PokerNews Op-Ed: Player from Watauga Texas Poker Raid Fights Back Against D.A.

PokerNews Op-Ed: Player from Watauga Texas Poker Raid Fights Back Against D.A.

Arrests were made and 49 players were fined $360 each. In April, those players had their charges dropped and fines dismissed. While most players were relieved, many are still discontent with how the entire situation was handled. Also, the fact that Tarrant County still has $205,000 in cash from the tournament in which they had participated, not to mention $150-$200K in equipment.

Some of those players are not going down without a fight.

With his permission, PokerNews is publishing the letter sent by 80-year-old Gerald L Foreman, a player who was a part of the raid last October, recently sent to the District Attorney of Tarrant County,. As you will read, Foreman is extremely displeased with how the authorities handled the situation and are doing what he can to fight back.

April 25, 2023

To: Mr. Phil Sorrells, Tarrant County District Attorney From: Gerald L Foreman Re: Real Justice

Dear Sir,

I left a message on 4/20/2023 on an anonymous voicemail that the person who answered the phone at your office said was the “person I needed to talk to”. Of course, I received no return call in the tradition of not caring and just plain old meanness from your office. Today is my birthday. I was only age 80 when your office robbed me and allowed your law enforcement harm to further damage me.

At the direction of your predecessor, The Watauga Social Club, a poker establishment in Watauga, TX was raided by law enforcement officials from Tarrant County at the behest of the Tarrant County’s office. This was the final day of a poker tournament with about 350 players to begin with over a period of a few days. The 350 narrowed down to 54 who qualified for the final day. Each of us who qualified was guaranteed a return of $1500 for making it to the final day. My seat at my assigned table had my back to the entrance of the establishment. Less than a half hour into this final day, we heard the words: “Hands over your heads now.” It was a raid by law enforcement. At first, I thought we were being robbed by criminals, but it turned out to be worse. Indeed, we were going to be robbed, sadly by our own government, a government funded by citizen tax dollars.

About me: I have neuropathy in my feet and legs. I am under the care of a cardiologist. I have balance problems and often walk with a cane. I need to eat at certain times, and I am a vegetarian — and I become hypoglycemic if I don’t eat when my body tells me to. My food bag was on a side table about 3 feet away from where I was sitting, and I requested the law enforcement official lurking over my table if I may move to get my lunch bag or if he would hand make the lunch bag. He told me I must wait. It was time for certain medicine and supplements for me to ingest and I explained my need as to my health issues and he replied again that I would have to wait. Lest I forget, I also take an evening medication to avoid getting up 5-6 times a night to urinate and I was denied for over 2 hours the opportunity to use the men’s room. I was shaking from hunger, needed to urinate to the point I was in pain, and I told him that if I couldn’t go to the toilet, I was going to “piss my pants.” His reply was: Okay, but somebody else is in there and you can go when they finish. So, it seems that others could use the toilet when needed, but not me. When the men’s room became available, he accompanied me to it. It has only one door to get in and out of and it is windowless. Nevertheless, he stood behind me and watched while I urinated. I still can’t figure that one out. On the way back to the poker table, I grabbed my lunch and wolfed it down. Eventually, my name was called, and I was directed to a table where a law enforcement officer questioned me. The questions he asked me were if I had played there previously and if I saw anything illegal going on. I replied that I never saw anything illegal, and he looked at me with a cynical and doubtful look as if he knew I was lying. He gave me that sardonic grin that spoke volumes. I guess he wanted to be sure that insult was added to my injury.

