Park County Declines State’s Funding Offer to Combat Gambling Issues

Park County Declines State’s Funding Offer to Combat Gambling Issues

Powell Tribune reported that on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the commissioners of Park County in Wyoming unanimously decided to decline the Wyoming Department of Health’s offer of $32,141 to address problem gambling. 

Park County Commissioners Unanimously Reject Department of Health’s Offer to Combat Problem Gambling

Wyoming lawmakers recently legalized online sports betting, and the state requires operators to pay 10% of their revenues. The state then allocates the first $300,000 each year to the Department of Health, which then distributes it to county health programs to prevent and treat problematic gambling behavior.

The Department of Health defines problem gambling as the inability to resist the urge to gamble, even when there are negative consequences. It affects about 1% of Americans, and extreme cases can lead to financial ruin, legal issues, job loss, family separation, and even suicide.

The state funding allocated to address the problem is based on the adult population of each county. Although Park County received its share of the $600,000 pot for fiscal years 2022 and 2023, the commissioners decided to decline the offer after consulting with attorneys and health providers.

Commissioner Overfield clarified that Park County already receives several other grants from the Department of Health, which are utilized for Healthy Park County initiatives.

Millions in the US Are Affected by Gambling Addiction

Every year, millions of adults in the United States are affected by severe gambling addiction, while millions more have mild to moderate problems, according to the American Association for Problem Gambling. The insidious nature of gambling addiction makes it a particularly troublesome issue, as it can impact individuals of all ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Research from Mindful Brain indicates that a significant portion of individuals with gambling disorder also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), putting them at a heightened risk for other mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. 

According to the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, various factors can increase a person’s vulnerability to developing a gambling addiction, such as peer pressure, early exposure to gambling, and certain personality traits. Additionally, rare cases involve medications that have side effects leading to compulsive behaviors, like gambling. 

Unfortunately, the social stigma around gambling disorder often leads to individuals hiding their condition and not seeking help, as noted by the Journal of Gambling Studies.

Help is available for those at risk of gambling addiction through hotlines and support services. These resources provide assistance to individuals, as well as concerned loved ones, to address and overcome issues related to gambling.

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Sands Commits to Responsible Water Use amid World Water Day

Sands Commits to Responsible Water Use amid World Water Day

Leading developer and operator of world-class integrated resorts, Las Vegas Sands, acknowledged the importance of responsible water use and vowed to further reduce its use by 2025. The announcement came Wednesday and coincided with World Water Day, an initiative designated by the United Nations (UN) to reaffirm the importance of access to fresh water.

World Water Day, which happens annually on March 22, encourages businesses, communities and families to help preserve fresh water by managing their consumption better. The initiative is also a part of the UN Sustainable Development plan.

Water stewardship is one of Sands’ core environmental focus areas under the Planet pillar of its global corporate responsibility platform, and the company has set a 2025 target to reduce potable water use per square foot by 3% from a 2019 baseline,

reads a statement released by Las Vegas Sands

Now, in light of World Water Day, Las Vegas Sands confirmed its plans to reduce potable water use per square foot by 3%. The target year set for this ambitious initiative is set for 2025 based on the 2019 baseline, explained the company.

Sands added that it expects this target to be achieved by preserving water use and improving its water operations within different segments of the business. At the same time, the company vowed to continue to offer supreme services for the guests of its properties.

The Company Remains Focused On Preserving Water

Sands, just like other globally recognized gaming operators, has an extensive sustainability program that also focuses on responsible growth and reducing environmental impact. This year, for World Water Day, the company shared “its water stewardship efforts,” which include multiple actions that seek to increase water reuse, protect water ecosystems and encourage water efficiency.

Previously, Sands has invested in low-flow water fixtures within different operating segments such as fountains, spas and hotel rooms, among other places where water is needed. Moreover, the company has implemented efficiency upgrades that contribute toward saving water and confirmed that this process will continue in the future as well.

Water is one of the resources most critical to our business.

Katarina Tesarova, senior vice president and chief sustainability officer at Las Vegas Sands

Katarina Tesarova, Las Vegas Sands’ senior vice president and chief sustainability officer, explained that water represents one of the critical resources for the company’s business. She outlined that water is used within all aspects of the business including restaurants, offices, hotel rooms and more. “Water also is fundamental to our building operations, from cooling systems to landscaping” added Tesarova.

