Athletico Paranaense Inks Esporte da Sorte Shirt Sponsorship

Wazdan-Play North Partnership Inked in 2022 Is Growing Strong

Athletico Paranaense, a football club competing in Brazil’s top-flight men’s league, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, announced it has signed a shirt sponsorship deal with sports betting operator Esporte da Sorte.

The new agreement with Esporte da Sorte will see the logo of one of the fastest-growing sports betting operators in Brazil feature on the front of Paranaense’s shirts and the club’s main exhibition properties.

Commenting on the master sponsorship agreement, the chairman and chief executive officer of Athletico Paranaense, Mario Celso Petraglia, stressed the importance of the arrangement for the club at this particular moment of its history.

We are pleased and proud to count on Esportes da Sorte at this very important moment in the club’s history.

Mario Celso Petraglia, CEO & chair, Athletico Paranaense

“About to turn 99, Athletico expects to experience even more victorious moments alongside Esportes da Sorte,” Petraglia added.

Founded on March 26, 1924, through the merger of two traditional clubs in Curitiba, International Football Club and América Futebol Clube, Athletico Paranaense is using the Esporte da Sorte sponsorship deal to mark the 99th anniversary since its creation.

‘Build Memories’ with Hurricane Fans

Darwin Filho, chief executive officer of Esporte da Sorte, also commented on the sponsorship agreement with the football club known as Hurricane among its supporters, highlighting where the club’s credentials and the operator’s business values align.

“Athletico is a model club and exudes a business culture, modernism and innovation – values that are also part of the Esportes da Sorte’s DNA for more than 20 years,” Filho said, praising the collaboration with Hurricane.

“We arrived here not to be another master sponsor, but to embrace Hurricane and build memories with its passionate fans,” he continued, promising Paranaense’s fans “a lot of support, interaction and activations” as part of the operator’s goal to help the club achieve its sporting objectives and climb up the football hierarchy in the Americas.

The new sponsor logo is set to appear on the shirts of Paranaense’s next game which will be the return leg of the state championship with Maringa at Arena da Baixada after a 2-0 win away from home in the first leg.

The shirt sponsorship deal with Athletico Paranaense is the latest for Esporte da Sorte, a brand that features heavily in Brazil football, sponsoring ten football clubs, and being an official partner of the Campeonato Paulista and the Gaúcho Série A2, as well as the main sponsor of the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior this year.

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Garrett Adelstein to Doug Polk: Robbi Likely Cheated and I’m Not Giving the Money Back

Garrett Adelstein to Doug Polk: Robbi Likely Cheated and I'm Not Giving the Money Back

In his first public interview since the infamous J4 incident, on Doug Polk’s podcast, Garrett Adelstein reiterated his confidence that he was cheated on Hustler Casino Live by Robbi Jade Lew, and said he will not be refunding her the disputed $135,000 she gave back to him.

Outside of a feature column in the Los Angeles Times and the occasional tweet, Adelstein has remained silent since the Sept. 29 scandal. But he opened up to the Texas poker room owner in a juicy conversation between two of poker’s most accomplished pros, and over 15,000 concurrent viewers were tuned for it.

PokerNews Op-Ed: Garrett’s Right – Modern Day High Stakes Poker Has Become a Bloodsport

Adelstein Cracks on “Nik Airball”

Adelstein, one of the top high-stakes pros in the world, first addressed a feud with Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot that began with Airball taking shots at Adelstein’s character on Polk’s podcast last week.

Nik Airball is a regular on Hustler Casino Live and has a love-him-or-hate-him persona that he’s created since Adelstein left the stream following the J4 incident. Adelstein bashed Airball for attacking his character, but referred to his new rival as “brilliant” for playing a role on-camera and leveraging that into generating attention.

“My first interaction with (Nik Airball) was him coming up to me and telling me he’s a huge fan,” Adelstein explained and then said all he did was “talk s**t” to him during the game.

Polk’s guest referred to Arcot as a “liar” but also explained that he didn’t want to spend too much time discussing the topic because “I really don’t want to be rolling in the mud with this piece of s**t.”

