Podcast – Bonus Episode – Gambling With An Edge

Podcast - Buddy Frank & G2E 2022

This bonus episode is something we probably should have done a lot more of.  No guest, no mail bag questions, just a conversation between Bob and I.

podcast – https://www.spreaker.com/user/7418966/bandr

Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction

[00:37]  Playing in New Orleans, hotel rooms, entering the casino

[05:39]  Dealer rotations, playing through breaks

[09:16]  Driving to a casino, parking, cabs

[13:33]  Advantage play before cell phones

[16:13]  “Playing a secret game”

[24:55]  Bob’s slot plays, lifestyle

[30:42]  Frugality, saving, investing

[34:41]  Does Bob consider himself to be an optimist or pessimist?

[36:03]  Career regrets


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Swintt – Betsson Tie Up Captures Italy and Lithuania – Solidifies Europe

Swintt – Betsson Tie Up Captures Italy and Lithuania – Solidifies Europe

Betsson Group, one of the super-entities in the European online gaming space has inked a deal with the undersung powerhouse, Swintt. The deal will see Glitnor Group spawned Swintt provide titles to Betsson operating partners in diverse regions such as Latvia, Sweden, Germany, and Malta where Swintt has its headquarters.

Swintt was formed in 2018 and launched in early 2019 in Malta. In recent months, the firm has experienced phenomenal growth in key European markets. The Betsson deal adds velocity and heft to the trajectory begun by longtime industry veteran and founding CEO, David Flynn. According to the World Casino Directory: “CEO, David Flynn has been involved in software and gaming since the 1990s with titles such as VP, Director (Ongame), Head of Operations (Microgaming), CEO, COO, CCO, and EVP of Business Development at NYX and NYX AB, as well as JackpotJoy during the Gamesys Vera&John era.”

SwinttGames and SwinttPremium Titles plus Boutique Partner Content

Swintt carries two main packages of games and hit the ground running with about 70 titles prior to building on its portfolio and current market reach. SwinttGames and SwinttPremium represent collections of titles in the classic configuration as well as the more popular online video slots with mechanics and bonus features like scatters and free spins. In addition to the in-house creations augmenting the studio’s offering, third-party developer titles are also included in the deal. These are usually from boutique studios and are delivered via the SwinttStudios platform.

While any provider striking a deal with a megalith such as Betsson is newsworthy and sure to create certain knock-on effects for the developer, the addition of the Italian and Lithuanian distribution of Swintt games is sure to provide a catalyst for future expansion as well as to bolster the company’s already sure footing in each market it has entered. The addition of those two markets helps make the deal with Scandanavia’s Betsson one of Swintt’s most important and far-reaching deals to date.

Titles such as Aloha Spirit XtraLockTM, the Book of Shai, and the imminent release of Electric Elements are sure to find players gravitating to the brand, especially those who count it as a favorite as well as those just discovering it. Another release that is coming soon is Duolitos Garden – a slot with four progressive jackpots.

Plugging in the Swintt catalog also includes partner studio games such as Stacking Bison by Fine Edge Gaming and Thor’s Strike from Samurai Studio. The studio is one of the only Japanese slot studios with global reach and is part of NatsumeAtari. Swintt and Samurai joined forces in late 2022.

Top Executives Comment on the Deal

The current Chief Executive Officer at Swintt, David Mann, said: “Over the past few months, Swintt has been involved in a number of partnerships with high-profile online casinos, but our new agreement with Betsson might be one of the biggest ones as we continue to expand brand throughout Europe and beyond.

By working closely with Betsson, we’ll be able to ensure customers in a number of important markets get to experience the huge variety of titles that we have available from our SwinttGames and SwinttPremium line-ups, as well as exciting third-party games courtesy of the SwinttStudios platform.”

Betsson Group Head of Gaming Operations, Sarah Micallef said: “From its fairly humble beginnings some 60 years ago, Betsson has established itself as one of the premier online gaming operators in Scandinavia and most of Europe – and a key component of this has been ensuring we partner with only the very best software providers.

Over the past few years, Swintt has proved through its innovative range of releases that its certainly worthy of being considered up there with the industry’s top studios and we’re very much looking forward to making their games available to our customers in a wide number of markets this year.”