She pointed out that the initiative seeks to make a positive impact and help preserve fresh water and natural ecosystems. Finally, Tesarova noted that Sands is continuously improving its water stewardship strategies in an effort to implement best practices.

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Australians Ask for Reforms amid Concerning Pokies Harm Rates

Australians Ask for Reforms amid Concerning Pokies Harm Rates

Responsible gambling is one of the hot topics of the modern gambling industry as many markets and operators seek to protect players from harm. Australia, according to the BBC, is not doing all that well.

According to the news outlet, about 1 in every 100 Australians has some sort of a gambling problem. Much of the harm is caused by electronic slot machines or poker machines, both known as pokies by locals.

Some of the most vulnerable people sometimes end up in debt, spending thousands on losing bets. A recent estimate by H2 Gambling Capital shows that if gambling losses were averaged over all adult Australians, each of them would lose around $800 (converted to USD) a year.

A Former Addict Spoke with the BBC

BBC spoke with Kate Seselja, a former addict who once lost $336,000 to gambling. She played for 12 years and would sometimes cry when her money ran out. She even contemplated suicide but finally decided against it because she was pregnant with her sixth child at the time.

Seselja said that she had felt “emotionally done” with her existence and wanted to end it all but didn’t want to end her child’s life.

Seselja says that people are always warning others about smoking and alcohol but pokies are rarely mentioned in such conversations. She was introduced to pokies at the age of 18 when she wagered $20 and won hundreds. This made her feel lucky and clever, which is why she continued to play as her addiction worsened.

Eventually, the woman started spending all her money on gambling and even began lying to her family in order to get money for gambling. Luckily, after more than a decade, Seselja managed to overcome her addiction. However, she was but one of many Australians struggling with problem gambling.

Pokies Are Everywhere

One of the biggest problems about pokies is how ubiquitous they are. Despite housing just 0.33% of the world’s population, the country fields a whopping fifth of all pokies. These can be found in casinos, pubs, clubs and even hotels.

Games are often designed to be addictive and to congratulate players even when they are losing money. To make matters worse, pokies are oftentimes concentrated in vulnerable communities. Dr Livingstone from Monash University told the BBC that this is nothing short of exploitation of at-risk people.

While Australia’s Gaming Technologies Association says that the machines are fair and designed with safer gambling in mind. A spokeswoman noted that millions of people enjoy the vertical harm-free. However, Seselja argues that even if not all people experience harm, that doesn’t mean that the game is harmless.

Perrottet Hopes to Reform NSW Gambling

Many people in Australia and New South Wales in particular hope for a change. With elections looming in the Australian state, some hope that the problematic machines will finally be addressed.

Should he get re-elected, Premier Dominic Perrottet promises to introduce spending limits and make all machines cash-free within five years. Despite the favorable pokies tax revenue, Australia cannot continue to benefit from people’s misery, Perrottet says.

However, not all agree with Perrottet and his measures. While certain organizations and reformed addicts such as Seselja have welcomed his proposal, others say that he should instead focus on banning criminals from gaming rooms, instead of forcing everyone to go cashless.

At the same time, ClubsNSW continues to lobby against significant changes in the sector, because of the negative impact they may have on its members. Pressure from the union previously prevented an earlier attempt by MP Andrew Wilkie to introduce gambling reforms.

Wilkie hopes that Perrottet will be able to do better and introduce his reforms in spite of the opposition. However, Seselja is less optimistic about Perrottet’s re-election. She grimly noted that Australia is the number one country in terms of gambling harm and that there is something “profoundly wrong there.”

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Brian Blake Bolsters IGT’s Leadership as the New VP of DEI

Brian Blake Bolsters IGT’s Leadership as the New VP of DEI

As VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Blake will build on his previous successes with the NHL. His employee learning programs helped unify the organization and usher beneficial behavioral changes even among the senior executive team. Blake joins IGT at a pivotal moment for the company as it continues to pursue expansion through high-profile partnerships.

Blake’s Resume Makes Him Perfect for the Position

IGT’s new VP of DEI started his professional journey as a career management consultant for JP Morgan Chase. His ten years with the company were a solid foundation for his future career growth, honing his learning and coaching skills. Blake used the experience to found his own training and coaching company Achieve Peak Performance, providing services across various industries.