I paid $485 (as I recollect) to play in that tournament and I was denied the $1500 guarantee I had coming to me from tournament proceeds and a chance to win a lot more. I had to research for many hours my potential defense for the jury trial I was going to demand. I had to pay $20 for parking and lose a whole day to sit in a courtroom for 3 hours where I was offered a deferred sentence if I allowed Tarrant County to rob me of another $100 for court costs. Tarrant County caused me, and many others, much anguish over this issue, and the cherry on top of the poisonous sundae your office served is the letter I received from the court stating that my case was dismissed in THE INTEREST OF JUSTICE. I see no justice in denying me the opportunity to embarrass the Tarrant County DA’s office in front of a jury of 6 of my peers. So, you not only stole my time and my money, but you also stole my dignity once again. I was fortunate that in my analysis of the case brought against me and the other players led me to the conclusion that I did not need a lawyer to represent me. This case was so stupid and so malicious that I could be the fool who represents himself. Some of the other players paid their hard-earned dollars to have lawyers represent them. They are out even more money. What is most offensive is that you ran a warrant search on all the players and your law enforcement officials came up empty. We were just nice people, not criminals, and just playing poker recreationally. One of the players at my table was a Captain in the Air Force, a fighter pilot. Here was a young man who has flown combat missions in defense of our country being harassed by corrupt officials sanctioned by your office seeking to make a money grab. I surmise this young man, a military officer, had to cop a plea, pay the court costs (a further insult) to protect himself from military retribution and ruination of his military career. THIS IS NOT IN THE INTEREST OF JUSTICE.

This establishment, the Watauga Social Club, like other clubs I have played at in Dallas County provided a safe environment in which folks such as me could enjoy their game, poker. You damaged the owner of this business irreparably. He ran a business enterprise precisely as others who operate freely in other locations in Texas. This was easy to see it for what it was: A MONEY GRAB by Tarrant County. Plus, your office acted as if a trial had been accomplished as your enforcement arm stole not only the money, but also all the furnishings in the establishment. In other words, punishment without a trial. Some justice!!! What’s next, spying on golfers who make side bets and taking their golf clubs? Perhaps you’ll go after Super Bowl bettors. The power of authority was violated by your office. It’s so plain to see. On top of punishing the owner of the business who ALLEGEDLY did something illegal, you elected to punish all of us with citations. Next thing you know, when speeding tickets are issued to drivers in Tarrant County, the passengers will receive citations too.

I request, no I demand reimbursement to make me financially whole and an apology from your office. If not, I want my trial. My phone call to the anonymous voicemail at your office has not as I said been returned and failure to contact me to resolve the issue I have brought forth in this communique will result in my taking appropriate action. It is your choice to do the right thing or face the embarrassment of me picketing in front of your building with news outlets recording the event for local print and TV media. Perhaps it may even make national news. I guess you have a choice here to do the right thing or not, to right the wrong committed by your predecessor. You wouldn’t want to be ignored and neither do I. I sincerely hope you do not take this as an extortion attempt. It isn’t in any way. It’s simply a citizen’s attempt for justice for himself and for the other victims of wrongful action on the part of the Tarrant County DA at the time of this wrongful, malicious, and hurtful event. I also hope that you don’t, as your predecessor did, use your authority to harass or damage me or others further. I am hopeful that common decency rather than retribution will prevail for me and all who have been damaged by the Tarrant County DA’s office.

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Sands’ New York Casino Bid Under Threat as Hofstra University Suit Heading to Court

Sands logo on company website

With just over six months to wait before New York hands out three lucrative casino licenses, the last thing any of the bidders needs is a lawsuit. Cue Hofstra University, firmly against the idea of a Las Vegas Sands casino near it, filing a legal challenge that according to a public docket on Thursday, will now go before a New York Superior Court Judge on May 24.

Hofstra University v. Nassau County Planning Commission (NCPC) centers on a problem the school has with a land-lease deal the latter’s planning board inked with Sands for a $4bn casino, entertainment, and hospitality project. The land currently houses the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The private university in Hempstead has long been against a casino near its campus. Its civil complaint holds that the NCPC broke New York’s Open Meeting Law when it gave the nod for a 99-year lease with Sands for the Uniondale land.

denied Hofstra University and the public an opportunity to debate serious issues”

In a complaint amended in May, the school claimed that the planning board “denied Hofstra University and the public an opportunity to debate serious issues having far-reaching negative consequences for our community.”

Announcing its New York casino bid back in January, Sands CEO and chairman Robert Goldstein said he and his firm “strongly believe” that Long Island can host “one of the region’s great entertainment and hospitality developments.”

Add the Hofstra lawsuit to creative casino bids from rivals such as Caesars Palace Times Square and Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sands’ belief in its New York project might, however, be weakening.