Source: Swintt solidifies European presence with Betsson deal, Swintt News, May 2, 2023

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Americans & Canadians Reading More Because of TikTok

Americans & Canadians Reading More Because of TikTok

#BookTok has had over 1 million posts and 6 billion views on TikTok within the last 90 days, demonstrating just how big the community of book lovers on the platform is. There are also over 20,000 Google searches per month for terms like ‘BookTok’ and ‘BookTok recommendations’ in the US and Canada alone.

This study digs a little deeper into the popularity of BookTok and highlights the impact that it is having on readership across The United States and Canada. We surveyed 10,000 TikTok users and asked them a handful of simple questions, including whether or not they are reading more because of the BookTok trend. Those that said yes were also asked to put a percentage on just how much more they are reading.

Keep reading for a more in-depth breakdown and explanation of the findings in this report and more regional data.

The ‘Revival of Reading’

Despite its flaws and bad press, it’s hard to ignore that TikTok has positively influenced reading and book sales through its #BookTok community. A 2022 Forbes article reported a 9% increase in book sales and highlighted TikTok and its influencers as being a driving force behind what’s been dubbed the revival of reading.

Our study revealed that 48% of TikTok users in The United States are actively reading more books because of their exposure to BookTok. This number was slightly higher with Canadians at 53%. What is maybe most surprising of all is exactly what this looks like in numbers, as reading ‘more’ can mean something very different from person to person. Americans reported a 60% increase in their reading activity, with Canadians reporting 58%. This means that a person reading an average of 12 books per year prior to BookTok is now reading 19.

#BookTok Influence By Region

For a more granular look into the influence of BookTok across the US and Canada, we also tracked survey responses by location. This has allowed us to pinpoint which regions have seen the largest increase in readership as a direct result of BookTok.

The conclusion? It’s happening everywhere. Every state or province we were able to collect data reported an uplift in reading among TikTok users. Some stand-out locations in the US include Maine, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah, and Kentucky, all over 60%. Over 50% of TikTok users in other states also reported more reading, including California, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois.

In Canada, Saskatchewan topped the charts at 63%, but 57% of TikTok users in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta also stated they are reading more because of BookTok.

To recap, here are some of the key findings:

  • 48% of American TikTok users are reading more books as a direct result of BookTok, reporting a 60% increase in how much they are reading.
  • 53% of Canadian TikTok users are reading more books as a direct result of BookTok, reporting a 58% increase in how much they are reading.
  • 65% of TikTok users in the USA & Canada have read a book because BookTok recommended it.

Our Methodology

In May 2023, we surveyed 10,000 US and Canadian TikTok users between the ages of 18 and 45. We asked them whether they are reading more because of the BookTok community. If they answered yes, we then asked them how much more. We asked all respondents if they had ever read a book as a direct result of a BookTok recommendation. We also collected location data which allowed us to populate the increase in each state and province.

You are free to use any of the information in this report, including the supporting imagery. When doing so, please link back to this article as your source. For media inquiries, please contact michaela.shaw[at]casino.org.

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Colorado Rapids Suspend Max Alves Over Match-Fixing Investigation

Referee showing yellow card

The latest high-profile athlete to receive a suspension amid a gambling investigation is Colorado Rapids winger Max Alves. According to an ESPN report, the MLS team suspended the 21-year-old on Wednesday.

A statement from the Rapids confirmed that a player received a suspension, but did not identify the person. The MLS also revealed on Wednesday that it is conducting an investigation into unlawful gambling activity by a former and current player.

Brazilian media outlet O Globo linked Alves to a match-fixing scandal in the country. Prosecutors in the state of Goiás charged 16 people on Wednesday, including seven professional players.

alleges that Alves received $12,000 to get a yellow card during a game

O Globo alleges that Alves received $12,000 to get a yellow card during a game in September 2022 against the LA Galaxy. He received the card about 90 seconds after coming on as a substitute. Alves also reportedly put the former Houston Dynamo player Zeca in touch with the match-fixing ring.