Between 2013 and 2019, Blake occupied senior leadership positions across several high-profile organizations, building HR capabilities, ushering organizational transformation, and bolstering cultural strategy development. His most recent job with the NHL was a pivotal step in his career, allowing him to apply all his accumulated knowledge to advise NHL Clubs on recruitment, culture, and diversity-minded growth strategies.

The Developer Continues to Excel across the USA

IGT congratulated Blake on his addition to the management team, lauding his inclusion teaching experience across the entire corporate ladder. The new VP of DEI should substantially bolster the company’s professional development, advancing organizational goals through building consensus and understanding. Adding such a seasoned professional to the management team matches the developer’s commitment to progressiveness.

IGT is committed to… fostering a diverse culture of respect and inclusion. We have no doubt that Brian will continue to build upon (our) solid foundation and achievements…

IGT official statement

Blake joins IGT in a fluid and dynamic period. The company recorded stable 2022 financial results, posting a 3% year-on-year revenue increase to $4.2 billion. The lottery solution supplier generated good cash flow while promoting future growth. IGT’s momentum has remained strong in 2023, thanks to several new milestone agreements.

The company made significant advancements across North America. A deal with BetSkybox allowed IGT to expand its Ohio footprint, distributing its self-servicing kiosks at restaurants and bars across the state to provide them with retail sports betting. The agreement opened the way for future cooperation and additional expansion opportunities.

IGT has continued to seize new growth avenues, distributing its award-winning content with other industry-leading companies like Ruby Seven Studios and BetMGM. As the developer’s influence across the US grows, maintaining internal cohesion and unity becomes even more vital. Onboarding a professional like Blake is a natural progression toward IGT’s ongoing ambitions to preserve its winning streak.

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Responsible Wagering Australia Welcomes Kai Cantwell as CEO

Responsible Wagering Australia Welcomes Kai Cantwell as CEO

Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA), the independent peak body for Australian-licensed wagering service providers, has announced a major new appointment. The organization said that it will welcome the experienced Kai Cantwell as its new chief executive officer.

Cantwell will join the company on April 17, 2023, bringing a wealth of experience to the team. Cantwell has distinguished himself as a skillful leader in service delivery and policy development in both the public and private sectors. He has led large and diverse teams through major transformations without losing the public’s trust.

In addition to his experience in senior leadership roles, Cantwell is familiar with Australian law and regulations. He has previously served the cloud tech specialist Oracle in the capacity of its senior public sector adviser.

His earlier experience, moreover, includes more than ten years in the federal government. This included a tenure as the NSW/ACT State Manager in the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.

Cantwell has additional experience in social policy and service delivery, having served as the chief of staff of federal ministers. He was also instrumental in the coordination, development and implementation of the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Gambling.

Cantwell joins RWA as Australia continues to scrutinize and debate the future of gambling regulation and sustainability.

Cantwell Is Looking Forward to Leading RWA

Nick Minchin AO, chair of Responsible Wagering Australia, welcomed Cantwell on board, praising the new appointee’s leadership excellence. Minchin said that the new CEO has all the skills required to lead the body, which is why he is trusted by the organization’s members.

His deep understanding of social policy, sports, wagering and Government position him perfectly to lead RWA and its members as we continue to promote socially responsible wagering and advocate for the highest standards in the sector.

Nick Minchin, chair, RWA

Cantwell also shared his sentiments on joining RWA, saying that he is honored to be able to join its team. He said that he is looking forward to leading the company and driving further understanding of problem gambling.

I am honored to have the opportunity to work with RWA members, sporting and racing bodies, and governments of all levels to ensure we continue to get the balance right between protections, regulation and freedoms.

Kai Cantwell, to-be-CEO, RWA

RWA is one of the main promoters of responsible gambling and increased industry standards in Australia. Its members support 32,000 jobs across the country, paying almost AUD 2 billion in annual taxes and contributing as much as AUD 6 billion to the local economy.

In other news, the Northern Territory Racing Commission recently criticized BetStop, a new self-exclusion scheme in Australia, for its questionable efficiency.

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Who Would Win The Global Poker Masters in 2023?

Who Would Win The Global Poker Masters in 2023?