The post Sands’ New York Casino Bid Under Threat as Hofstra University Suit Heading to Court appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Blueprint Gaming Has Released Viking Fury™ Spinfinity™ Slot

Blueprint Gaming Has Released Viking Fury™ Spinfinity™ Slot

A popular content supplier to the iGaming industry, Blueprint Gaming, has released the Viking Fury™ Spinfinity™ slot game to refresh the popular mechanics and themes and elevate the player experience, as European Gaming reports.

Popular Theme:

The provider sheds some light on the popular Vikings theme usually presented through ominous and fierce motifs. Unlike similar themes wrapped in thunder and lightning that power up the moody warriors in their conquests, Viking Fury™ Spinfinity™  offers a bright and fun aesthetic and follows the lovable Vikings on their quest for the treasure.

The theme seems inspired by the comic character Hägar the Horrible, which was widely popular in the past, presenting the mighty Viking leader as a fun character whose hilarious adventures have become legendary. This time, the Vikings indulge in the reel adventures and get driven by all-new Spinfinity™ mechanics to score some massive wins and maybe bring the treasure back home to their wives if they follow the Hägar’s routine.

Diligent Spinfinity Mechanics:

The game is set across the 6×5 panel and offers the initial wins when at least eight matching symbols appear anywhere on the screen. Also, these matching combinations trigger the mechanics, which additionally increases the win potential. The Rune Compass feature is there to help the Vikings find directions along the way, using the ancient Norman alphabet as a guide.

The feature gets the entire reel set moving aside, upwards, or downwards depending on the direction landed by the compass. If a new win is awarded, the player will proceed to the next step supported by the diligent Spinfinity™ mechanics, which will continue until no further wins are awarded.

Max Win Potential of 50,000x:

The slot also features Multipliers randomly activated to use the power of the Spinfinity™ to accumulate the value won during the gameplay which is shown in the Win Multiplier panel. Mystery symbols are also there to increase the winning opportunity while the Viking Fury Free Spins feature offers four or more bonus symbols to trigger the bonus round. Finally, the game delivers lots of fun during the game and the maximum winning potential of 50,000 times the player’s bet to guarantee an outstanding player experience.

Provider’s Commitment:

Jo Purvis, Director of Key Accounts and Marketing UK at Blueprint Gaming said: “We’ve taken a popular theme and created a game that uses an equally favored play style and truly elevated it with this release. Adding the new Spinfinity™ mechanic gives the game an entirely new dimension and fans of scatter wins are in for a treat. It’s another game that highlights our commitment to innovation and constantly evolving gameplay and originality.”

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WPT Global: How to Correctly Fold in Poker

WPT Global: How to Correctly Fold in Poker

Folding is a fundamental aspect of poker strategy that involves forfeiting your hand. While it may seem counterintuitive to discard your cards, making correct folds is crucial for long-term success in the game. And the folks at WPT Global have shared some tips on folding strategies.

Correct folds save you from losing additional chips on losing hands, preserving your bankroll and minimizing losses. Folding also allows you to have as good a stack as possible for when you have stronger hands which can help maximize your potential for profitable situations.

By making astute folding decisions, you avoid unnecessary risks, reduce the impact of variance, and maintain a disciplined approach to the game. Ultimately, the ability to make timely and accurate folds separates skilled players from those who consistently make costly mistakes.

Know Which Hands to Fold Preflop

In poker, folding ranges refer to the range of hands that a player is likely to fold in a given situation. It is an essential concept for both analyzing opponents’ tendencies and making strategic decisions regarding your own hand.

When considering folding ranges, several factors come into play, such as:

  • Starting Hand Strength: The inherent value of your starting hand is a crucial factor in determining your folding range. Simply put, you want to fold your weaker hands and play with stronger hands instead.
  • Position: Your position at the table influences your folding range. Players in early position, who act first, need to be more selective of their starting hands as there are plenty of players still to act. Conversely, players in late position, who act last, can widen their opening ranges due to having more information.
  • Action and Betting Patterns: The actions of other players, such as bets, raises, and re-raises, provide valuable information about their hand strength. If there is strong betting action indicating a high likelihood of strong hands, you may need to make tighter folds. If you have a pretty hand such as KQ, for example, you may need to fold preflop if three-bets and four-bets have taken place before your turn to act.