Alves has been playing with the Rapids for the past couple of seasons, signing from Brazilian side Flamengo. He played in a dozen games this season before his suspension, including the Rapids’ game on Saturday against the Galaxy.

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EXCITING! – Buckle Up as TigerGaming Adds Straddles to Their Cash Game Tables

EXCITING! - Buckle Up as TigerGaming Adds Straddles to Their Cash Game Tables

There are plenty of reasons to play real money online poker at TigerGaming. Not only do they have an excellent tournament offering that won’t break the bank, but the site also features an abundance of fantastic features that makes the gameplay exciting.

Now, the platform has introduced something to spice up their cash games by adding the option to Straddle.

You’ve probably heard of straddling before and have likely seen it take place on poker live streams such as High Stakes Poker and Hustler Casino Live. However, if you’re still not too familiar with the term, PokerNews has got you covered on what a straddle is and the reasons why people choose to do it.

What is a Straddle?

In poker, a straddle refers to a voluntary blind bet made by a player who is not in the blinds (the small blind and the big blind). The straddle occurs before the cards are dealt and acts as a third blind, effectively increasing the stakes of the game. You should also know that straddling is only an option in cash games and not applicable in tournament poker.

Typically, the player to the left of the big blind can straddle. By placing a straddle bet, that player essentially doubles the big blind before any cards are dealt. For example, in a $5/$10 blinds game, the straddle would typically be $20.

The purpose of a straddle is to generate more action and increase the pot size, which can create a more aggressive and exciting game. However, it’s worth noting that not all poker games allow straddles, and their availability may depend on the specific casino or home game rules.

Once a straddle is made, the action proceeds as usual, starting from the player to the left of the straddle. The straddler has the last option to act pre-flop if there is no raise. If someone raises before the action reaches the straddler, then the straddle acts as a normal blind and can call, raise, or fold when the action returns to them.

It’s important to remember that straddling is an optional play, and players should carefully consider its potential impact on their stack and strategy before deciding to do so.

Five Excellent TigerGaming Poker Tournaments That Won’t Break the Bank

Five Reasons People Straddle in Poker

People choose to straddle in poker for a variety of reasons. Here are a few common motivations:

  1. Increasing Action: Straddling is often done to liven up the game and generate more action. By adding a third blind, the pot size increases, which can entice players to play more hands and create a more exciting atmosphere at the table.
  2. Exploiting Tight Games: In games where players are generally conservative or tight, a straddle can serve as a way to loosen up the action and encourage opponents to play more hands. It can be a strategic move to take advantage of the players’ reluctance to participate in large pots.
  3. Gaining Positional Advantage: By straddling, a player can effectively buy the positional advantage by being the last to act pre-flop. This can provide them with more information about their opponents’ actions before deciding how to proceed with their hand.
  4. Psychological Warfare: Straddling can be used as a psychological tactic to disrupt opponents’ strategies and force them to adjust. It can create confusion, pressure opponents’ stacks, and potentially lead to suboptimal decisions.
  5. Social or Recreational Reasons: In some cases, players straddle simply because it’s a common practice among their group or at the casino they’re playing in. It may be seen as a fun or recreational aspect of the game that adds an extra element of excitement.

It’s important to note that while straddling can be a strategic move in certain situations, it also carries inherent risks. By voluntarily increasing the stakes, players expose themselves to higher potential losses. Therefore, it’s essential to assess the game dynamics, stack sizes, and individual playing styles before deciding whether or not to straddle.

Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 Hits the Felt on TigerGaming

Pad Your Bankroll With $1,000 in Bonus Money

TigerGaming is waiting for you with open arms and is offering all PokerNews readers the chance to bag themselves a 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus to kickstart their careers at this long-running online poker site. Download TigerGaming via PokerNews, create your free account, and make a deposit of at least $50, and TigerGaming will match your initial deposit 100% up to a maximum of $1,000.

You must email TigerGaming’s excellent support team, who will activate your welcome bonus. Send an email to [email protected], stating your account number, deposit amount, plus the date and time of your deposit, along with a mention of the bonus code “NEWTG” within 24 hours of making your deposit, and your bonus will be activated within 24 hours.