It’s been eight years since Italy won the inaugural — and up until now only — edition of the Global Poker Masters.

Did the competition revolutionize team poker? Did it provide an opportunity for international poker competition? Was it even successful?

While the answers to these may be far from concrete, major international sports tournaments are usually held every four years. For that reason, 2023 would (and perhaps should) have marked the third instalment of the poker’s World Cup.

There’s no sign of that happening, however. In a statement, the Global Poker Index said they had “nothing but fond memories” of the event, but that bringing it back would be “a challenge.”

“We’d love to bring it back,” they told PokerNews. “The problem is time and money. We wouldn’t want to rush an event at the last minute and we would need to find a partner that’s willing to wait 12-18 months for this type of event to happen, and that’s obviously a challenge.

“If someone wants to partner with us to make it happen, we’d certainly be on board!”

So what would it look like if it did make the unlikeliest of comebacks? Here PokerNews takes a look at the countries and players who would be in line for a Global Poker Masters berth.

Team Italy - Dario Sammartino - Andrea Dato - Giuliano Bendinelli - Mustapha Kan
2015 Global Poker Masters Champions Italy

Germany and Ukraine Miss Out; Spain and Netherlands In

As a reminder, in 2015 eight countries “qualified” for the Global Poker Masters according to their GPI rankings, with teams made up of the top four players from the previous year’s POY rankings. The teams were also able to select a fifth player as a wildcard to complete their rosters.

Here you can see the rankings for 2015 vs 2023. Two teams from 2015 miss out, with Andriy Lyubovetskiy’s bracelet-winning 2022 not enough to secure a place for Ukraine, while perhaps surprisingly Germany also fail to qualify.

Koray Aldemir
No spot for 2021 WSOP Main Event champion Koray Aldemir

A German team led by then world number one Ole Schemion finished fourth in the inaugural competition but drop out of the top eight despite Koray Aldemir’s back-to-back WSOP Main Event runs.

Rank 2015 2023
1 Canada United States
2 United States Canada
3 Germany United Kingdom
4 United Kingdom France
5 Italy Spain
6 France Russia
7 Russia Netherlands
8 Ukraine Italy

These two countries are replaced by Spain and the Netherlands in the top eight. A modern-day Spanish side would certainly be one of the more dangerous in the competition, with a team made up of familiar names in Sergio Aido, Lander Lijo, Adrian Mateos and Ramon Colillas.

Qualifying Players

So let’s take a look at the “teams” from each of the eight nations. These are the four highest-ranked players in the 2022 Global Poker Index rankings. Looking at the qualifying players, there are a whole host of famous faces who would represent their country.

Daniel Negreanu
  • Daniel Negreanu would swap High Stakes Poker for international competition with Team Canada
  • Chad Eveslage would be rewarded with a spot in Team USA after winning WPT Season 20 Player of the Year
  • Voted Players Choice for Toughest Opponent in the recent GPI Awards, Team UK’s Stephen Chidwick would look to avenge his side’s last-place finish from 2015
  • 14 years after making the WSOP Main Event final table, Team France would look to the experience of Antoine Saout, having finished second in the 2022 EPT Prague Main Event.
  • Dutchman David Hu would lead his team having enjoyed a successful 2022, finishing third in the Master Classics of Poker and winning a WSOP Circuit ring.

United States Canada United Kingdom France
Stephen Song Mike Watson Stephen Chidwick Julien Sitbon
Adam Hendrix Daniel Negreanu Jack Sinclair Paul Tedeschi
Jeremy Ausmus Alex Livingston Andrew Wilson Arnaud Enselme
Chad Eveslage Daniel Dvoress Benny Glaser Antoine Saout
Spain Russia Netherlands Italy
Sergio Aido Artur Martirosian David Hu Michael Rossitto
Lander Lijo Eduard Barsegyan Zhong Chen Fausto Tantillo
Adrian Mateos Nikolay Fal Daan Mulders Andrea Ricci
Ramon Colillas Arsenii Karmatckii Jelle Moene Giuliano Bendinelli
Giuliano Bendinelli
2022 EPT Barcelona Champion Giuliano Bendinelli would be back for Italy

Potential Wildcards

So who would each country select as their wildcard for their fifth selection? The United States has perhaps the toughest selection — Americans make up 16 of the top 20 players in the current GPI rankings — but there are perhaps equally tough selections for other nations.