PokerNews Invites You to Some Awesome WPT Global Freerolls

The Danger of Playing Bad Starting Hands

Playing bad starting hands in poker can lead to several dangers and negative outcomes. Firstly, weak starting hands have a lower probability of improving and winning the pot, putting you at a significant disadvantage right from the start. This increases the likelihood of losing money in the long run.

Secondly, playing bad starting hands can get you trapped in unfavorable situations. Weak hands often require luck or perfect conditions to win, which may not materialize. This can lead to costly bluffs, calling bets with minimal chance of winning or being forced to fold to aggressive opponents.

Additionally, playing bad starting hands can impact your table image and credibility. Consistently entering pots with weak hands signals to other players that you lack discipline or understanding of poker strategy. This can lead to opponents exploiting your tendencies and targeting you for larger bets or strategic moves.

When Can You Play Bad Hands in Poker?

You can widen your opening range in poker when certain favorable conditions are present, such as being in late position, having a large chip stack relative to the blinds, observing passive opponents, or detecting a general tendency for players to fold too often. These factors indicate a higher likelihood of success and provide an opportunity to play a wider range of starting hands profitably.

Don’t Miss the Incredible Value in WPT Global’s New Sunday Majors

Join WPT Global Today

The launch of WPT Global means that poker players around the world now have the chance to win their way to WPT events, win prizes and enjoy exciting games such as Poker Flips. As one of the world’s largest cash game poker networks, WPT Global is available in over 50 countries and territories worldwide.

WPT Global offers a large deposit match bonus: 100% on deposits up to $1,200 (using any payment method). New players depositing a minimum of $20 automatically receive this match bonus which is unlocked in $5 increments (credited straight to the cashier) for every $20 of rake contribution.

Both tournaments and cash games count towards bonus unlocking; new players have 90 days from the date of first deposit to unlock and claim their full bonus amount.

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PokerStars Ontario Celebrates Toronto Maple Leafs’ Stanley Cup Success

PokerStars Ontario Celebrates Toronto Maple Leafs' Stanley Cup Success

With the second round of the Stanely Cup settled, the Toronto Maple Leafs—and their partner PokerStars Ontario—are due congratulations for an excellent run in the tournament.

The Maple Leafs were eliminated in the round of eight by a small margin in their game with the Florida Panthers. It was an unfortunate end to the team’s run but still represented a ten-year best. It is also the first time the team made the second round of the Stanley Cup since 2004.

The PokerStars Ontario team was along for the ride, working with the Maple Leafs to bring an exciting range of “activations” to the fans.

Click here to download the PokerStars Ontario client and join the action

Giving PokerStars Ontario fans what they want

These activations included things like All-In Tournaments—a special poker tourney format tailored to the partnership. Aso giveaways of Maple Leafs jerseys and tickets to the Maple Leafs’ playoff matches.

Plus, PokerStars Ontario got involved in the huge tailgating party that takes part at all the Leafs’ home games. The Scotiabank Arena has an official viewing party and tailgate area set aside for this purpose in Maple Leaf Square.

From here fans can watch a billboard-sized screen showing the match to circa 1,800 people with whom fans can drink, mingle, and soak in the vibes.

“Another Incredible Season”

PokerStars Ontario also has promo deals in place with several Ontario sports teams under the Red Spade Pass banner.

Earlier this year, the company sent Toronto Raptors fans to LA and Vegas for a poker and basketball experience hosted by Joe Stapleton and Arlie Shaban.

PokerStars Ontario worked with the Maple Leafs all through the playoffs running promotional events on its poker clients. So, when the Maple Leafs made it to the elimination rounds, Stars got a bit more sap from the tree.

PokerStars Ontario will be working with the Maple Leafs again, extending the partnership to next season.

“While we’re sad that the playoff journey may have ended for this year, we’re excited about what our partnership can continue to offer both fans and players,” said Rebecca McAdam Willetts, the Director of Partnerships & PR at PokerStars Ontario.

“And we’re looking forward to being part of another incredible season,” she added.

Read about previous PokerStars Ontario experiences here

All-in with the Maple Leafs

During the playoffs, fans could also take part in live one-hand sit’n’gos at the PokerStars Ontario tent in Maple Square. These freeroll tourneys (called “All-In Shootouts”) saw four players to a table playing one hand of poker with four all-ins.