Once activated, you have 30 days to release as much bonus into your playable balance as possible. The bonus is released in $5 increments each time you contribute $50 to the cash game rake or pay tournament fees.

Have You Claimed Your $1,000 TigerGaming Bonus Yet?

List of Restricted Countries

Please be aware that residents of the following countries cannot play at TigerGaming. The list is updated regularly, so it pays to frequent the terms and conditions page on the TigerGaming website.

Afghanistan Angola Australia Belgium Bulgaria
Central African Republic Cote Divoire Cuba Democratic Republic of Congo Eritrea
France French Guiana French Polynesia French Souther Territories Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Hungary Iran Iraq Lebanon
Liberia Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Mali Malta Myanmar
Netherlands Netherlands Antille Panama Republic of Korea Sierra Leone
Slovenia Somalia South Africa Sudan Syrian Arab Republic
United Kingdom United States US Minor Outlying Islands Virgin Islands Yemen

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Liv Boeree Shares New ‘Win-Win’ Podcast; Molly Bloom Scheduled As First Guest

Liv Boeree Shares New 'Win-Win' Podcast; Molly Bloom Scheduled As First Guest

Podcasts have become an unstoppable force, captivating audiences worldwide and transforming how we consume content thanks to offering their diverse range of topics, easy accessibility, and the ability to listen on the go.

Since their rise in popularity, many poker podcasts have been born, including the PokerNews Podcast. And now, former professional poker player Liv Boeree announced yesterday, May 10, that she is taking the plunge into the audiosphere with her own show titled ‘Win-Win.’

The Win-Win Podcast, hosted by Boeree, looks to offer a platform for open and engaging conversations that go beyond poker. Listeners can expect thought-provoking discussions about resilience, overcoming challenges, and finding success in highly competitive environments.

Who is Liv Boeree?

Despite retiring from poker in a professional capacity, Liv Boeree is still a prominent figure in the world of professional poker, as well as a respected science communicator and philanthropist. From Kent, England, Liv Boeree initially pursued a career in astrophysics after graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in physics and astrophysics.

Beyond her poker accomplishments, Boeree is known for her passion for science and her ability to communicate complex scientific concepts to the public.

She has also given TED Talks on topics like 3 Lessons on Decision-making from a Poker Champion and “A Number Speaks a Thousand Words.” Boeree is also involved in effective altruism, a movement that seeks to use reason and evidence to maximize positive impact in the world, and she has actively supported various charitable initiatives.

Boeree Spreads Gospel of Poker Through TED Talks

Boeree’s Poker Achievements

Boeree’s first encounter with poker came from her taking part in a UK gameshow, where the contestants were taught the game. This prompted Boeree to delve deeper into poker, which turned out to be an extremely fruitful decision.

Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree
Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree

In 2010, Boeree won the 2010 PokerStars.it EPT San Remo €5,300 Main Event for a career-best score of €1,250,000 ($1,698,300). Then in 2017, she captured her first gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker alongside her long-term partner and poker player Igor Kurganov in the series’ Tag Team Event.

According to The Hendon Mob, Boeree has won $3,861,839 in live tournament earnings and was one of the leading faces for PokerStars, holding an ambassadorial role for the brand for the best part of a decade.

Liv Boeree’s Top 5 Poker Cashes

Year Event Place Prize
2010 PokerStars EPT San Remo €5,300 Main Event 1st $1,698,300
2015 PokerStars EPT Barcelona €25K High Roller 3rd $449,383
2017 Poker After Dark $25K NLH 1st $150,000
2017 WSOP $10,000 Tag Team Championship 1st $136,982
2014 UKIPT Edinburgh £1,100 Main Event 2nd $97,057

First Episode Perfect for Poker Fans

Poker players should eagerly tune in to Boeree’s Win-Win Podcast, as the first guest is none other than Molly Bloom, the author of the memoir “Molly’s Game” and the inspiration behind the critically acclaimed film of the same name.

Bloom’s journey from running exclusive poker games to her subsequent legal battles and reinvention can serve as a source of inspiration for poker players facing their own personal and professional hurdles.

The combination of Bloom’s unique perspective on high-stakes poker and Boeree’s own expertise in the game makes this conversation a must-listen for poker fans worldwide.