Rehashing the Robbi Scandal

Robbi Jade Lew poker
Robbi Jade Lew

On Sept. 29, 2022, the last time Adelstein played poker on Hustler Casino Live, Lew made a controversial call on the turn with jack-high — no pair, no draw. The bet was for over $100,000 from Adelstein, who had just eight-high but was on a draw.

The pot reached $270,000 and Adelstein was shocked upon seeing Lew’s hand, so much so that he immediately accused her of cheating and left the game. She denied cheating and Hustler’s third-party investigation concluded there was “no evidence of wrongdoing.” Early in the two-hour interview, Polk asked his guest if he still feels the same about what went down on that memorable evening.

“In essence, I stand completely by the statement I made. I think it’s extremely likely that I was cheated,” the high-stakes pro responded.

Over the past couple months, Lew has resurfaced on live-stream poker, both on Live at the Bike and on the stream at The Lodge Card Club in Texas, the poker room Polk co-owns.

Adelstein said that Lew “has a lot of balls” to return to live-stream poker after, as he claims, cheating him out of a massive pot. Shortly after the J4 incident, Lew and Adelstein had a heated discussion on the Hustler Casino floor about what had transpired. During that brief conversation, Lew paid him back $135,000, which she has explained was done to calm him down.

“No, I will not be refunding Robbi the money, period. I am extremely confident I was cheated in this hand.”

Over the past six months, numerous poker fans have called for Adelstein to return that money to, as they believe, its rightful owner. He instead donated it to a charity. But still many believe the right decision is for him to give it back to Lew. Polk asked him if he would do so.

“No, I will not be refunding Robbi the money, period. I am extremely confident I was cheated in this hand,” Adelstein defiantly stated.

Adelstein then pleaded with those who are on “Team Robbi” to put themselves in his shoes and and think about how they’d react if they felt they were cheated at the poker table.

Return to Hustler Casino Live or Elsewhere?

Garrett Adelstein hustler casino live
Garrett Adelstein

During the two-hour interview, which you can view on YouTube, the topic of conversation shifted over to Nik Airball’s claims that Adelstein would block players he didn’t like or want to play with from competing on Hustler Casino Live, which then led to questions about his interest in returning to HCL or another live-stream.

Adelstein acknowledged that he would often converse with HCL’s co-owner Ryan Feldman to discuss lineups of future games. But he denied having the ability to blacklist players from the game.

“That’s a load of horses**t, you don’t force Ryan Feldman to do anything,” Adelstein said of Airball’s accusations that he controlled the Hustler lineups.

“Ryan is a very sharp and very savvy businessman,” he continued and then said that Feldman “would never do anything to harm the show.

Adelstein showered Feldman with praise for his hard work. Although it was revealed last week that he is no longer welcome on Hustler Casino Live, at least for the time being, he referred to Feldman as a “friend” and understands why there isn’t a seat for him anymore.

“I have no interest in supporting their stream at least for now.”

“I want to say, to be very fair, Ryan is the very best at what he does. The reason the Hustler stream is what it is, is because of Ryan.”

Given that there isn’t a seat for him in a Hustler game right now, Polk asked him if he’d ever return to the most popular live-stream in poker.

“Probably not, I have no interest in supporting their stream at least for now,” he responded.

With Hustler out of the way, it’s clear that Live at the Bike, the live-stream that Adelstein has competed on for over six years, is the most likely destination for his return to poker. But he wouldn’t commit to a date or make any guarantee that he will appear on LATB. He said that over the past six months he hadn’t even entertained the idea of playing poker.

“The last couple of weeks, that mindset has shifted a little bit. I’m more open to it now,” Adelstein said following the recent Nick Vertucci Show comments about his future on HCL. “That said, I don’t think it’s likely you’ll see me playing poker once a week. If I was going to play, I’d only play on live-streams,”

Houston Curtis, Live at the Bike’s executive producer, confirmed with PokerNews last week that Adelstein is welcome back on his show whenever he’s ready to play. You can watch the full interview with Polk and Adelstein below:

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AFL, NRL CEOs Joint Appearance before Inquiry Suggests United Front

Playtech and Holland Casino Join Academics to Fight Problem Gambling

A joint appearance of Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL) executives before an online gambling inquiry that is seen as key to further regulation tightening led to speculation that both sporting bodies are changing their stance against changes.