Do the UK go with WPT champion Jack Hardcastle or PokerStars Ambassador and Coin Rivet Invitational champion Sam Grafton? Meanwhile, Canada and Spain can pick from a whole host of high-roller regulars. What team wouldn’t be improved by the likes of Timothy Adams, Sam Greenwood, Juan Pardo or Sergi Reixach?

Other countries may not have illustrious “rosters” to select from, but Italy showed what they can do with unknown players in 2015. Giuliano Bendinelli was considered an up-and-comer back then, and has since gone on to show what he can do by winning the 2022 EPT Barcelona Main Event. In fact, Bendinelli is one of only two players from 2015 to have automatically “qualified” again, the other being France’s Paul Tedeschi.

So Who Would Win?

Canada were the bookmaker’s favorites in 2015, but it would be hard to look past the United States were the competition to be held in 2023. The team would be “captained” by Stephen Song, who was named 2022 GPI Player of the Year earlier this year.

Debutants Spain must also be in with a chance with the heavy hitters at their disposal, while the UK boasts arguably the greatest ever British poker player in history in Benny Glaser.

Name Surname
Will Shillibier

European Executive Editor

Will Shillibier is based in the United Kingdom. He started working for PokerNews as a freelance live reporter in 2015 and joined the full-time staff in 2019.

He graduated from the University of Kent in 2017 with a B.A. in German. He also holds an NCTJ Diploma in Sports Journalism.

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Inspired to Deliver Virtual Sports Offering for NFL via Aristocrat

Inspired to Deliver Virtual Sports Offering for NFL via Aristocrat

Global gaming content and technology company Aristocrat Gaming, announced a new deal with the fast-growing provider of content, technology, services and hardware for the regulated betting, gaming and lottery industry, Inspired Entertainment. Under the terms of the new partnership announced Friday, Aristocrat confirmed it will deliver virtual sports experiences from Inspired for the National Football League (NFL).

The delivery of the new virtual sports experiences is facilitated via Aristocrat’s multi-year licensing agreement with the League. Thanks to the collaboration, new NFL-themed virtual sports simulations will enable sports fans and bettors alike to engage in “head-to-head in fast-paced, ultra-realistic simulated matchups.”

The new simulations will offer the users options just like a standard sportsbook such as over/under, money line bets and more. To further strengthen the engagement with the NFL, the virtual sports simulations will feature different NFL-themed images including all 32 team logos, the famous NFL shield, the Super Bowl, AFC and NFC Conference logos.

The Deal Brings Excitement to Inspired, Aristocrat

Brooks Pierce, Inspired’s president and CEO, explained that the company is delighted to join forces with Aristocrat and the NFL. He pointed out that the collaboration will deliver unique experiences for NFL fans even during the off-season. Finally, Pierce said that the company is looking forward to seeing the partnership lift off and engage with millions of NFL fans.

We are delighted to work with the NFL and Aristocrat Gaming on this historic new simulated gaming experience to bring fans a unique way to connect with the game, even in the off-season.

Brooks Pierce, president and CEO of Inspired Entertainment

Hector Fernandez, Aristocrat Gaming’s CEO, shared similar excitement about the latest announcement. He pointed out that Inspired will help connect NFL fans and deliver engaging entertainment. Finally, he noted: “As part of our overall NFL strategy, we are thrilled to tap into the global appeal the NFL offers to current and new fans and casino, sports betting, and lottery players.”

Through Inspired, this NFL license expansion into virtual sports presents a ground-breaking entertainment option that’s never been done before.

Hector Fernandez, CEO of Aristocrat Gaming

Earlier this month, Aristocrat’s Anaxi announced a new partnership with Caesars. The terms of the collaboration saw Caesars Sportsbook & Casino elevate the experience for its customers. At the time, Aristocrat confirmed that Caesars will benefit from leading online gaming experiences provided by Anaxi.

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Explore the 888poker Mobile App with Ambassador Kara Scott

Explore the 888poker Mobile App with Ambassador Kara Scott

888poker Ambassador Kara Scott recently shared some top tips for playing your first live poker tournament but has now turned her attention to the virtual felt, highlighting the fantastic features on the revamped 888poker Mobile App.