While no official air date for the episode has been confirmed, it is due to be available within the next week.

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Casino de la Rabassada ✅ The Old Casino and Hotel in Barcelona

Tibidabo Landscape

Throughout this blog post, we’ll give you all the details of what’s left of the casino complex. Just to give you a small insight, it also included a hotel, a restaurant, and even an amusement park. It sounds like a dream that vanished among the dense vegetation of Collserola mountain, right? Keep reading to know more.

What’s Left of the Casino de l’Arrabassada?

The old casino, hotel, and restaurant at Casino de l’Arrabassada are only ruins now. However, visitors can still see some of the remains, including the viewpoint, slopes, tunnels of the Scenic Railway, and an artificial lake. The transformer booth features a 5-meter-high cloth wall covered with bricks, topped with a sculpture of a female face wrapped in palm leaves.

Then, there’s the garden fence, which boasts Neo-Arabic decorations. The casino and hotel were owned by the Society “La Rabassada”, and they imported attractions from other parks and offered boat rentals on the lake. The 10.68-hectare land where the casino de la Rabassada of Barcelona is located is now maintained as a forest reserve by its owners.

Other than history and popular landmarks, if you’re into gambling, you could find the best online casinos in Spain interesting. These operators are all licensed, safe, and offer a bunch of games, payment methods, and enticing bonuses. All the best online casinos from Spain also offer mobile versions of their platforms, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games on-the-go.

Hotel and Casino Barcelona Rabassada

The hotel and casino Barcelona Rabassada was established in 1899 and adorned with decorations crafted by the workshop of Edmond Lechavallier, a French painter. The hotel was expanded in 1911 to include a casino and entertainment area, which were designed by the architect Andreu Audet. This project was quite extravagant and had a budget of 2.5 million pesetas (€15,025).

Roulette Gambling

The inauguration ceremony on July 15, 1911, was attended by over 300 guests. The opulent casino became an emblem of luxury. It was fully equipped with various amenities such as an amusement park, a large restaurant with Parisian chefs, an orchestra, a hotel with luxurious rooms, recreation areas, a public oratory, and magnificent gardens filled with exotic plants.

The casino also offered bingo, raffles and lottery. Nonetheless, it was nothing compared to the popular el Gordo Spanish lottery, which has been around since the 18th century, but attractive enough for many members who participated. Roulette gambling also attracted many players, and it remains one of the most iconic and exciting games to be found here.

Amusement Park

The Gran Hotel Casino de la Rabassada boasted an incredible amusement area that drew inspiration from popular parks in London, New York, and Paris. This influence is evident in the names of some of its attractions, such as the Scenic Railway, Cake Walk Building, Palais du Rire, and Feu de Boules.

Old Water Slides

The Scenic Railway roller coaster, designed by LaMarcus A. Thompson, the inventor of the roller coaster, ran through long underground tunnels for much of its journey. Today, three of these tunnels remain, two of which measure four meters wide by five meters high and serve as exits. The third tunnel, however, was walled up and has no way out.

Over time, the tunnels were repurposed for storing wagons, and later used as warehouses. Located a little over fifty meters from these tunnels, in the direction of Barcelona, there’s a lake that was purportedly located beneath the roller coaster. The lake located beneath the Scenic Railway roller coaster was said to have been built specifically for the ride.

Blurry Amusement Park

The roller coaster passed over the lake, and riders would be thrilled as they gazed down at the water below. The lake added to the overall charm and excitement of the amusement area, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists. Nowadays, the lake still exists, and it is a reminder of the park’s golden age.

The Casino’s Closure

The Casino de la Rabassada saw its downfall in 1912 when the governor prohibited gambling, leading to the company’s bankruptcy within a year. However, the site still served as a hotel, restaurant, and amusement park. It gained some traction during the 1929 International Exposition, but General Primo de Rivera banned gambling again in the same year.