AFL’s chief executive officer, Gill McLachlan and his NRL counterpart, Andrew Abdo, will appear together during a public hearing on Tuesday in Canberra as part of the online gambling inquiry initiated by the government to determine whether further tightening of the gambling regulation is needed, reported Australian Financial Review.

Their appearance side-by-side is stirring rumors within the gambling industry that the country’s top sports administrators will present a united front on the proposed tightening of the betting advertising rules despite the submissions made by their respective sporting codes claiming that the current regime is appropriate and needs no further regulation.

“Since the sport codes made their written submission, we have received substantial evidence contradicting their claim that the current rules around [the] promotion of online sports betting are appropriate,” commented the chair of the inquiry, Labor MP Peta Murphy.

Pleased to see that both executives agreed to appear together, Murphy noted that “this will be their opportunity to tell the committee and the public whether they have considered that evidence and the broader community sentiment.”

Change of Position Is Likely

McLachlan implied that there may be a change in AFL’s recommendation that no further changes be made during a Melbourne radio interview in which he admitted that the amount of gambling advertising was “probably too much” and “in your face.”

He also explained that the league’s set of restrictions “are being reviewed at the moment, hinting that “probably they will be wound tighter,” but underlining that the AFL does not “believe in prohibition because all it does is drive it underground or offshore and that has its own set of problems.”

A recently released survey by the Australian Gambling Research Centre showed that more than half of Australians supported an outright ban on gambling advertising. Data also revealed that 41% of the survey respondents had been exposed to gambling advertising four or more times per week.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies also posted the results of a survey showing that three in every four Australians had gambled at least once in the past 12 months, 38% of which doing it on a weekly basis, claiming that at least half of those gambling are at risk of experiencing gambling-related issues.

Other industry executives set to appear before the inquiry will be the CEOs of Tabcorp and Sportsbet, Adan Rytenskild and Barni Evans, former Queensland premier Anna Bligh for the Australian Banking Association, and ex-federal cabinet minister who chairs the industry Responsible Wagering Australia group, Nick Minchin.

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Bill Perkins Books Small Heads-Up Poker Win Over Doug Polk at The Lodge

Bill Perkins Books Small Heads-Up Poker Win Over Doug Polk at The Lodge

Two days after challenging the world to a $100,000 high-stakes heads-up competition, Doug Polk found his first opponent — Bill Perkins — and he lost.

The $200/$400 no-limit Texas hold’em game took place Sunday on live-stream at The Lodge Card Club in Texas, the poker room co-owned by Polk. For nearly six hours, the good friends battled for some huge pots.

Last month, the competitors wrapped up a year-long prop bet in which Polk wagered $200,000 that he could drop 50% of his body fat within 365 days. He came up just short and had to pay up that bet. For the second time this year against the same poker player, he took a loss, this one for about $30,000.

Doug Polk Narrowly Loses $200K Body Fat Loss Prop Bet to Bill Perkins

How it Began

Both players initially began the heads-up poker match with $100,000, but that was just a starting point. As each player’s stack dwindled down, they added on. By the end of the session, there was $700,000 on the table.

Early on in the match, Polk caught a lucky river card with {q-}{10-} on a board of {k-}{j-}{3-}{j-}{a-}, hitting the nut straight. It was a sick river card because his opponent had {j-}{9-}, meaning the only card Polk could hit on the river to win the hand was the ace because the nine would have given Perkins a full house.

With about $26,000 in the pot, Polk bet $18,000 on the river and received a call, which helped him jump out to an early lead. Not long after, however, the tables were turned.

Perkins opened from the button to $1,000 with {5-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}, a standard play in heads-up no-limit hold’em. With {10-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} in the big blind, his opponent also made a standard decision in this format and just called.

The flop came out {7-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{j-Spades}, a little something enticing for both players. The preflop raiser would bet $700 this time and again receive a call. When the {10-Clubs} appeared on the turn, things got even more interesting. Perkins continued his aggression and went for a large wager of $5,500. Two pair wasn’t folding, of course.

But the {8-Diamonds} completed the flush and brought four cards to a straight on the board, although neither player had a nine. After Perkins bet his flush, Polk would jam all in and get snap-called to lose a $149,000 pot, which set him back early on.