The winner got a chance to win a seat at the Maple Leafs’ next home game. Winners also got to spin a prize wheel in the hopes of winning the daily jackpot.

“The All-In Shootouts were equal parts excitement and tension,” said McAdam Willets. “They were the perfect combination for mixing poker with playoff hockey!”

PokerStars Ontario also hosted All-In Shootouts on its poker client with playoff tickets and cash prizes available as possible prizes.

Stick with PokerNews for Ontario news, views, and gossip, as well as all the info on the upcoming tournament series and poker festivals that are coming your way.

This is an advertisement

Eligible iGames conducted and managed by iGO are only available to those physically present in the Province of Ontario. 888Poker Ontario operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

For more information, visit the Ontario Players Homepage

Ontario iGaming

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 India’s New IT Rules Amendment ➡️ Online Casinos to Be Legalised Soon

 The Indian Amendment for Online Casinos

What is the New Indian Online Gambling Amendment?

Following the introduction of a new IT rules amendment to the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) from 2021, Indian online casinos have received a boost.

The new amendment now recognises online real-money games. It defines them as those offered on the internet which require funds or other valuables with the expectation of winning.

What Does the Amendment Mean for IN Casinos?

Indian online casinos will be recognised under the new India online gambling amendment. The government’s goal is to encourage digital growth, safeguard online consumers, enhance cybersecurity standards, and promote innovation. The 2021 Rules initially classified online gambling as harmful content “inconsistent with or contrary to the laws in force.”

However, the new amendments of gambling rules in India now recognise online real money games as those “offered on the internet and accessible by users through a computer resource or intermediary“, which includes all types of operators.

This includes Indian sports betting sites, benefitting both players and operators, as it provides more transparency. Learn more about the perks of the new law below:

  • Real-money gaming platforms will now need to register with a self-regulatory body (SRB) to determine whether or not the game is “permissible”.
  • Three SRBs will be recognised soon, with more government oversight over how they function.
  • If games are not deemed “permissible”, they will not receive tolerance from the amendment and officials will be able to act against them.
  • As long as they’re permissible, real-money betting games will be allowed to operate legally.
  • Video games where real funds aren’t involved still don’t need to approach an SRB.

The gambling industry voiced its approval of the amendment, and Joy Bhattacharjya, who serves as the Director-General of the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS), described the rules as a crucial point in time for the industry.

FIFS members are now initiating the compliance process and will engage with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to seek requisite clarifications.

Real-Money Games in India – The Government’s Definition

To determine whether the game is “permissible”, real-money gaming platforms will have to register with a self-regulatory body (SRB) that will be recognised by the government. Three SRBs will be determined soon, and there will be more government oversight over how SRBs function.

 The Real Money Games in the India Amendment

Although some people compare them with daily fantasy sports in India, video games where money is not involved won’t need to approach an SRB, and these will not get the protection of the IT rules amendment.

This was clarified by Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who put to rest concerns around the draft version of the Rules.

I&B Ministry Warns the Media About Advertising Gambling Platforms

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has issued a fresh advisory warning media entities, platforms and online intermediaries against placing ads on betting and gambling platforms. The government institution mentioned the recent instances of mainstream English and Hindi newspapers that displayed ads and promotional content of gambling websites.

Can This Gambling Platform Advertise in The Media?
Gambling Platform Newspapers TV Online News Outlets
Online Casino No No No
Online Sportsbook No No No

The advisory has been issued to all media formats, including newspapers, television channels, and online news publishers. The Ministry took advantage of the amendment to IT Rules 20215 and showed an example with the famous betting site that advertised its platform in one of the biggest Indian newspapers, activating readers to watch a sports game on its site.

Conclusion – A Fresh Start for Indian Online Gambling Platforms

The new IT rules amendment in India put a detailed official definition on online real money games. It states that every game which requires users to deposit funds or other valuables with the expectation of gain is a real-money title. These games will now be allowed to operate legally without registering at the SRBs, which are still in development.

Overall, the new amendment represents a significant step forward for the Indian online gambling industry and provides greater clarity and certainty for both operators and players alike.