Abandoned Building

This resulted in the gradual closure of all activities until the restaurant was ultimately shut down in 1930. Afterward, the building fell into disrepair, and during the Spanish civil war, it was used as a shelter against bombings and later as a barracks. In 1940, the facilities were demolished, and today, only remnants can be seen, which are the following:

  • Columns.
  • Half-destroyed rooms.
  • Sculptures hidden among the vegetation.
  • Tunnels.
  • Pits closed with wrought iron.
  • Arches.
  • Fountains.
  • Fragments of stairways.

Another remarkably popular casino in disuse is the Romanian Constanta Casino, built in the late 19th century. Its history and architecture are equally impressive. Although its story resembles that of the Casino de l’Arrabassada, the Constanta Casino has been well-maintained and appropriately preserved, making it a remarkable landmark that has stood the test of time.

More Interesting Information

The farm and the Casino de l’Arrabassada are owned by two Catalan families who inherited the property. Interested individuals can reach out to the Collserola natural park administration to get in touch with them. Visiting the old Casino de la Rabassada requires prior authorisation, as stated on the official sign located next to the main entrance.

Barcelona View

In the past, gamblers used to arrive at the casino via funicular or with the hotel company’s cars from Barcelona’s centre. To create an easy means of communication between the city and the casino, the Arrabassada tram line was inaugurated on July 19, 1911. Nonetheless, the line faced multiple suspensions of service and slow periods due to the casino’s uncertain fate.

In 1938, the line was used by Barcelonians fleeing the bombings and the staff of the barracks that the casino had been converted into. After its closure, the material and installations were kept inactive and intact until 1956, when it was permanently suppressed. And that’s all we had to say about the incredible history of casino Barcelona Rabassada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before this blog post about Casino de la Rabassada comes to an end, we have included a few frequently asked questions for you to clarify any doubts you may have. Keep in mind that they will jump to the paragraph of your interest. We hope that you find them useful. See them below:

What is left of the Casino de l’Arrabassada?

Casino de la Rabassada was a remarkably popular gambling establishment overlooking the city of Barcelona. A big ruins complex is what is left of Casino de l’Arrabassada now. Visitors can still see the viewpoint, slopes, tunnels, and an artificial lake. The land where the casino is located is now maintained as a forest reserve by its owners.

What did the Grand Hotel Casino de la Rabassada pack?

The Gran Hotel and Casino de la Rabassada was established in 1899, and it was fully equipped with various amenities such as an amusement park, a large restaurant, an orchestra, a hotel with luxurious rooms, a public oratory, and gardens. In 1911 it included a casino and an entertainment area. This project was quite extravagant and tremendously expensive.

Did the Casino Barcelona Rabassada have an amusement park?

Not only had the casino in Barcelona Rabassada a large restaurant and a luxurious hotel but also a theme park. The amusement park at the casino was one of the main attractions of the whole complex. Its roller coaster passed over the lake and riders would get excited as they saw the water below.

What caused the closure of the Casino de la Rabassada of Barcelona?

The Casino de la Rabassada of Barcelona saw its downfall in 1912. Several were the reasons that lead to the closure of the casino. First, the governor forbbid gambling. Nonetheless, the site still served as a hotel, restaurant, and amusement park. Then, it gained some popularity during the 1929 International Exposition, but gambling was banned again.

Who owns Casino de la Rabassada?

Visiting the old Casino de la Rabassada requires prior authorisation. There’s still more interesting information, like who inherited the whole complex. The property was inherited by two Catalan families. In fact, individuals can get in touch with the Collserola park administration to contact them. In 1938, the tram line was used to flee the bombings during the war.

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OPINION: NCAA Losing Control Over Student-Athletes With NIL and Sports Betting

College women playing lacrosse

NIL and sports betting affecting the NCAA

The growth of name, image, likeness (NIL) and sports betting has plunged the NCAA into deep waters that it doesn’t seem prepared to traverse.

turn college sports into a bidding war

NIL was implemented to afford student-athletes more opportunities to receive financial compensation and enjoy greater sovereignty than they were previously. What it has done, instead, is turn college sports into a bidding war and flood the transfer portal with many athletes that ultimately never escape it.

Add the confusion and unrelenting pressure of sports betting into the mix and the NCAA is in quite a precarious position. But just how did it find itself here?