Poker Hand of the Day

The biggest pot in the history of The Lodge transpired during this entertaining heads-up match, and it was also the Hand of the Day. Action began with the card room owner opening to $1,100 on the button with {a-Spades}{10-Clubs} before his opponent, sitting on {q-Hearts}{q-Clubs}, three-bet it to $3,800.

That wasn’t enough to convince Polk to slow down, so he bumped it up to $13,000. This time, pocket queens just called and took a flop of {j-Spades}{2-Spades}{6-Hearts} and action checked to the player on the button who down-sized his bet to $8,500.

Perkins came along for the ride to see a turn card of {2-Clubs}, pairing the board. Polk was done making small bets and ripped off a massive wager of $52,000 with ace-high, more than the size of the pot, and again received a call from the wealthy hedge fund manager. After the {9-Spades} came on the river, it again checked over to Polk. With the {a-Spades} in his hand, he knew he wasn’t up against the nut flush, so he used that card to bluff and did so with an all in bet, and he had Perkins’ stack of $160,000 behind covered.

“Doug looks really f*****g serious here,” Perkins said as he pondered his move.

Perkins would inevitably make the call with the over pair and scooped a pot of over $400,000. Polk, considered to be one of the best heads-up no-limit hold’em players of all-time, would battle back despite the huge setback. When the stream concluded, he was down just $29,900, not exactly what he was hoping for before the match began, but it could have been worse.

Polk and Perkins are done competing for now, but the Upswing Poker founder already has a new challenger. That individual’s name hasn’t been publicly released, although The Lodge announced that it will take place on live-stream Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

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Roobet Announces the Release of Snoop’s HotBox

Roobet Announces the Release of Snoop’s HotBox

The pioneering entertainment brand and fast-growing crypto casino operator, Roobet, announced the launch of the first-ever celebrity casino game collaboration. Announced Monday, the new title delivers thrilling casino entertainment for online players and marks an entirely new style of casino games. The title, influenced positively by the music icon Snoop Dogg is called Snoop’s HotBox and represents a unique take on Roobet’s original game Crash.

Launched on March 22 via, the new game is expected to be available via all platforms. Initially, HotBox was unveiled during an invite-only event that included Roobet’s most-dedicated audiences such as VIPs, media partners and key members.

The new game complements the fast-growing collection of casino games offered by Roobet. What’s more, HotBox fuses Snoop Dogg’s legendary music career, his charismatic persona and his voice with an engaging casino experience. According to Roobet, the new title delivers unique and exciting moments and a “provably fair player experience.”

HotBox stands out with hand-illustrated game features, as well as sound effects featuring Snoop Dogg himself. The game has impressive graphics and offers a chance for big prizes. The launch of the new game reaffirms the innovation and forward-thinking identities of Roobet and Snoop Dogg.

The Casino Operator Is Excited to Collaborate with Snoop Dogg

The launch of HotBox comes on the heels of Snoop Dogg’s recent appointment at Roobet as chief ganjaroo office (CGO). This is likely the industry’s first such position and without any doubt, the iconic music artist is the perfect fit for the role. Joining Roobet, Snoop Dogg delivered his decades-long experience within the entertainment vertical and is expected to contribute toward the growth of the innovative brand.

Together with our Chief Ganjaroo, we’re slowly Snoopifying Roobet’s games offering.

Matt Duea, co-founder of Roobet

Matt Duea, Roobet’s co-founder, acknowledged that the company is excited to see Snoop Dogg as its CGO. Additionally, he pointed out that the music icon was the perfect partner for the company. Duea added: “We’re here to push the boundaries of what’s possible to provide the best entertainment for the next generation of gamers, and being the first to do things like this proves we’re working hard and lifting heavy against a sea of check-writers who make set-and-forget marketing.”

Roobet’s co-founder pointed out that the company is delighted to announce the release of HotBox. Finally, he said that the new title fuses Snoop Dogg’s humor and at the same time provides engaging casino entertainment.