The app allows you to play wherever and whenever you want because it is poker that is literally in the palm of your hand. So, look at the video below and finish the article to become an expert in navigating and using the app.

General Settings

General Settings

So when you first open up the app, you’re on the home screen. Your general settings are in the top left-hand corner, where the yellow circle above is.

This is where you can sort out your settings, deposit money, and set up the look and sound of your games, among other features, to truly tailor your experience.

Home Menu

There are six poker selections in the home menu, and by clicking the ‘i’ icon on each screen gives you some information about the game.

If you were to press the Blast icon, you get taken to all the Blast game lobbies, which is the site’s version of Spin and Go Poker. If you want to try another game type, you can seamlessly go to that section by swiping through the tabs up top or hitting the home button to take you back to the main page.

Coolers and Bad Beats: The Festival Kicks Off in Spectacular Style at 888poker

Snap Poker

Snap Poker

The fast fold poker cash game on 888poker is called Snap Poker. You can see the filters at the top, which allow you to find precisely what you are looking for, or you can scroll down through the options to find what game you want.

The table will tell if the Snap game you are looking at is either Pot-Limit Omaha or Push-Fold, and if it doesn’t say either of those, it is a regular No Limit Hold’em Snap table. You can also check how many players are in the pool for that particular Snap game.

Once you’ve found a Snap game you want to hop into, you can play on more tables by clicking the table with the ‘+’ icon found at the top of your screen. You can play on up to four tables on the mobile app and easily navigate the tables you’re playing on by clicking on the table you want to see. Or the tables will pop up when the action is on you.

Keeping a Bounty in Play in a Knockout Tournament at 888poker

Tournament Lobby

tournament lobby

The tournament lobby has a ton of games at all times, and the 888poker mobile app is one of the best destinations for 24/7 Poker.

Due to the number of tournaments on offer, you will want to use the filters to narrow your options to find exactly what you want.

You can use the slider to select which buy-ins you want to play and choose the game types and categories you want to see.

Also, as 888poker has become the virtual home for Mystery Bounty tournaments, that game type has its own tournament section where you can perform all of the above actions to find the Mystery bounty tournament that is perfect for you.

888poker Steps Up War Against AI in Poker; Refunds Almost $300K in 2022

Cash Games

Cash Games

The poker cash games on the 888poker mobile app are split into two lobbies, one for Hold’em and the other for PLO.

You can use the buy-in slider to find the stakes you want to play at, and each lobby will also tell you what the minimum buy-in for each stake is and how big the tables are.

Other Features

Other features

The 888poker mobile app allows you to play poker whenever you like on your mobile phone. You can access all your gifts, surprises and bonuses on the app. You can also head to the ‘Winner Spinner’ for your daily whirl to see what rewards you can win.

Check Out the PokerNews 888poker Review

Now is the perfect time to join 888poker. If you have not already done so, remember to download 888poker via PokerNews and create your free account.

And be sure to check out our 888poker Review by clicking the button below to find out about all the amazing welcome bonuses the site offers.

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President of Mexico Vows to Cancel All Casino Licenses Issued in Last 4 Years

President of Mexico Vows to Cancel All Casino Licenses Issued in Last 4 Years

According to a 1947 law, gambling halls and casinos are supposed to be illegal in Mexico. However, hundreds of them exist and former President Vincente Fox was given powers by the courts to authorize licensing in order to create revenues through taxes as well as bolster the tourist trade.

Current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador made no secret of his anti-gambling stance when he ran for and won the presidency, and has not personally authorized or issued any new licenses since he took office on December 1, 2018. In September of the next year, he re-affirmed his stance against issuing any new licenses in a gesture that was widely seen as an effort to reassure the Catholic church that he was on its side on the issue.

Casino Opposition Increased After Fire

The church and specifically Cardinal Rogelio Cabrera, head of the Mexican Episcopate, strengthened opposition to casino gambling after about 25 gunmen, purportedly members of the Los Zetas drug cartel stormed the Casino Royale in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. The men doused the casino in flammable liquids and lit it on fire trapping over 50 people inside. At least 50 people were killed in the tragedy.

At a recent press conference, the president stated that his government will not only refrain from issuing any new licenses but will also revoke any that may have been granted in the last four years. Mexican presidents are limited to a single six-year term.