Great power, great responsibility

NIL started back in the late 2000s when ex-UCLA men’s basketball player Ed O’Bannon sued over the NCAA’s refusal to compensate college athletes for revenues they produced in video games, broadcasts, and other areas. Prior to that, the NCAA was accused of being a money-hungry organization working against student-athletes.

The court ultimately sided with O’Bannon, which led to the creation of NIL laws in July 2021.

Rather than become the modest compensatory system that many believed it would be, NIL, spawned a money-hungry craze by student-athletes eager to recoup the maximum available to them for their presence and performance at various institutions. 

In 2022, top men’s college basketball transfer portal target Nijel Pack signed a two-year, $800,000 deal with LifeWallet as part of his transfer from Kansas State to the University of Miami. LifeWallet’s founder, Noberto Menéndez, is unsurprisingly a Miami graduate and one of the most generous NIL donors in college sports.

the greatest NIL value of current college athletes at $3.4m

On3, a website that covers college sports and NIL, lists reigning Heisman trophy winner and USC quarterback Caleb Williams as having a NIL value of $2.6m. Livvy Dunne, an LSU gymnast, has the greatest NIL value of current college athletes at $3.4m.

Naturally, that kind of money has made college sports and the athletes that participate in them volatile in their decision making. 

More than a fifth of FBS (football) starters in the 2021 season were transfers. On top of that, ESPN said that more than 6,000 college football players have entered the transfer portal since the start of the 2022 season. Unfortunately, close to half of those players will never find a new home. 

So, while the modern pool of players now has the financial opportunity that previous generations did not, it has come with a much greater risk.

Combating outside influence

Where the waters get even muddier is in the NCAA’s approach to handling sports betting. 

Sports betting is firmly “in” in America. The gambling industry recorded net revenue of $60.4bn in 2022, and a huge chunk of that came from sports betting proceeds. 37 states have legalized the growing form of entertainment, and states such as New York regularly draw over a billion dollars in monthly betting handle.

The NCAA has done its best to crack down on the interference of sports betting in college sports by strictly outlawing it in all forms for active players, staff, and team personnel. Those same members also cannot provide any sensitive information to outsiders that may be used to profit from sports wagering.

However, the NCAA allowed sportsbooks to team up with colleges, leading to Caesars sponsoring LSU and Michigan State and PointsBet installing an affiliate program at the University of Colorado. It wasn’t until the American Gaming Association (AGA) released a new set of standards that such partnerships were abandoned.

significant spike in online criticism

Angry gamblers have also become more vocal in criticism of players. University of Dayton men’s basketball coach Anthony Grant said earlier this year his players received a significant spike in online criticism after Ohio legalized sports betting at the turn of the year.

College sports are also naturally a massive draw. The AGA estimated $15.5bn would be wagered on March Madness 2023 alone.

There is a very real threat of sports betting disrupting the regular NCAA schedule. Earlier this week, the University of Iowa and Iowa State University announced investigations into team personnel over possible infractions of the rules.

The pressure is now on the NCAA to stop the hemorrhaging of integrity that has quickly burst before it’s too late. Otherwise, college sports will be changed forever.

The post OPINION: NCAA Losing Control Over Student-Athletes With NIL and Sports Betting appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Kyle “KAA17” Anderson Streams Way to Victory in Global Poker Rattlesnake Open VI

Kyle "KAA17" Anderson Streams Way to Victory in Global Poker Rattlesnake Open VI

The Rattlesnake Open VI on Global Poker got underway earlier this week and has already had plenty of big winners.

The series is one of the biggest on the social poker site’s calendar with 109 events in each of Global Poker’s in-game currencies—Gold Coins (GC) events and Sweeps Coins (SC). In total, these events have combined guarantees of GC 896,500,000 and SC 1,943,000.

Some of the winners so far in the Gold Coin events include “CarsonH”, who took down the GC 20,000,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE for GC 4,637,790, as well as none other than Team PokerNews streamer Kyle “KAA17” Anderson, who got through a field of 320 runners in the GC 9,000,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 01-M: NLHE to win GC 1,837,440.

On the Sweeps Coins side of things, meanwhile, some of the early winners include Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE SC 13,000 Guaranteed champion “Ohtani” (SC 2,678.01) and Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE SC 40,000 Guaranteed winner “TeamDoogie” (SC 7,736.05).