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Realistic Games Expands in Belgium with Napoleon Sports & Casino

Realistic Games Expands in Belgium with Napoleon Sports & Casino

Realistic Games, a developer of exciting casino games, has agreed to integrate some of its titles into Napoleon Sports & Casino’s platform in Belgium. The agreement will expand the supplier’s presence in the country while providing the operator with new content.

Under the agreement, 20 titles developed by Realistic Games are now live with Napoleon and available to its customers. As a result, local players can now enjoy premium games such as Gorilla Riches, Book of Charms and Realistic’s latest hit, Chilli Master.

The two companies have agreed to add more content to Napoleon’s platform at a later date as its new studio partner continues with its release schedule. Realistic Games has an ambitious roadmap for 2023, planning to release a variety of exciting games that combine thrilling gameplay with great graphics and exciting math models.

One of the titles Realistic Games will be releasing later this year is a refreshed version of its long-time successful Keno game. Furthermore, the studio has also planned to release a fishing-themed slot called Catch 22. Both of these exciting new titles will be integrated into Napoleon’s offering in accordance with the current deal.

Realistic Games Is Happy to Team Up with a Local Market Leader

Realistic Games’ account manager, Amy Brewis, commented on the new agreement. She said that her company always seeks to partner with local market leaders such as Napoleon Sports & Casino. Brewis praised the operator for its “fantastic heritage” in Belgium and said that her team is happy to see its games go live on Napoleon’s platform.

2023 is set to be busy for Realistic and this partnership is one of many we have in the works, backed by an exciting range of new product launches that we’re working on.

Amy Brewis, account manager, Realistic Games

Meanwhile, Melissa Deboelpaep, Napoleon Sports & Casino’s gaming content manager, noted that her team is just as excited to have partnered with Realistic Games. The operator is happy to add Realistic’s titles to its offering and, according to Deboelpaep, believes that this integration has greatly enhanced its portfolio.

As a result, players in Belgium will now have an enriched gaming experience when playing with Napoleon. Deboelpaep concluded that her team will engage players in a safe and responsible manner.

At Napoleon, we take pride in offering a safe and responsible environment for our players, and Realistic Games’ commitment to player protection aligns perfectly with our values. We are excited to continue this partnership, delivering top-quality entertainment to our growing community of players.

Melissa Deboelpaep, gaming content manager, Napoleon Sports & Casino

In February, Napoleon also secured gambling content from Bragg Gaming.

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KSA Imposes Sanction against Winning Poker Network

UKGC Hits TonyBet with $550K Fine over Various Breaches

The Dutch gambling regulator, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), announced Monday it imposed a cease-and-desist order against the online gambling operator Winning Poker Network. The order comes after an investigation dating back to September last year uncovered that Dutch customers can participate in games of chance via one of the operator’s websites.

The KSA said that an operator that doesn’t have a Dutch license cannot offer its services to customers in the country. Thus, upon uncovering the breach, the gambling watchdog gave Winning Poker Network a chance to remedy the situation. According to the KSA, the operator vowed to discontinue the offering of games of chance for customers in the Netherlands.

Now, upon a follow-up probe, the KSA uncovered that the website that offered games of chance previously was no longer accessible to Dutch customers. However, it found that a different website from the same provider was accessible to customers from the Netherlands.

The gambling watchdog pointed out that Dutch customers have the option to register via that website and participate in games of chance. However, given that the operator doesn’t have a license, the KSA deemed that offering “illegal games of chance.”

Keeping in mind that the operator’s services are still accessible to Dutch customers, the KSA enforced a cease-and-desist order subject to periodic penalty payments against the online gambling provider. According to the regulator, if Winning Poker Network offers its services again without a license, a fine of €25,000 ($27,000) per week up to a maximum of €75,000 ($81,000) would be applicable. Moreover, the KSA vowed to continue monitoring the activity of the operator.

The Gambling Watchdog Monitors the Market Continuously

The latest sanction comes after only recently, the KSA imposed a financial penalty against another operator. Earlier this month, the regulator imposed a financial penalty of €1,470,000 per week, up to a maximum of €4,410,000 against Gammix Limited. At the time, the KSA claimed that the operator offered its services to Dutch customers without a license.

Before that, earlier in March, the KSA imposed penalties surpassing $27 million against five online gambling operators. According to the regulatory watchdog, the operators offered games of chance without a Dutch license, which is why a regulatory fine was imposed.