As the industry continues to grow, it is expected that the new online gambling regulations in India will become more straightforward, providing even more opportunities for IN online casinos to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope our article helped you get a better idea of the dynamic IT rules amendment in India. We tried to cover all the latest rules and news from the iGaming industry, including new laws and trends. Don’t forget to check out our FAQ section for more info on the topic.

1️⃣ What is the new online gambling amendment in India?

The good news about Indian operators and bettors is that the new MEITY Online Gambling Rules in India legalises the industry, combined with more transparency. It comes with a set of new definitions and rules that should solidify the process, and it is supposed to be beneficial in the long run.

2️⃣ What does the amendment mean for Indian casinos?

The new gambling amendment in India made people think about what it means for online casinos. Luckily, the government has made sure that this legal act activates the creation of an effective mechanism that lets online casinos and sportsbooks operate legally in India. Therefore, IN casinos can now prioritise safety, game portfolios, and payouts more effectively

3️⃣ How does the new Indian gambling amendment determine if a site is for gambling?

The government proposed a specific approach to the definition of real-money betting sites in India along with the amendment. The text puts a thick line between video game sites and gambling platforms. Unlike the latter, video games don’t need to register at the newly proposed SRBs.

4️⃣ Does the new gambling amendment in India allow casino advertisements?

The new laws will not change the I&B Ministry’s stance on gambling adverts in any way. On the contrary, the Ministry recently warned media entities to abide by the Copyright Act, giving an Indian sportsbook’s illegal ad campaign as a bad example.

5️⃣ Is the 2023 online gambling amendment in India good?

To the surprise of many, the recent laws are great news for the industry. Our article about the new Indian online gambling amendment includes loads of information and benefits that would come from the changes. Some of the perks are the increased regulation and transparency of the gambling scene in India.

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Ohio Regulator Shutting Down Fanatics Bonus Bet Promo for Merchandise Customers

Fanatics logo on phone

The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) is quickly putting an end to a new Fanatics Sportsbook promotion. The operator was offering bonus bets for people in Ohio who purchased merchandise from Fanatics and opened a new sportsbook account. People on social media began talking about the offer on Wednesday:

The OCCC did not explain which regulation or rule the promo breaches. Fanatics Betting and Gaming CEO Matt King appeared at the SBC Summit North America last week and revealed that people shopping on the Fanatics website would soon see sports betting-related offers. He also explained that sportsbook users could have a chance to win signed merchandise through certain types of player prop bets.

looking to leverage its database of 95 million apparel and merchandise customers

Fanatics is looking to leverage its database of 95 million apparel and merchandise customers to gain a strong foothold in the US sports betting sector. Earlier this week, it announced the acquisition of sportsbook operator PointsBet’s US assets for $150m. This deal will provide Fanatics with access to more than a dozen states.

The post Ohio Regulator Shutting Down Fanatics Bonus Bet Promo for Merchandise Customers appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Vegas Golden Knights, Todd Brunson Pay Tribute to Doyle Brunson During NHL Playoff Game

Vegas Golden Knights, Todd Brunson Pay Tribute to Doyle Brunson During NHL Playoff Game

Doyle Brunson was more than just a poker player — he was a Las Vegas icon. As such, during the third period of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL playoff game against the Dallas Stars, the local team paid tribute to the late “Texas Dolly.”

Brunson, who passed away at 89 last weekend, was an avid Knights fan, an expansion team that came to Las Vegas in 2017. On Friday night, the Knights hosted the Stars at T-Mobile Arena for Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The winner of the series will advance to the Stanley Cup Finals for a shot at hoisting the Stanley Cup.

Maryann Savage, wife of World Poker Tour (WPT) Executive Tour Director Matt Savage, a Golden Knights season ticket holder, took a video of the Doyle tribute. Doyle’s son Todd Brunson, as the Knights returned to the ice following the second intermission, turned the crank to begin the third period. Savage took a short video of the brief tribute to the Poker Hall of Famer.

At the start of the third and final period, when this article was published, the Knights and Stars were tied 1-1. William Karlsson had the lone goal for the Golden Knights. Jason Robertson got the Stars on the board late in the first period.

Doyle Brunson Passes Away at 89

*Images courtesy of Matt Savage

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WATCH: Doyle Brunson’s Best Televised High Stakes Poker Hands

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