Read about Global Poker’s New Ring Game Giveback Program “The Vault”

Two Deep Runs for Anderson

Anderson had plenty of run-good on May 8 as he made deep runs in two events after finishing sixth in an event the night before.

“1/27 and a 3/52 in two Rattlesnake title hunts,” Anderson tweeted as he made consecutive deep runs, “were looking to ship both!!!”

The Team PokerNews streamer locked up the victory in Rattlesnake 01-M: NLHE on camera as he defeated “1luckyirish1” to win the Rattlesnake trophy and GC 1,837,440.

Global Poker

After that, “GAM8L3R777” got through a field of 299 players in the GC 2,500,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE to win GC 577,070, while “Tebeezy” emerged victorious in the 9,000,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 02-M: PLO to win GC 2,025,985.

Global Poker Rattlesnake Open Gold Coin Results May 8-9

  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE GC 4,000,000 Guaranteed 390 “SparedChip” 758,000  
  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-M: NLHE GC 9,000,000 Guaranteed 320 Kyle “KAA17” Anderson 1,837,440  
  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE GC 20,000,000 Guaranteed 267 “CarsonH” 4,637,790  
  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE GC 2,500,000 Guaranteed 299 “GAM8L3R777” 577,070  
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-L: PLO GC 5,000,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] 252 “Dukehawk” 1,106,160  
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-M: PLO GC 9,000,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] 226 “Tebeezy” 2,025,985  
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-H: PLO GC 16,000,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] – Lost Sock Memorial Tournament 239 “CardTzar” 4,701,690  
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-L: PLO GC 3,500,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] 184 “WestTNCowboy” 1,064,880  

“TeamDoogie” & “Burnzie57” Biggest Sweeps Coin Winners

The biggest winners on the Sweeps Coin side of things were “TeamDoogie” and “Burnzie57”, who earned respective scores of SC 7,736.05 and SC 5,884.12 for their victories in the SC 40,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE and the SC 25,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 01-M: NLHE.

Not long after, “TARK” got through a field of 917 runners in the SC 7,500 guaranteed Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE to win SC 1,598.34, while “ChipUpOrShutUp” got through 585 players in the SC 8,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 02-L: PLO to win SC 1,589.48.

Global Poker

Global Poker Rattlesnake Open Sweeps Coin Results May 8-9

  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE SC 13,000 Guaranteed 1,679 “Ohtani” 2,678.01      
  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-M: NLHE SC 25,000 Guaranteed 1,178 “Burnzie57” 5,884.12      
  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE SC 40,000 Guaranteed 456 “TeamDoogie” 7,736.05      
  Mon May 8 GPC Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE SC 7,500 Guaranteed 917 “TARK” 1,598.34      
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-L: PLO SC 8,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] 585 “ChipUpOrShutUp” 1,589.48      
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-M: PLO SC 12,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] 664 “CoRexVicious” 2,705.57      
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-H: PLO SC 17,500 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] – Lost Sock Memorial Tournament 345 “Pyrospode” 3,842.37      
  Tue May 9 GPC Rattlesnake 02-L: PLO SC 5,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, 6-Max] 366 “LegendofLegacy” 1,107.82      

“CardTzar” & “Pyrospode” Win Lost Sock Memorial Tournaments

An earlier highlight of the first few days of the Rattlesnake Open were the Lost Sock Memorial Tournaments, which commemorate all those socks that went have gone missing from the dryer.

In the two Lost Sock Memorial Tournaments, the top 20 Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin finishers won prizes including Rattlesocks and a Global Poker cap.

The biggest winners were “CardTzar” and “Pyrospode”. “CardTzar” took down the GC 16,000,000 guaranteed Rattlesnake 02-H: PLO Lost Sock Memorial Tournament to win GC 4,701,690, while “Pyrospode” took down the SC 17,500 guaranteed Rattlesnake 02-H: PLO Lost Sock Memorial Tournament for SC 3,842.37.

Global Poker

There are still plenty of chances to win prizes or a Rattlesnake trophy with the Rattlesnake Open running on Global Poker through May 28.

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