At the presser, López Obrador declared he would request a report from the head of the Secretariat for Home Affairs, Adán Augusto López Hernández in order to take control of the current process for issuing licenses.

Prior to leaving office in 2005, the former Secretariat issued more than 750 licenses to gaming parlors across the country.

The president stated in reply to a reporter’s question about licensing and an upcoming casino industry conference: “Casinos should not be opened, we are not giving permission to open casinos. We are not. And I am going to ask the Secretariat for Home Affairs for a report because, if there is a new license, it is canceled, because the instruction is not to deliver any license.”

Licensing Process “Inadequate”?

It’s unclear if López Obrador will follow through on his threat to jerk existing licenses so far into his term. He had earlier asked Olga Sánchez Cordero, a prior Secretary of Home Affairs whether or not licenses issued under the previous administration had been under a lawful process. Obrador has stated in the past the process was “inadequate”.

Some legal scholars have differed on the legislative appendix process used to authorize deviance from earlier laws that specifically outlawed casino operations but in the 2000s many lawmakers were behind efforts to bring casino gambling to major coastal resort hotels. In recent years, some state governors have taken it upon themselves to issue more local licenses.
There is no unified federal framework for casino legislation, anti-money laundering controls, or even a unified tax code across the country. Online gambling is authorized loosely although there are no laws specifically authorizing it.

According to Thompson Reuters Law Guides: “Land-based casinos and online gaming are permitted. In Mexico, there are 36 land-based permit holders that are, or could be, allowed to operate online gaming.”

Source: President says he will revoke all casino licenses granted over the last four years, G3 Newswire, March 20, 2023

The post President of Mexico Vows to Cancel All Casino Licenses Issued in Last 4 Years appeared first on Casino News Daily.

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The Netherlands to Ban Untargeted Gambling Ads Starting July 1

The Netherlands to Ban Untargeted Gambling Ads Starting July 1

The Netherlands will proceed with its plans to restrict gambling advertising. The harsh measure was announced by Frank Weerwind last summer, with the minister planning to ban the first set of ads on January 1, 2023. However, the ban was eventually delayed because of public consultations regarding the law.

Now, Weerwind has announced that the ban on untargeted gambling ads should happen by July 1. As a result, the other planned bans will also be delayed. Thus, TV program sponsorships should be banned from July 1, 2024, with sports sponsorships to follow on July 1, 2025.

Weerwind added that if the ban on untargeted ads is further delayed, the other two bans will also be postponed accordingly. This will provide operators, TV companies and sports teams with enough time to prepare.

Weerwind made his statement as a response to questions from other parliamentary members. However, the minister added that he is against the idea of suspending an operator’s license after two violations have been identified.

Weerwind Opposes the Two-Strikes-You’re-Out Model

The Netherlands, known for its strict gambling regulations, is bullish on protecting the youth from being bombarded with gambling content. A survey from a year ago proved that young adults are exposed to tons of ads, while minors still encounter promotions on TV and radio.

In the wake of such concerns, Dutch lawmakers proposed restricting gambling ads and temporarily suspending the license of big-time offenders. Under the proposed two-strikes-you’re-out model, the Netherlands will be able to temporarily suspend operators if they commit two or more offenses and promote to young people.

However, Weerwind said that the rules should be enforced proportionally. In addition, the minister noted that the local regulator should be able to correct its licensees’ mistakes once they have been identified.

Weerwind noted that conversation often leads to compliance. He said that the regulator is also able to impose periodic penalty payments when necessary and, if a violator still fails to comply, further fines can be imposed.

Weerwind added that the Kansspelautoriteit can also prevent payment providers from accepting payments from incompliant companies – a measure that he believes is much better than a two-strikes-you’re-out model.

Overregulation Allegedly Does More Harm than Good

While the Netherlands continues to be keen on regulating the online gaming market, some have suggested that overregulation might have adverse effects.

In a recent letter to the Dutch House of Representatives, affiliate companies claimed that certain bans encourage customers to play with illegal operators. Since offshore companies rarely offer the same safeguards that their licensed counterparts do, channeling players toward the black market can be very dangerous, the letter said.

The affiliates asked the government to rethink its stance on certain sports betting markets that are currently prohibited in the country.

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