Once you’ve done the above, Hand will be able to approve your request so you can get in on the fun.

Once your admission has been accepted, you’ll see all the tournaments that you can play with other members of his community. To see which events are scheduled, click the ‘Club Lobby.’

Satellite Your Way to the Irish Poker Open Main Event

PokerStars runs two €109 buy-in Irish Open Main Event satellites each week, a five-package guaranteed affair on Wednesday and an eight-package guaranteed satellite on Sunday. You have the choice of buying into the €109 satellite direct or playing your way in from as a little as, well, nothing.

Also, make sure keep March 19 clear in your diaries because that is the day a whopping 20 seats and expense packages are guaranteed to be won in a single €109 buy-in finale.

The Best Rewards to Find on PokerStars Play

Join PokerStars Today

Now is the time to become a PokerStars player because a 100% up to $600 welcome bonus is waiting for new depositing customers. Joining PokerStars will make you eligible for all the Oracle Red Bull Racing-related promotions throughout the 2023 Formula One season.

Those of you who do not already have a PokerStars account can download the excellent software via PokerNews. Make your first deposit safe, knowing that PokerStars matches your deposit 100% up to a maximum of $600. Your first three deposits in the first 90 days after creating your account are matched 100% up to a combined maximum of $600.


  • If you’re a Fintan Hand community member, find out how you can join him at the Irish Poker Open for a €10K meet-up game, with a Main Event ticket added for the winner.

Name Surname
Calum Grant

Editor & Live Reporter

Calum has been a part of the PokerNews team since September 2021 after working in the UK energy sector. He played his first hand of poker in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the game. Calum’s proudest poker achievement is winning the only tournament he has ever played in Las Vegas, the prestigious $60 Flamingo evening event.

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Fake Thai Cop Scammed People for Gambling Money

Fake Thai Cop Scammed People for Gambling Money

The police in Thailand have arrested a man who not only pretended to be a cop but also scammed people across the central Thai countryside. Then, Thaiger reported, the fraud would gamble the dirty money away in casinos in Cambodia.

The man presented himself as Pol. Col. Wuttisak Phittakchan-im, 58, claiming to be a police lieutenant. He would go from village to village, armed with an unlikely weapon – photos of cows. The man would claim that he owns the animals in the photos and is looking to sell them for a fair price.

When Wuttisak arrived in a village in the Chang Lek subdistrict, he told village chief Pairat Unha that he sells cows and buffaloes for 250,000 baht (around $7,200). The fraudster went a step further, promising a discount of 1,000 baht for each animal if Pairat bought all of them.

Luckily, Pairat had seen some of the photos in an online chat room for cattle traders and immediately suspected that Wuttisak was lying. The village chief called the police, which quickly arrived at the scene.

The officers were dressed in plain clothes so that Wuttisak wouldn’t suspect them and escape. They spoke with the man and asked him to present his police ID. Instead of providing one, the con artist tried to make an escape. Luckily, he was successfully arrested and detained.

The Uniform Gave the Fraudster Credibility

Although the man had lied about being a policeman, his name was indeed Wuttisak Phittakchan-im, the police understood. They searched his car and found a bunch of police equipment and several fake registration plates.

Unfortunately, chief Pairat was not the first person Wuttisak had tried to scam. Even worse, his previous attempts at scamming people had been more successful.

Amnat Ayupool, a 26-year-old man from the Lop Buri province, told the police that he had given 330,000 baht (around $9,555) to buy a herd of cattle that never arrived. Amnat told officers that the fake uniform made Wuttisak seem trustworthy and reliable.

As it turns out, this is exactly the reason why Wuttisak wore the uniform in the first place. When the police interrogated the con artist, he admitted that it gave him a sense of credibility that made scamming people easier.

Wuttisak also admitted that he used the money he took by deception to gamble in Poipet, Cambodia. He would gamble away all of his money, at which point he would return to central Thailand to scam more people.

Deputy Commander of Pra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Provincial Police, Pol. Col. Teerawut Saengmanee believes that there are many more victims of this scam that the police are yet to hear about.

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