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BetDEX Adds IPL Markets to Platform, Launches Giveaway

BetDEX Adds IPL Markets to Platform, Launches Giveaway

BetDEX, a Web3 sports betting exchange founded by an ex-FanDuel CEO, has expanded its content offering. As announced by the exchange, Indian Premier League markets will now be available to its player.

The decentralized exchange currently offers betting products for many popular leagues, such as American football and basketball. While the platform is still young, its leaders are ambitious and keen on expanding BetDEX further and adding more sports.

The addition of the Indian Premier League to its offerings will see BetDEX make a foray into cricket betting. Considering the league’s popularity, the move will likely channel more players toward the decentralized sports betting exchange.

Cricket betting went live today, as announced by BetDEX on Twitter. The company noted that the first IPL game is still a few days away but interest in the betting markets has already started.

Varun Sudhakar, BetDEX’s co-founder and chief executive, commented on the addition of cricket to the platform’s offerings, calling it a major milestone for his team. He noted that the IPL has been a key goal of his team, which will continue adding more sports markets to its offerings.

BetDEX Celebrates the Addition with a Giveaway

BetDEX also announced a promotional giveaway ahead of the start of the Indian Premier League season. People can enter the giveaway by following BetDexLabs on Twitter, retweeting a post, joining the BetDEX discord and signing up for the BetDEX app. These methods will provide participants with 1, 2, 3 and 4 entries respectively.

Players can get additional entries once they have fulfilled all of the aforementioned conditions. The person with the most points will receive a prize of $500 USDT. Meanwhile, the second place will get $250 USDT and the third will get $100 USDT. In case of ties, BetDEX will run a raffle to determine the winner.

BetDEX remains optimistic about the development of Web3 betting, in spite of the hits the blockchain market has taken in recent times.

In November 2022, GamblingNews spoke with CEO Sudhakar just as the company had been licensed in the Isle of Man. Sudhakar told us about his team’s vision and ambition, saying that they hope to “lead the revolution in sports betting and web3.”

According to Sudhakar, BetDex will remain focused on Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. He concluded that the platform hopes to become the world’s largest sports betting exchange with market-leading customer satisfaction.

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USA Online Sports Betting Expansion May Be Winding Down

USA Online Sports Betting Expansion May Be Winding Down

Leading Deutsche Bank senior analyst Carlo Santarelli recently released a report on DraftKings, maintaining a Hold rating. He justified his decision with the unfavorable USA expansion conditions, reflecting on the political climate across the States. Santarelli predicted a slowdown in states adopting new sports betting legislation as compounding negative factors stifle progress.

Operators Will Have Little Avenue for Growth

Santarelli currently ranks among the top 100 analysts according to the investment advice platform TipRanks, sporting an impressive 64% success rate. As a specialist in the services sector and gambling industry, his predictions benefit from years of experience and in-depth observations and carry considerable weight.

The Hold rating on DraftKings was motivated by a mixture of positive and negative factors. The operator enjoyed a stellar 2022, hitting $2.2 billion in revenue for a significant 73% year-over-year increase. Such impressive financials would usually warrant a more favorable rating, but Santarelli argued that outside pressures could impact the entire US market and dampen DraftKings’ expansion ambitions.

Most Prospective Bills Face Ongoing Difficulties

The Deutsche Bank senior analyst examined some states considering online sports betting legalization, reflecting on the political situation and the likelihood of meaningful progress in 2023. While some jurisdictions actively work towards implementing the necessary legal framework, progress appears limited and suffers from a lack of political will.

The prospects, when looked at individually, are not ideal for the OSB operators… On the iCasino front, we see little to no real momentum for incremental state legalizations in 2023.

Carlo Santarelli, Deutsche Bank senior analyst

Texas remains the grand prize for online sportsbooks. Santarelli noted that powerful and persistent lobbying efforts netted some progress, but legislative efforts remain in their infancy. The proposed bill HB 1942, legalizing online sports betting, first needs to garner sufficient public support and will likely take at least a couple of years.

Georgia and North Carolina share similar difficulties. Both states have several failed sports-betting bills, which used up most of the remaining momentum and political will. North Carolina is in a slightly stronger position, as a reiteration of last year’s unsuccessful bill is currently making steady progress and will soon see a vote on the House floor.

Missouri’s HB 556 enjoys nearly unanimous industry support, receiving overwhelming approval in the lower house. However, Santarelli remained cautious regarding the Senate’s approval as political jostling could hinder or even derail the entire project. Kentucky likewise sent a sports betting bill to Senate, showing slow but notable progress despite expected adversity.

According to Santarelli, 2023 will be much leaner on US expansion opportunities than last year. Many states still lack the momentum to make significant legislative progress. The ones that have made strides in that regard still need to complete the arduous process of establishing proper regulation, meaning that operators looking to expand into untapped jurisdictions are out of luck.

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Over $100,000 Guaranteed in The Festival Online Series at 888poker Ontario

Over $100,000 Guaranteed in The Festival Online Series at 888poker Ontario

888poker Ontario is once again pulling out all the stops for its Ontario-based customers by bringing them The Festival Online Ontario Series, a festival of amazing poker events running from April 2-10 only at 888poker Ontario.

The Festival is a hugely popular live poker series that takes place around Europe and has an online edition currently running at 888poker’s dotcom site. The Festival Online Ontario Series features events with buy-ins from $16.50 to $109, and combined guaranteed prize pools weighing in at more than $100,000.

Everything kicks off on April 2 with a trio of Opening Events that are designed to get The Festival Online Ontario Series off to a flying start. At 6:00 p.m. ET, there is a $16.50 buy-in $1,500 guaranteed Micro Opening Event, which is followed by the $109 buy-in $30,000 guaranteed Opening Event at 6:30 p.m. ET. A half-hour later, the Mini Opening Event costs $55 and guarantees $5,000 shuffles up and deals.

There are no events on April 3, but The Festival Online Ontario Series resumes on April 4 with a pair of Pot-Limit Omaha events. April 5 sees the first of several flights to the biggest tournament on the schedule: the $109 buy-in Mystery Bounty Main Event, and its whopping $40,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Ontario iGaming

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Mystery Bounty tournaments are all the rage. This one, in particular, should continue the trend of awarding massive prizes from its main prize pool and some bankroll-boosting mystery bounties. Earlier this month, 888poker Ontario grinder “SKnolimit” pulled out a $10,000 prize in the $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event!

Other events include a short-handed progressive knockout (PKO), $11 and $55 buy-in Mystery Bounty affair, and a couple of full-ring PKO tournaments.

Eligible iGames conducted and managed by iGO are only available to those physically present in the Province of Ontario. 888poker Ontario operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

For more information, visit the Ontario Players Homepage

Ontario iGaming

The Festival Online Ontario Schedule

Date Time (ET) Tournament Buy-in Guarantee (CAD)
Sun 2 Apr 6:00 p.m. The Festival online – Micro Opening Event $16.50 $1,500
  6:30 p.m. The Festival Online – Opening Event $109 $30,000
  7:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mini Opening Event $55 $5,000
Tue 4 Apr 7:00 p.m. The Festival Online – PLO Deepstack $55 $2,000
  7:30 p.m. The Festival Online – Mini PLO Deepstack $11 $500
Wed 5 Apr 8:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 $109 $40,000
Thu 6 Apr 6:30 p.m. The Festival Online – Texas PKO 6-Max $109 $10,000
  7:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mini Texas PKO 6-Max $22 $1,000
  8:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 $109 $40,000
Fri 7 Apr 8:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 $109 $40,000
Sat 8 Apr 5:15 p.m. The Festival Online – Mini Mystery Bounty 11 $11 $1,500
  7:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty 55 $55 $2,500
  8:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 $109 $40,000
Sun 9 Apr 1:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mini PKO Closing Event $16.50 $1,500
  2:30 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 $109 $40,000
  5:00 p.m. The Festival Online – PKO Closing Event $55 $6,000
  7:30 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 $109 $40,000
  10:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 $109 $40,000
Mon 10 Apr 5:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 Turbo $109 $40,000
  6:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 1 Turbo $109 $40,000
  8:00 p.m. The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 2   $40,000

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